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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 176,152
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 146,360
i find each and every part of physics interesting(both theory and application).I took EE as my undergraduate...
Sep23-10 08:31 AM
prudhvi mohan
0 798
Hi, I am currently enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts program. I have picked the following majors and from these I...
Sep22-10 11:38 AM
Ben Espen
2 941
One of my current professors is taking classes over the summer at his grad school. How common is this? I plan on...
Sep21-10 10:35 PM
5 2,353
I'm currently closing in on the end of an undergraduate degree in Physics (from UBC if it matters to anyone). But...
Sep21-10 09:18 PM
11 13,873
I am a freshman and have done a good bit in the short time that I've been in college, but all of the summer...
Sep20-10 05:41 PM
0 1,793
Hi All, I selected the direct path to PhD instead of doing a MS first, passed the qualifier exams and finished all...
Sep19-10 09:12 PM
0 1,167
Thoughts on this?
Sep19-10 03:42 PM
2 2,621
I'm just curious to know how many of you out there took this exam? I know some universities require you to take this...
Sep19-10 05:57 AM
9 3,838
Here in my country i was thinking in ME, EE or chemistry.
Sep19-10 02:18 AM
Vanadium 50
7 1,422
Hey everyone, this is my first post on here. I'm in junior college right now, getting ready to send out applications...
Sep18-10 09:17 PM
0 2,079
As an Infantrymen and a recent enlistee for the Army I've had a number of experiences that have been disconcerting...
Sep18-10 09:05 PM
0 863
Is anyone else going to the Naturejobs career Expo? Its on the 23rd Sept (next Thursday) in London. Its free. I'm...
Sep18-10 03:46 PM
1 1,314
Hi, basically I'm trying to find a job but indecided as to where I want to go. I've been applying to Finance stuff...
Sep18-10 11:16 AM
33 4,954
Is it bad? That places I'm considering is for big bank call centres. Working at these would allow me to get an...
Sep18-10 02:10 AM
17 2,558
Sir, Could you please tell me "Can i do aeronautical engineering after Degree. If yes How". I am student of...
Sep17-10 11:02 AM
0 1,589
Hello there people. First of all, I'd like to thank in advance to all of you for the attention given to this post....
Sep17-10 07:47 AM
0 4,349
Hi, I'm back in school at 55. I have no degree but did 3 years of CS, some 30 years ago. I worked in Unix software and...
Sep16-10 05:15 PM
8 2,272
Hi. I'm 25 years old with a wife and two sons. I've spent the last two years after graduation teaching at an...
Sep15-10 06:33 PM
Van Dolson
1 1,630
Hi. I'm wondering what field I should go into or what I should major in. I like math, science, and computers. The...
Sep15-10 05:50 PM
0 1,001
I have to choose between the following major fields in photonics research, and I can't make a decision. What ideas do...
Sep15-10 09:01 AM
0 1,013
What are the best things to learn during your PhD in terms of helping you get a job in physics afterwards? ...
Sep15-10 04:17 AM
4 2,146
I attend canadian university and in civil engineering program(I finished up my 2nd year). I am thinking of...
Sep14-10 10:33 AM
2 3,618
Hi everyone! Short-time lurker here, and I have a fairly important question that I'd like some input on. I'll keep it...
Sep14-10 09:57 AM
10 8,887
How many of you have ever been excluded from a position because the company made all applicants take the myers-briggs...
Sep13-10 09:59 PM
3 899
A simple question: I have sent out a job application to a rather large sw house in Europe for a R&D position. How long...
Sep13-10 11:01 AM
0 1,087
let me start by saying that i love physics and i am very passionate about becoming an astrophysicist, but this...
Sep12-10 10:40 PM
1 1,047
Hi, I really need some help. I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering but my GPA is not very high. I am looking for an...
Sep11-10 12:27 PM
4 2,750
Hello everyone! I have recently decided that I want to pursue a career in software engineering, but the problem is...
Sep10-10 06:55 PM
4 4,382
I'm a 2nd year Engineering Physics and Mathematics major, and I have loved all the classes I have taken thus far. I...
Sep9-10 09:45 PM
2 3,798
I am a current undergrad double majoring in physics and astronomy (physics B.A. and astronomy B.S.) and am on an...
Sep9-10 07:09 PM
4 1,957
Hi, my gf is a soon to be mechanical engineer who feels she lacks a certain passion for her field. I was...
Sep9-10 12:05 PM
Ben Espen
4 1,820
Hi, I am about to make one of the biggest decisions in my life I love physics furthermore, I am in love with nuclear...
Sep8-10 05:10 PM
0 931
I love Electric motors and vehicles, and i want to fully understand how electrcity works and how is generated, i see...
Sep8-10 03:03 PM
Vanadium 50
1 1,197
So let's say that I wanted to do land a faculty position a few years (2-4?) after getting my PhD. These days, it seems...
Sep7-10 02:42 AM
15 4,359
Hi everybody!!! First, this is not about physics in a strict way. I mean, I have a lot of question about decision...
Sep7-10 12:20 AM
4 2,008
Hi! I was wondering what the best way would be for me to transition into a career in meteorology. I have a minor...
Sep7-10 12:07 AM
SW VandeCarr
9 1,438
Hi all, Just wondering if there are any Dosimetrists on here who have made the switch from the UK to the USA? ...
Sep3-10 09:30 AM
5 2,139
I mean, what types of talents, interests and personalities someone should have to be able to be a good physicist? And...
Sep3-10 03:36 AM
1 3,176
Hello PF. I'm a sophomore at a community college majoring in EECS. I recently got the opportunity to work for a...
Sep2-10 11:56 PM
2 1,174
Many of the most fundamental physics problems that theoretical physicists work with are really cool, but they are so...
Sep2-10 02:10 PM
7 2,508

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