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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 142,951
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
T 11:11 AM
36 171,907
I started Physics grad school this Fall, but I have recently started considering dropping out, either to join an...
Oct19-11 07:27 AM
17 6,031
I've always wanted to teach at the university level, so I was interested in working as a professor. However, I've...
May26-14 09:09 PM
17 1,804
I am an Alevel student, and I always wanted to study programming. I chose C++ to be my first programming language. But...
Sep11-12 08:24 PM
17 3,315
Straightforwardly, my parents want me to become an engineer since they can easily get a job. On the contrary, a...
Jul24-11 08:49 PM
17 7,311
Can anyone tell me or list the jobs of physicists?? What are their roles in defence industry? can they work/experiment...
Aug30-11 05:18 PM
17 4,136
I made a thread a month or two ago when I was questioning my current major. I am currently an aerospace engineer with...
Nov12-11 12:54 AM
17 5,523
Im currently a first year student in BSc maths & Physics and i would like to know if i would be able to work in the...
Dec21-11 10:12 AM
17 6,098
Hi, I've spent the past year or two doing a lot of "soul searching" (if there is such a thing, *laughs*) and along...
Jan24-12 12:20 PM
17 4,832
Hello. I've been reading this forum for a couple of days and noticed that it is alot of people with Ph.D degree in...
Apr22-12 04:49 PM
17 4,699
I'm considering possibly working two full time degree related jobs after I graduate college. I'm currently not in a...
May5-12 01:53 AM
17 8,588
I am a person who enjoys math and physics in high school as well as chemistry but my preferred subject is physics...
Jul22-12 02:48 PM
17 5,146
Background: I'm in my senior year as an accounting undergrad and plan to stay in the program and the field until I can...
Oct13-12 04:44 AM
17 2,615
well, I'm a HS sophomore now and I have a strong interest in math(also good at it) and I want to expand to physics...
Mar2-13 01:34 AM
17 2,070
Dear all, I was reading the book "Turbulent flows" of S. Pope and I went to his website at Cornell and started to...
Oct3-13 06:30 AM
17 5,966
Hi everyone, I've linked here two articles I've found online that specifically address the issue of whether a PhD...
Oct13-13 02:10 PM
17 15,442
Assuming the person is of capable intelligence, what research prospects are there for someone who obtained their PhD...
Feb1-14 11:18 AM
17 1,855
I'm aware that a lot of careers may only use one or two upper-level subjects that I study in an Engineering program,...
May22-14 11:46 PM
17 1,105
I"m running through a couple options right now in my job hunt. I am a career changer who is aspiring to become an...
Jul24-14 01:39 PM
17 1,232
What would you do in my situation? I'm almost 30 with no career or professional experience. I finished my BS degree...
Aug1-14 12:29 PM
17 1,529
Hi (second post), I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed already, but I think my case is a little unique. I had...
Jul22-13 03:28 PM
16 2,287
What do science majors do when they finally get their diploma, how is conducting research like, how is job...
Dec1-05 02:01 PM
16 5,949
Hi, I'm currently a student in high school, and I found this forum. I want to go into aerospace engineering, due to...
Apr2-08 11:32 AM
16 5,758
I was curious if anyone had experience with going for a physics PhD after having a decent engineering career. I've...
May12-08 08:22 AM
16 6,655
My first post to this forum and its with some thing to do with the career. I will be a BSc Graduate this year with...
Sep10-08 04:12 AM
jaguar paw
16 2,913
I realize grades are important for getting into graduate school, but how much do they really indicate one's potential...
Jan5-09 08:23 PM
16 3,617
Hi everyone Will i be to OLD ,if i obtain a Phd in Theoretical physics at the age of 29? I...
Apr2-09 11:59 PM
16 3,513
I'm in america... have some stuff that I want to do besides physics and math in my adult life. Some of them require a...
Jul14-09 09:16 AM
16 4,278
I have heard that at the University of Minnesota there was one professor opening with 300 candidates. This makes it...
Sep17-09 07:21 AM
Vanadium 50
16 2,824
i am a freshman student at BMCC (cuny). in new york. its a community college. i just wanted to know if it is possible...
Oct8-09 04:47 PM
16 1,870
I find chemistry extremely interesting but biology the epitome of boring. I'd rather do 10 hours of organic chemistry...
Jan26-13 07:52 AM
16 10,454
Moderator's note: several related threads have been merged into one. Hi, I am trying to decide between these...
Mar7-13 08:06 PM
16 41,463
Hello all! :smile: After graduating with my BS and MS in mechanical engineering, I have come to the conclusion that...
Apr23-13 05:10 AM
16 4,262
This is long & I apologize but as graduation nears I'm very anxious and uncertain of what path to take & I'd really...
Jan10-13 06:32 PM
16 1,949
So I graduated back in Dec. 2011 with an aerospace bachelors and have been applying ever since here and there. I...
Mar7-13 08:03 PM
16 2,277
Hi, my name is Matthew, and I am a junior (soon to be senior) in high school. I am fascinated by math and science,...
Apr11-13 10:28 PM
16 2,092
So Ive decided that Im going to become a physicist(a theoretical physicist , field is still undecided). I'd like to...
May2-13 11:29 PM
16 1,792
I really like working with my hands, I like to get down and dirty but I also love math and science especially when...
Dec17-13 09:55 PM
16 1,470
I want to be an electrical engineer or mining engineer when I grow up and I want to get a BS in both of those fields,...
Jan6-14 09:07 PM
16 1,739
Hello to everyone at Physicsforums. I want to pursue Computer Engineering, but wondering whether or not I should. I...
May15-14 02:32 PM
16 1,151
I feel pretty awkward asking this here, but I feel like this is where I would get the most accurate answers. I'm...
Jun28-14 04:15 AM
16 2,921

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