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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 173,036
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 143,826
i think i might possibly be the most confused person alive. i am not even sure if i enjoy math, let alone if i was...
Apr25-13 12:46 PM
3 1,294
Hey guys, I currently in my second year of Bachelors in Civil, however i am contemplating on switching to...
Apr24-13 11:46 AM
2 1,409
Over the years I've heard gruesome stories about engineering/science/tech interviews - questions that they expect you...
Apr24-13 09:33 AM
30 2,928
I am seriously considering a path of education in the direction of astrophysics/cosmology, but I can barely divide...
Apr23-13 06:16 PM
6 1,124
Hello all! :smile: After graduating with my BS and MS in mechanical engineering, I have come to the conclusion that...
Apr23-13 05:10 AM
16 4,289
Hey guys I'm a student of Aerospace engineering... well I just started but I know that is what I want to do. the...
Apr22-13 07:24 PM
1 922
I am very interested in a combined engineering + physics program, it is a 5 year program and I would be awarded with a...
Apr22-13 07:04 PM
7 1,125
I have a MSc in astrophysics and I'm a last year PhD student. My project is not going anywhere, I haven't published...
Apr22-13 12:03 PM
9 1,506
Does working with the defense force or for a defense company like Lockheed Martin have good money? What do they look...
Apr22-13 04:44 AM
1 823
Hi everyone, Iím a 23 year old female, currently in my final semester of a mechanical engineering degree. Iíll...
Apr22-13 01:11 AM
7 1,401
Hello earthlings..... I'm undecided about what to major in. But I do know that its gotta be in a earth science. At...
Apr21-13 09:21 PM
5 1,201
Hi Physics Forum, I know the question is broad, but I do wish for advice on this matter. I will be graduating in...
Apr21-13 03:29 PM
Adam Rienzie
2 1,131
Hi, I am a student in physics who completed his masters (5 years degree) in physics (fundamental and theoretical...
Apr21-13 01:59 PM
7 1,377
Hi everyone. im currently in 11th grade highschool and afterwords i want to go to university for astronomy and...
Apr21-13 03:58 AM
8 1,474
I've read a few times how accelerator physics needs people (really just ZapperZ's postings) and how they're "begging"...
Apr20-13 01:15 PM
0 670
As a career should I pick a nuclear engineer or nuclear scientist? What's the difference?
Apr19-13 05:51 PM
2 853
I would classify myself as an average second year student with middling grades (essentially a 3.55 both in major and...
Apr19-13 03:34 PM
33 4,471
Hello. I have an undergraduate degree in CS and I'm beginning grad school to study AI and Machine Learning. I've...
Apr19-13 11:17 AM
3 1,346
I graduated with a degree in mathematics back in 2005 and have been working in the insurance industry, unfortunately,...
Apr18-13 08:37 AM
7 1,967
Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I chanced across some threads regarding medical physics but I didn't want to hijack...
Apr17-13 01:39 PM
7 1,458
Today I was supposed to have a phone interview with a new aerospace company at 12pm EST today. I waited an hour,...
Apr17-13 01:05 PM
5 1,139
I'm currently studying Mathematical Science and I found that it's hard for me to comprehend mathematical concepts...
Apr17-13 11:44 AM
13 2,219
Hi, I'm a senior highschool student interested in a career in photonics and nanophotonics. The school I will be going...
Apr16-13 06:00 PM
3 1,008
I am a high school student in one of the "developing countries" and I am interested in majoring in one of the...
Apr16-13 04:33 PM
1 729
i am a doing my final year in mechatronics engineering ,and i have found my passion in design engineering, i am...
Apr16-13 02:39 PM
0 567
I'm halfway through the hiring process to become a software engineer at a technology consulting firm. Before I...
Apr16-13 01:45 PM
1 777
Hi everyone, I just graduated 5 months ago with a ChemE degree and I need advice on finding a job. I have a good GPA...
Apr16-13 11:30 AM
4 951
I'm going to school for chemical engineering with an emphasis in biotechnology, in the hopes of working for a...
Apr15-13 11:16 PM
4 1,131
I'm not saying this but rather this professor of Physics : Do you...
Apr15-13 08:34 AM
1 1,271
So, I see a lot of my peers joining frats. Even my sister has joined one. With so many people joining now, what are...
Apr14-13 10:56 PM
9 1,172
So as may be evident from other threads, I will be graduating this year with a BS in Physics. Since I failed to...
Apr14-13 09:49 PM
34 3,483
I've been reading up on accelerator physics and was surprised / interested to see there are huge industrial...
Apr14-13 09:40 PM
0 724
I 'm thinking to study about photonic and optical science, I always like the property of light and I want to study at...
Apr14-13 08:00 PM
1 1,085
Guys, Can you progress from an I & E designer into an Engineer? if you have a degree in electrical engineering? ...
Apr14-13 02:25 AM
0 596
Hi all, I have an interview question and trying to figure out how to answer this. What is the difference...
Apr14-13 12:29 AM
2 827
Hello everyone, I am a student in Engineering Physics and I'm currently at the point where we have to choose in...
Apr13-13 03:38 PM
1 834
Hi, I am an undergrad student.And i can say that my degree is well.But i think it s time to focus on a field.I like...
Apr13-13 01:43 PM
0 563
Hello, all. I've been accepted to some MS programs in EE. My primary concern is that I don't know how to evaluate...
Apr13-13 12:57 PM
0 474
I have done a search and have not found all that many threads regarding management consulting as a career (that is,...
Apr13-13 11:53 AM
5 907
Greetings Physicists, I've been accepted to study at my state University for my Ph.D in Physics. I reticent to...
Apr13-13 06:22 AM
1 939

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