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Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 97,961
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,613
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 73,239
I did BA Maths at Cambridge with a First Class back in 2009-12, worked in i-banking for one year (partially because I...
Aug12-13 06:43 AM
3 882
Hi all, I'm currently double majoring in applied mathematics and physics and minoring in computer science. I'm...
Aug12-13 02:52 AM
8 2,090
Anyone else noticed this?
Aug11-13 10:26 AM
3 860
Although it seems that the consensus is that Cal is better for undergraduate physics than UCSD, i'm wondering how...
Aug11-13 02:18 AM
2 557
I am a non-traditional student (35yrs old). I have a daughter and a wife, and before I finish my degree (only on 2nd...
Aug9-13 11:11 PM
28 1,585 No doubt some of you have seen this image. I don't doubt that engineering is not what...
Aug9-13 11:02 PM
Best Pokemon
20 2,751
I am looking to strengthen my resume recruitment power and I am looking for some skills/trades which may contribute to...
Aug8-13 07:07 PM
1 648
what are the research prospect of doing a phd on string theory in India
Aug7-13 01:09 PM
2 938
Hello, PF! I'm a second year undergrad student at one of UK's leading universities (arguably one of the best in the...
Aug5-13 07:27 PM
1 952
So I have a couple years before I go off to university but I'm picking subjects to study right now. I'd like to do...
Aug5-13 02:08 PM
1 672
Hello, I am a rising second year student studying mathematics. Back in high school when I chose to study math, I...
Aug5-13 12:43 AM
2 617
I am currently at a community college studying computer science/ physics/ mathematics. I am interested in become a...
Aug4-13 08:37 PM
24 2,180
I am a college freshman, and I was just wondering what the work environment and nature of work was like for a...
Aug4-13 08:32 PM
6 1,028
Hello! I have a question regarding the field of Photonics. The school I am attending is launching a brand new...
Aug4-13 08:26 PM
7 1,099
I have a question which concerns a hypothetical scenario; Suppose a person with no academic background was to solve...
Aug4-13 06:43 AM
Vanadium 50
5 748
I'm in my junior year of college of a major in physics, and i'm already considering my job oportunities. In a country...
Aug3-13 09:34 AM
5 4,472
Greetings, I am a physics major graduating the next year with a minor degree in electronics engineering and need...
Aug3-13 08:19 AM
12 1,271
Hello people, i'm new here, but i already read some topics with this similar question. I'm just about to finish my...
Aug3-13 05:59 AM
2 638
I think I've decided on this career field (I really love physics and coding) with electrical engineering as my backup...
Aug2-13 10:05 PM
11 1,086
I had an interview with a large company recently, the purpose of the interview was to qualify for a work study program...
Aug2-13 07:15 PM
11 1,438
A bit of background first, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I completed my electrician apprenticeship and...
Aug2-13 02:30 PM
3 614
Hi! I'm an Italian student. I I would like to became an experimental quantum optics. In particular I'm interested in...
Aug2-13 07:11 AM
1 602
Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find any posts with the exact question. I'm about to go to...
Aug2-13 07:07 AM
7 956
hello, I did double degree in physics and mathematics and now I'm considering being a high school teacher. i...
Aug1-13 12:57 AM
9 934
Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some general career advice. I am currently working on my Physics BS and am almost...
Jul31-13 02:36 PM
7 1,170
Hi, I am looking for an interesting new career after a physics phd. I had obtained my phd in physics about 7 years...
Jul31-13 01:42 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 718
I'm going for a masters in chem eng, and aside from my 6 general courses, I can also take 4 electives. I'd like to...
Jul31-13 01:41 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 672
I'm studying physics in the UK and I like the idea of a research/teaching career. However I'm very aware that these...
Jul30-13 01:20 PM
23 2,096
Hello, I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am right before my undergrad degree and I have been torn apart between physics...
Jul30-13 06:10 AM
4 819
I have 3 friends 2 are civil engineers, and one is Electrical engineer. They've graduated 2 years ago and they are...
Jul30-13 12:15 AM
3 924
It's very difficult for me to decide B/w Physics or Math. As my B.Sc majors were Math and Physics. And i did great in...
Jul29-13 07:33 PM
2 884
hello guys , i currently live in egypt , and i believe i will also be getting my college education in egypt * i am...
Jul28-13 02:28 PM
6 895
that's what one of my math profs told me. i forgot what the industry needs to be in order to make that much as an...
Jul28-13 09:59 AM
8 1,856
Hi,I am studying mechanical engineering and I am going to apply for my masters in a few months.However, Im wondering...
Jul28-13 04:20 AM
4 1,004
Crap. I couldn't get everything i wanted in my topic title. Anywho, I'm wondering which masters degree would be...
Jul27-13 09:18 PM
7 1,103
Hi, Looking for some assistance on a decision. I'm an undergraudate EE student completing an extension to my...
Jul27-13 05:39 PM
1 681 The article...
Jul27-13 02:42 PM
2 688
According to most science jobs websites, like, the number of jobs in biology far exceeds the...
Jul27-13 01:33 PM
12 1,343
Hello I have a 2 more years planning ahead before I choose my major, however I like to plan ahead so I've come up...
Jul27-13 08:13 AM
5 745
Hey folks, I am currently studying at Ryerson (Toronto, Canada) in Computer Engineering (BEng) and I am starting my...
Jul26-13 11:40 PM
2 885

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