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Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 97,459
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,132
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 72,886
First, I'll describe my situation. Also, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask my question. If it is, please...
Jan31-13 10:41 PM
1 655
Hello, 2 years ago I was convicted of possession w/ intent to sell marijuana (a felony in my state). I'm about to...
Jan30-13 07:30 PM
2 1,417
Iam a high school student in India . I am very much interested in physics and i really want to take it up as a career...
Jan30-13 02:17 PM
3 1,177
With the advent of the internet, and the fact that a theorist's work does not require access to expensive laboratory...
Jan30-13 01:07 AM
27 2,955
I'm currently in a Math PhD program (in the US), and I have the option of mastering out soon. I initially thought I...
Jan29-13 11:30 PM
3 1,598
I am currently stuck between the two choices. I have to pick my majors soon, as I am going to third year. I originally...
Jan28-13 07:42 PM
14 3,530
I am soon to apply for university and I am not quite sure what I want to study. Theoretical physics and...
Jan28-13 09:53 AM
5 1,262
I graduated one year ago with a B.S. in Physics. I work at Target. I remember back then, for the first three or...
Jan27-13 06:28 PM
110 16,142
Hey all I'm a student in ontario, canada looking for a summer internship for this upcoming summer (June - August) I...
Jan27-13 02:51 PM
0 963
Hello, I am a second year master's student at a so-so engineering program, and am trying to determine what the...
Jan27-13 02:28 AM
3 1,336
I find chemistry extremely interesting but biology the epitome of boring. I'd rather do 10 hours of organic chemistry...
Jan26-13 07:52 AM
16 9,606
I have a degree in B.S. Computer Engineering w/ focus in networking, and after helping my little brother with his...
Jan25-13 09:13 PM
1 1,248
For those of you familiar with my last post was about the career stuff. well i narrowed it down to biochemist. this...
Jan25-13 05:14 PM
7 1,336
Recently I've sent out a few resumes + cover letters to companies that have openings listed on their web sites. These...
Jan25-13 12:53 PM
7 1,292
i'm currently 27 and still living at home. i'd like to start a career as soon as possible. it is extremely stressful...
Jan25-13 05:40 AM
13 1,538
I'm currently a junior studying math and physics in the US and I've been trying to figure out what I want to do after...
Jan24-13 08:12 PM
14 2,460
Hi everyone, Help me please to understand what to do - I'm really confused. Sorry for maybe stupid questions - I...
Jan23-13 07:40 PM
7 1,870
I've been asked to review a paper for a physics journal, and this is my first experience with being a reviewer. ...
Jan23-13 12:47 PM
14 1,549
On one application the employer asks about job history. Two questions are included which I have not come across before...
Jan21-13 07:03 PM
4 863
Hello, I just graduated 2 months ago in Chemical engineering and I am trying to find a job. During my job search it...
Jan19-13 05:46 PM
4 1,105
I'm a thesis away from completing a B.S. in astrophysics. I'm considering being involved in some sort of research (I'm...
Jan19-13 01:49 PM
24 6,227
I am a Senior in high school, and my physics teacher gave our class information about an intern at the National...
Jan18-13 09:32 PM
2 994
Hi guys, I'm currently an undergraduate physics major with a physics concentration and electrical engineering (ECE)...
Jan18-13 05:13 PM
0 772
Hi, this year I will finish my 4 year degree in Aeronautical Engineering and I dont really know what I want to do next...
Jan16-13 08:33 PM
18 2,310
Hi everyone, I am in my first semester, and am looking at needing to find a job soon. I have worked in retail and...
Jan16-13 04:35 AM
2 1,148
Hi everyone, Right now I'm pursuing a BS in molecular biology and I decided I'd like to switch to a Bs Ed. in...
Jan15-13 12:06 PM
2 841
Hi everyone. This is my first time posting but I've read a lot of what this forum has to offer. Good stuff all around....
Jan14-13 11:09 PM
10 1,383
I am a year three who suffer badly from bipolar disorder II, it damages me both school grades and communication skills...
Jan14-13 07:16 PM
14 2,664
Hi everyone I know I might overuse these guidance forums, but I am very curious! I was thinking about the airforce...
Jan14-13 03:17 PM
11 1,558
Hey everyone, I'm an Electrical Engineering major in my third year now at Cal Poly Pomona after transferring from a...
Jan14-13 01:39 PM
8 1,338
Hi all, I recently started a funded MSc-->PhD graduate program in physics at a mid-top tier 2 university, and I'm...
Jan14-13 06:27 AM
15 3,064
Hello, I am in the 11th grade in my high school, which is in Lithuania. This year I had to choose specific levels...
Jan13-13 11:21 AM
2 1,338
I'm considering trying to be a science journalist, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Currently I self study physics...
Jan13-13 08:30 AM
6 1,130
I've been considering petroleum engineering because of the rotating shift structure of drilling engineer work: such...
Jan13-13 02:44 AM
1 1,409
Hi, My recent job introduced me to ADC's and signal handling. I don't have any formal training in signal handling...
Jan12-13 02:32 AM
0 607
i am a 3rd year engineering student. I want to do higher studies and research in theoretical physics. Please suggest...
Jan12-13 02:32 AM
0 659
I feel like this forum has plenty of people asking for career advice, but perhaps not enough people posting about...
Jan11-13 09:27 PM
9 1,743
Hey, I'm at McGill in 2nd year Joint Honours Mathematics and Physics. I want to apply for a research award (I haven't...
Jan11-13 04:18 PM
3 1,051
My plan is to study PhB at ANU (science research-focused degree) and major is probably physics and chemistry or...
Jan11-13 02:03 PM
1 994
Hey, i'm in nanotechnology engineering department, and i wanna choose nanoelectronic concentration,and i want to...
Jan11-13 04:31 AM
0 590

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