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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
T 11:11 AM
36 171,889
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 142,928
Hi I am mid way through my engineering degree and I had a bit exposure to engineers through various circumstances....
Aug30-10 10:26 AM
2 1,877
So, nearly every math professor I've ever happened to know who is an American got his or her PhD from one of about a...
Aug30-10 10:19 AM
1 1,794
Hi, I am an undergrad majoring in Physics. I want to be a theoretical physicist. What language would help me more...
Aug28-10 11:03 AM
8 2,153
Hey everyone!!! I finally got a job. Thanks for all the feedback and support. It's in research and engineering. ...
Aug27-10 08:55 PM
6 1,559
Hi, I am a freshman in college trying to decide what to study, and what sort of long-term plans I should have. I...
Aug27-10 05:44 PM
1 1,472
Hi, I am about to start school and I am majoring in Physics. I enjoy learning about it a lot and I want to continue to...
Aug27-10 03:16 PM
4 8,763
I have a job as a RA in applied maths, and in about 1 year will have a couple of publications with good/high...
Aug27-10 02:25 PM
3 1,746
Im new to college and Im majoring in Physics, how would i go about getting a degree in theoretical physics
Aug26-10 10:48 PM
1 997
I'm a CC student (barely just started), and I'm planning on transferring to a high quality university with excellent...
Aug25-10 07:02 PM
5 6,509
Hello, I am a 49 year old male, reside in the US, currently unemployed, previous work experience is in IT, have a B.S....
Aug25-10 03:01 PM
3 2,558
Can a Mechanical Engineer design: -Pump Stations -Water/Waste Treatment Plants -Piping design for water...
Aug25-10 11:42 AM
7 4,669
Hello, I'm a Mechanical Engineering grad with a M.S. in Controls and Dynamics and have been working for a year. I...
Aug24-10 04:04 AM
Dr Lots-o'watts
2 2,139
Hi everybody, 27 years old, bored about my admin job, I really love the idea to change career patch going into...
Aug23-10 01:05 AM
7 3,752
Hi. I'm 21 year old and I'm currently changing colleges. (I quit Managerial Physics after 1.5 years) The field of...
Aug22-10 02:50 PM
3 2,590
(8 unit majors) IT - programming. Statistics - Applied statistics. Mathematics with mathematical statistics...
Aug20-10 10:28 PM
0 954
Hi there, I'm new to the forum. My concern is this: I am very interested in physics and was thinking about pursuing...
Aug20-10 03:00 AM
6 1,121
I wonder if there is a profession in physics where physicists study time travel. If not, are there any research fields...
Aug20-10 01:53 AM
7 3,129
What kind of energy field should I focused on? Solar? Geothermal? Biomass?
Aug19-10 09:45 PM
2 1,616
Hello, I am currently working to complete requirements to transfer to the Nuclear Engineering program at Oregon...
Aug19-10 05:30 PM
5 3,242
Many postdoc positions ask you to provide either a "research statement" or an "outline/statement of research...
Aug19-10 12:26 PM
0 1,976
So here is my situation: I am planning on graduating March 2011 with a B.S in Mathematics, as well as a B.S. in...
Aug19-10 08:24 AM
12 10,736
Hey all, I've been contemplating PhD'ing in physics for a long time now. Originally I wanted to pursue this goal for...
Aug18-10 02:44 AM
8 2,160
I'm curious, what do you think the "next generation" space propulsion technologies will be, and what would be the best...
Aug17-10 10:52 PM
5 3,129
please go through this for me and help me please by telling me if this is enough for ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BSc in...
Aug17-10 11:15 AM
0 749
To all the employed physicists out there. When applying to the big places like the ones below, Lockheed, Raythen,...
Aug17-10 12:09 AM
2 1,602
Well looks like engineers have more job security and use a lot of mathematics and physics, now which one? I love...
Aug16-10 11:05 PM
8 2,050
I am in my 3rd year of a physics b.s. program. I have been taking a few courses (not many) to get a computer science...
Aug16-10 02:59 AM
7 4,996
Currently medical physicists especially fresh graduates are experiencing difficulty in landing jobs. But the future is...
Aug15-10 03:44 PM
10 2,330
Hey everyone, As the name of the thread suggests, i'm having second thoughts about my BSc degree. I'm studying a...
Aug15-10 09:39 AM
6 2,426
Can a Electrical Engineer work with robots or should i gor more for a degree in Mechatronical Engineering or...
Aug14-10 02:59 PM
3 1,844
First off, I would just like to say that I am still in the early stages (3rd year) of obtaining my B.Eng in Aerospace...
Aug14-10 07:00 AM
18 2,751
I currently have a job extracting and manipulating data from a database using various 4th gen database programming...
Aug14-10 06:55 AM
0 1,000
Hi, I am half way of a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics in an European university. I have started to worry...
Aug14-10 04:49 AM
8 9,846
I want to become a chemical engineering. But some body says there is no opportunuites for chemical engineers. My...
Aug13-10 02:49 PM
1 1,900
Hi this is Taimur from pakistan. I was born on june the 5th 1980. I've always been fascinated with technology...
Aug13-10 07:04 AM
6 4,945
Hello, the professor supervising my bachelor thesis is happy with the results. Together with another co-author, he...
Aug13-10 05:55 AM
9 3,390
I have looked at the faculty of many Biomedical Engineering programs, and I have noticed that there are many...
Aug12-10 03:00 PM
3 2,215
Hi all, I was just wondering if it was possible to become a Professional Engineer after a Masters in Engineering but a...
Aug12-10 10:25 AM
6 2,465
Noob questions on behalf of my daughter, who graduates with a BS in Physics from a research uni next semester and has...
Aug12-10 09:50 AM
Vanadium 50
2 3,906
Alright so I am wanting to go into Mechanical Engineering, however I have looked at the average pay for a ME and its...
Aug11-10 08:57 PM
11 4,622

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