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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 144,506
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 173,746
I have a question. Let's say i finish my MS, PhD, the whole package. Then what? What are my prospects?Also, while...
Apr15-12 04:35 AM
6 2,884
Hi everyone. I have started this poll to gauge, among the Physicsforums community, how many of you are employed in the...
Apr15-12 07:51 PM
2 1,830
Hey! I am working on a project to give people the chance for more experience but to go ahead I need some facts and...
Apr16-12 03:40 PM
3 1,434
Hello everyone, I am interested in views regarding a traditional pension as opposed to a 401k. I am at a...
Apr17-12 01:08 PM
10 2,052
I am a recent in Civil Engineering looking for full time. It seems that many jobs want someone with experience in...
Apr17-12 02:00 PM
1 1,733
Hello, this doesn't seem to quite fit into any of the forums, but I'm hoping to find some help. I want to set up a...
Apr18-12 02:21 AM
5 1,965
Hi Everyone, I'm doing the final year of my bachelors and I'm going to have to make some important decisions. There...
Apr18-12 08:50 AM
1 823
If I am a guy who develops CAD models, you call me CAD Engineer What to call a guy, when he designs and builds...
Apr18-12 09:31 AM
4 2,252
Here is my situation. In reality I can never see myself retiring and not working, and I don't know many people my (42)...
Apr18-12 05:46 PM
19 7,086
Basically, I've been an Infantryman for the past 6 years, ever sience I was 17, and what with the way the army is...
Apr18-12 08:19 PM
7 1,968
Hey. New here. I am a 12th science student, from India. I LOVE science. I have been dreaming of becoming a physicist...
Apr19-12 09:58 AM
10 2,001
Hi, I'm interested in engineering as a career that I would pursue for at least 30 years, but I'm currently undecided...
Apr19-12 12:53 PM
Raphael Smith
0 1,292
Hey all, I am looking for some advice on what my options are to change career path. I will graduate this summer with a...
Apr19-12 09:36 PM
3 4,273
Hello, I am hoping I can get some advice, or something to think about at least. Here is a quick version of my...
Apr20-12 04:24 AM
9 2,642
Have kinda of an ethics question here. I work for company A and have an interview with company B. Company B would...
Apr20-12 12:54 PM
8 2,648
I took the FE exam last weekend and I'm sure I passed. However, the results won't come back for ~12 weeks. I am...
Apr20-12 09:13 PM
4 1,924
Hey I'm thinking about working as a optical engineer, whats the job market like for someone with only an undergrad...
Apr21-12 06:53 AM
0 1,424
I am posting, because I'm looking for some feedback from more experienced and knowledgable posters who can let me know...
Apr21-12 01:56 PM
0 852
Hi, I was wondering if there are any graduate physics jobs that involve a lot of travelling with the job, I'm not...
Apr22-12 03:34 PM
10 3,579
Hello. I've been reading this forum for a couple of days and noticed that it is alot of people with Ph.D degree in...
Apr22-12 04:49 PM
17 4,740
Hi everyone, as per the forum section I'm looking for some career advice. In 6 weeks time I will be finishing a...
Apr23-12 04:15 AM
5 2,949
Hello all! I will be getting my bachelors in applied physics by this time next year and I was wondering what types...
Apr23-12 09:28 AM
4 3,177
I've recently posted here on PF about engineering and resolved my issue. I've also been recently trying to truly...
Apr23-12 09:35 AM
3 1,440
"The largest intellectual property rights entity in the nation needs qualified applicants in the chemical, electrical...
Apr23-12 10:06 AM
0 1,291
I'm going to finish my PhD in maths in a few next months. I'm looking for a new job for the future. I really exciting...
Apr23-12 02:41 PM
5 2,335
Is it possible to get a job in aerospace industries with a major in physics? I am planning to go for either a MS or...
Apr23-12 09:29 PM
1 2,696
Whats the job market like for someone with only an undergrad B.S. in say Physics vs EE vs Optical Sci/Engineering? I'm...
Apr24-12 04:33 AM
0 1,133
I'm a second semester freshman, and maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but.. Right now, I've declared a Physics BS...
Apr24-12 09:57 PM
1 2,560
Hi everyone, this is my first post here, I've used this website many times to review opinions and debates, but never...
Apr24-12 11:53 PM
0 1,284
I am a junior in high school taking college courses full time, and I plan to do the same next year. I live in...
Apr25-12 09:20 PM
0 1,711
I received a B.A. in Physics which was essentially pre-engineering. I then went on to study Chemical Engineering. ...
Apr26-12 04:54 PM
1 1,660
Hello there, I have a bit of a conundrum. I have been a postdoc for 10 years now, mainly because I loved my job so...
Apr26-12 10:11 PM
5 2,552
Hey all, I'm sure this question has been asked before but I couldn't seem to find it specifically. I recently...
Apr27-12 05:46 AM
2 1,710
Hi everybody, first post here. I'm a freshman in civil engineering right now and I was wondering how the outlook and...
Apr27-12 02:33 PM
0 1,085
I'm looking to tutor this summer - but my options are pretty limited since I don't have real transportation at the...
Apr28-12 11:25 AM
2 1,517
To those who read this post, thank you first for reading this I really need help as soon as possible. Currently I'm...
Apr28-12 07:37 PM
4 2,361
Hello, Something just occurred to me last night. A B.S. in physics covers almost the same material covered in a...
Apr28-12 09:18 PM
21 4,955
I am a Bangladeshi and my wife is a trained medical doctor. Recently she became successful at finding a residency...
Apr29-12 12:09 PM
6 1,825
Hello all. My name is Stew. As the title says, I'm contemplating becoming an astronomer. I'm 23 and spent the last...
May1-12 01:51 AM
1 1,501
Hello PF inhabitants, I have just finished 5 years of university culminating in a Master's degree in biomedical...
May1-12 03:12 AM
1 1,532

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