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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 142,962
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Y 11:11 AM
36 171,918
I have graduated with an electrical engineering degree last May, and have been on the job hunt since then. Right now I...
Oct10-07 06:57 PM
13 3,872
Hi i am in my last year of high skool. I'll be joinin college next yr in the usa. I was wonderin wat are the most...
Oct13-07 05:23 PM
Ki Man
2 2,401
Hello, So, I've done some research and read other posts ( about...
Oct13-07 08:37 PM
11 3,383
I have a question concerning a career move. I have a chance to switch from the nuclear industry to the aerospace...
Oct14-07 06:18 PM
10 3,438
i dont know how many times this has been asked(probably 347374 times, coz thats what this Academic & Career Guidance...
Oct18-07 02:15 PM
2 2,072
I'm finishing up my bachelors in Mathematical Physics in april, and haven't done much planning beyond that. I was...
Oct22-07 08:17 PM
0 3,819
Alright so I should probably start thinking about what to do in Uni so here are my 3 choices, and i have some...
Oct23-07 09:20 PM
1 3,196
Hello. Maybe this sort of question has been answered before so excuse my laziness. At the moment I'm doing my 2nd...
Oct26-07 09:00 PM
1 1,490
Hi, I'm currently in my first year of 6th form, meaning that in one and a half years i have to choose a major at...
Oct27-07 05:37 PM
0 2,763
I was just in a thread over in the Academic and Career Guidance forum asking if there was a special thread for listing...
Nov5-07 01:00 PM
6 2,172
So I'm graduating in May with my B.S in Electrical Engineering Technology. well walking in may I still have to take my...
Nov11-07 07:25 PM
7 1,406
Hey This will be my first post on this forum, but I have been reading posts for quite a while. I find it really...
Nov23-07 12:48 AM
Chris Hillman
12 9,682
Dear friends, I have several problems regarding selection of major field and subfields. I greatly appreciate your...
Nov24-07 08:56 PM
3 2,105
Recently, I've constantly been debating going into Academia, versus industry. First off, I absolutely love conducting...
Nov27-07 11:23 AM
2 4,368
Losing your house? I hope not, but if so the BBC knows who to blame :rolleyes:
Nov28-07 03:07 PM
1 2,168
I'am in High School right now, and I'am still not really sure what job I would want to have. However, I do have...
Nov28-07 05:52 PM
Chris Hillman
3 1,661
I have a 4.0 so far but and flew through Diff EQ, Calc 1-3 with no problemo. However, Linear Algebra is kicking my...
Nov29-07 04:19 AM
20 7,340
In the entire world, what type of profession is most respectable? I know this is based on your opinions. I just want...
Nov29-07 02:43 PM
78 16,284
Hi all members, Please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I have finished my 12th with biology,chemistry and physics as...
Dec8-07 03:38 PM
1 1,905
I am usually not a poster of Dilbert cartoons, but I think this one is an exception. I think this may have to be a...
Dec22-07 12:43 PM
8 1,912
Hey everyone, I've been wondering about where Physics Ph.D. graduates work a few years after they've graduated and...
Dec30-07 03:52 PM
27 7,541
Hi, Anyone a maths teacher or science teacher here? need advice if i should become a maths teacher? good...
Jan3-08 01:22 AM
5 5,964
Post: Need advice on Numerical Methods Book User: careerassessm Infraction: Spam Level 2 Points: 10 ...
Jan7-08 04:18 AM
0 839
I'm a 3rd year university student, microbiology/biochem major. I also recently found after taking Organic One that I...
Jan8-08 10:28 AM
0 1,350
I have read it is highly cyclical I have also heard that it is very stable. Is Civil Engineering a stable career ?
Jan17-08 08:37 AM
4 10,901
I'm an aerospace engineer, currently job hunting, but I'm keeping myself occupied by refreshing my memory in c++...
Jan22-08 10:40 PM
jaap de vries
9 7,179
Hi, I want to get a bachelor's in physics and math, with a master's in engineering.... that's the plan, but what...
Jan23-08 11:41 PM
1 2,457
I'm currently a high school senior planning on going to college to study Electrical Engineering. I've become quite...
Jan25-08 01:59 PM
9 2,609
Hi, my mate has just left school and wants a career in jet propulsion or aircraft structure, he lives in plymouth (uk)...
Jan27-08 11:48 AM
15 2,846
Hello, I'm currently a sophomore in high school and have recently become very interested in physics. I do have a...
Jan28-08 09:05 AM
2 2,405
Hello Iím a junior in high school. I was just wondering if I could get some advice on careers. I am considering...
Feb4-08 02:41 PM
8 3,133
i'm in last year of high school and it's time to decide a career path. i'm mostly into biology and chemistry. can...
Feb7-08 08:33 PM
2 2,220
I am currently in my honours year of a biomedical science degree in Australia, currently working on my thesis....
Feb16-08 09:18 PM
4 4,347
How would a criminal record (while obtaining a Phd) affect one's academic career, if any at all?
Feb26-08 06:36 PM
30 9,461
Hi, I'm a physics major at Cornell and after reading a few of the threads on this site, I'm worried I might...
Feb26-08 08:57 PM
1 1,561
What does on do in an industry setting with a BS in physics? I really do no think I want to work IN physics. I...
Mar3-08 11:39 AM
9 2,931
Hey, To pursue a career in accountancy would I need to do a degree in accountancy? Some people say no and others...
Mar9-08 04:52 PM
0 1,038
So, I am a sophomore at a Math/Science Magnet school and I am considering applying to colleges a year early and...
Mar30-08 08:41 PM
12 2,150
Hi, I'm currently a student in high school, and I found this forum. I want to go into aerospace engineering, due to...
Apr2-08 11:32 AM
16 5,759
I have a great interest in space exploration and am trying to find somewhere I could work in that field. I don't...
Apr4-08 09:16 AM
11 2,828

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