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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 143,174
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 172,143
Do you know the corresponding years of experience range for Intel pay grade level 7, 8 , 9
Mar12-12 11:39 AM
2 1,930
Hi! I'm currently a second-semester sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. Right now I hate pretty much all of my...
Mar12-12 02:47 PM
1 2,327
Hi, I'm new. I'm enrolled in a community college and have decided to major in physics. I am really interested in...
Mar12-12 04:23 PM
2 1,393
Hey guys. I'm currently in grade 11. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do in the future but I do have plans for...
Mar13-12 11:59 AM
2 1,957
Hi forum, I am a high school student who has recently been accepted to the University of Western Ontario. (UWO) My...
Mar13-12 12:15 PM
3 1,824
I'm an undergrad majoring in math. I like it for the generic reasons that math-majors like math, but I'm concerned...
Mar13-12 12:31 PM
7 2,276
I would be so grateful to get the prospective of some people currently working, specifically research - or even grad...
Mar13-12 11:01 PM
10 3,752
Hi all. I am a student of 12th class in India. I am giving the IITJEE this april and hope to get a good rank. I want...
Mar14-12 05:26 AM
1 1,283
For those with a background in Civil; what do you think about graduate degrees in Civil Engineering for people with a...
Mar14-12 07:15 AM
3 2,673
I am a public school teacher and make 50k living in Houston. Last year I earned an award for best teacher at my...
Mar14-12 11:30 AM
1 1,080
Hi, Prospective physics undergraduate. Interested in topics of applied mechanics - fluids, dynamical systems,...
Mar14-12 03:18 PM
3 2,365
Hey all. I feel as if I've dug myself into a dead end and I'd appreciate some career advice. I'm a senior computer...
Mar15-12 11:36 AM
3 2,036
hello everyone. i'm torn between becoming a doctor or a lawyer. the thing is is that i love mathematics and science...
Mar15-12 12:42 PM
13 2,239
When I was in my early twenties, I graduated a T1 UG with a 4.0{POLS}, got acccepted to a T1 law school {SMU}, and got...
Mar15-12 02:00 PM
2 1,844
hey, i am a undergraduate student earning a degree in physics. im a little unsure as to whether going immediately to...
Mar16-12 01:12 AM
11 2,235
First of all, I know that some topic might cover my question but I felt I needed to write this ( maybe to calm myself)...
Mar16-12 06:02 PM
6 2,150
So...I've been in the U.S. Air Force, active duty, for 10 years in July. I've started my separation process and am...
Mar16-12 08:50 PM
2 2,047
I'm a 2nd year physics major thinking about switching to applied math with a concentration in quantum mechanics. I was...
Mar16-12 09:11 PM
daric soldar
2 2,864
I come across a handful of companies which hire physics grads who do not have a job portal on their website. Does...
Mar17-12 10:26 PM
3 1,647
I was chatting with my undergrad supervisor and they sorted out a PhD project for me doing corrosion science, split...
Mar18-12 10:44 AM
6 2,432
Hi all, How good/bad an idea is that. I love physics and want to get a phd later but stll want to remain safe. any...
Mar18-12 11:05 PM
4 4,463
I'm at a community college right now and... the physics/math classes there are depressingly boring. I do a lot of...
Mar18-12 11:57 PM
0 979
i currently doing my degree in physics major,this question have stranglehold me quick a long period,which i obtain my...
Mar19-12 12:22 AM
0 1,145
While searching for a job, a number of people have suggested that I leave the PhD off my resume when applying for...
Mar19-12 02:47 AM
61 12,334
can a physicist do everything that an engineer can do or both of them are on separate boats, I am interested in...
Mar19-12 04:14 PM
5 2,050
I am in great physics PhD program in my first year, and classes aren't going all that well. Last semester I barely...
Mar19-12 05:38 PM
29 4,338
Can a handicapped person become a pilot of a passenger or cargo air plane? I am a male and handicapped.I am lame.My...
Mar19-12 08:10 PM
1 1,044
I've read many job postings at several DoE national labs in the United States, especially those dealing with Nuclear...
Mar19-12 08:54 PM
daric soldar
15 4,781
Hi everyone, I am currently a first year college student in my university in australia. I am doing Double major in...
Mar20-12 06:37 AM
0 873
Any advice? Situation is: Low undergraduate GPA (2.7) but top 4 percent scoring in GRE. Degree in Nuclear...
Mar20-12 02:30 PM
2 1,557
Hey all, A long story short: I'm graduating from small (decent but not spectacular) liberal arts school in the NW...
Mar20-12 05:29 PM
0 1,275
I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and I've been out of school for almost 5 years. Several months back I started...
Mar20-12 08:36 PM
1 2,421
I'm almost done with my PhD in physics(hep-ex). It's about 6-7 months till I'm out. I was curious about everyone's...
Mar21-12 02:01 AM
43 11,139
Hello physics forums! Looking for some informed input on this subject as many of you are involved in job searches (or...
Mar21-12 02:07 PM
1 1,756
Hey guys, I have a good job lined up for me after I graduate with a good company, i am currently 8 months away from...
Mar21-12 02:38 PM
2 1,348
I am currently finishing up my freshman year of college and am a civil engineering major. I have been considering...
Mar21-12 05:38 PM
daric soldar
3 2,827
Hello everyone. this is my first post since i've joined the forums. Ever since i was younger (age 14ish) I've always...
Mar21-12 11:11 PM
0 1,290
I ve browsed many sites and wasted most of my time for finding a better topic but most of my friends managed to...
Mar22-12 01:30 PM
2 2,331
I can;t decide between trying for neurology or neuroscientist. All though I think neuroscientist would be a more...
Mar22-12 03:30 PM
3 6,965
I've heard that manufacturing process design engineers (not sure if thats exactly the right title, basically designing...
Mar22-12 06:43 PM
daric soldar
1 2,086

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