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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 127,445
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 163,629
I am currently at the point where I am deciding what major to apply for for university and have narrowed my choices...
Oct20-13 12:02 AM
1 981
What are some medical jobs that someone with a BS in physics could take? thanks
Oct19-13 09:23 PM
4 907
Greetings, everyone. First off, sorry for my English, especially some of the terminology, as I am not that...
Oct19-13 08:41 AM
3 1,140
Well the title says it all.I know i lack the usually long employer's demands list ,they usually demand more than i...
Oct18-13 11:47 PM
4 995
Is it possible to get an internship at SLAC or NIF after your sophomore year if you're a good student but not from...
Oct18-13 08:46 PM
0 656
Hello everyone, The next year i am going to join a UG course in India. And i am going to take physics. From my...
Oct17-13 10:04 PM
5 2,306
I have spent the first five years of my career as a mechanical engineer working for a relatively large engineering...
Oct17-13 09:34 PM
4 926
Let's say that I graduate in computer engineering and my first job is non-technical & unrelated. How hard would it...
Oct17-13 05:45 PM
11 2,324
Hi, The first thing you probably noticed was how broad I was with the term science. Basically in a small sop story,...
Oct15-13 10:02 PM
2 1,386
Hi, I am currently in high school and I was planing on studying physics. After reading some threads and online...
Oct15-13 05:32 PM
Vanadium 50
19 28,220
Hi all, I am hoping to get some advice re: my career path. I have lurked these threads for a bit and I can see...
Oct14-13 11:29 PM
1 1,119
So today I found out that I am not good at my electives. Do employers care more about cumulative GPA or my major...
Oct14-13 09:52 PM
9 3,062
I am a year away from graduating my HEP PhD and I'm thinking about what comes next. Postdoc is an obvious option, but...
Oct13-13 07:39 PM
8 3,181
Hi everyone, I've linked here two articles I've found online that specifically address the issue of whether a PhD...
Oct13-13 02:10 PM
17 11,858
I know this have been questioned and asked about a lot, but I still cannot decide what to choose. I know I would like...
Oct11-13 07:27 PM
1 1,059
Hi everyone, I'm an a-level student (year 13) doing Physics, Chemistry and Maths. I am struggling of what university...
Oct10-13 06:33 PM
1 1,090
I graduated in May with a BS in Physics and I am interested in going into either Medical or Health Physics. I'm still...
Oct10-13 06:30 PM
1 1,253
After reading this, I'm having second thoughts on studying physics next year; ...
Oct10-13 12:16 AM
73 22,674
If a person gets a phd studying controls theory, shouldn't they have the skills (as a researcher) to publish...
Oct8-13 05:36 PM
6 1,575
Hi Everyone, I am currently doing my final year in B.Tech Engineering Physics. During these 3 years studying this...
Oct7-13 11:11 PM
1 1,173
I have been preparing to enter an engineering program for next year, a program that splits the first year of a real...
Oct7-13 09:27 PM
26 13,344
to start with.... i love electrical engineering but i am even more interested in the deeper phenomena accompanying...
Oct7-13 12:06 AM
2 2,167
Dear all, I was reading the book "Turbulent flows" of S. Pope and I went to his website at Cornell and started to...
Oct3-13 06:30 AM
17 4,746
I've been considering a possible career pathway towards becoming a university professor/researcher for quite some time...
Oct2-13 07:53 AM
3 1,434
Hi all, I graduated college from a state school with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2011 and started my...
Sep29-13 08:30 PM
1 1,098
So I have been reading this forum for a while and I have heard more than a few people say things like the employment...
Sep28-13 02:14 PM
11 2,420
I am currently a sophmore in college as a mathematics major. I see that a lot of the career advice on this page that...
Sep28-13 09:33 AM
2 1,252
This is for anyone who is currently a PhD student in physics or has completed a PhD sometime in the recent past, i.e....
Sep28-13 08:27 AM
3 1,157
what do you think of it ? what are the main career prospects for a phd in nanotechnology engineering ? also how...
Sep28-13 03:52 AM
1 952
My dream job would be working on things like developing smart phones, tablets, smart windows, and Google Glass. If you...
Sep27-13 07:49 PM
11 1,858
Hi guys, I did have a search through the forum but I didn't find anything quite like my question. Perhaps someone...
Sep26-13 10:59 PM
2 2,147
so i currently live in egypt , physics job positions here are actually alot worse than in america anyway , i asked...
Sep26-13 09:43 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,483
Obviously the greedy goal is to increase your research impact, but is it considered rude or over-ambitious to send a...
Sep26-13 01:27 PM
7 2,237
Hello, I am a student in physics engineering and I would like to work as a nuclear engineering later on in my...
Sep26-13 06:34 AM
3 1,809
Hi All, (Especially Bankers reading this forum!) I first want to thank twofish-quant for giving very great and...
Sep25-13 07:01 PM
94 69,210
One of my primary motivations for moving to teaching is that my summers would be "open". One of my goals would be to...
Sep25-13 11:16 AM
2 1,195
Hello, I've come to the point where I realize: I'm supposed to teach. I've tutored for years, taught small groups,...
Sep25-13 11:12 AM
5 1,599
Hi all, I'm a student in Mathematical Science in which I'm specialising in Mathematics and a little Computer...
Sep24-13 08:43 PM
19 5,936
Dear all, I genuinely cannot fathom a reason why most universities have a strict policy against hiring postdocs...
Sep23-13 09:46 PM
26 5,973
Hi! I would like to know your opinion about an eventual jump from a PhD in mathematical modeling of turbulent flows...
Sep22-13 08:30 AM
2 1,048

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