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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 142,876
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
T 11:11 AM
36 171,840
Currently I am doing my MSc in Physics with a focus on Condensed Matter Theory. I have about one more year to go,...
May25-11 02:13 AM
5 2,135
So Ive just finished 2nd yr of civil eng...and am considering swapping to mechanical :/ Since i started engineering...
Dec2-09 10:38 PM
2 1,114
should i do B.Ed or M.Sc(math)or M.Sc(computer science) or M.Sc(Bio-informatics)
Nov16-12 09:29 PM
1 1,138
Hi I am from Toronto, Canada and as its pretty hard to find a job at the moment. Should I get a certification in PLC...
Nov7-12 12:46 PM
2 1,456
Hi everyone, I completed my PhD in experimental low energy physics over a year ago and I still cannot find a...
Feb27-13 05:25 PM
56 12,744
I'm a Mech. Eng major at city college of new york with about 2 years left to go and uh, well, i hate it. Not that i...
Feb8-09 09:37 PM
0 1,040
Hello everyone. I would assume such a thread would be very common in this section but I believe my circumstances...
Dec12-11 01:43 PM
4 3,077
Which is more important in the long run? In particular, for academic jobs? I'm a sophomore physics student in Spain...
Jun4-11 11:15 PM
4 2,133
Greetings Physics Forums, Yes, checking for typing errors apparently is not my strong point! I'm a few months...
Jul9-13 12:11 PM
4 1,370
I am going to be graduating in May with my BS in Mech Engineering. Next week I have an interview for a job after...
Mar7-12 07:51 AM
9 3,235
So, after quitting my physics Ph.D grad program last semester, I got my physics teaching license with the aim to be a...
Apr12-13 04:55 PM
10 2,080
Writing a research proposal for a postdoc fellowship... I'm not sure how personal to make it. I want to convince the...
Oct22-12 08:25 AM
Andy Resnick
6 2,271
So I switched my major out of sciences to Radiation Therapy when I was worried about the economy and was under the...
Feb3-10 01:14 AM
6 1,633
So, being intensely interested in space in general and more specifically in the possibilities of travel through it, I...
Nov8-12 09:23 PM
10 1,695
I have my BA in physics and two years of graduate work at Auburn. I had an excellent experience there as a TA, but my...
Jun16-09 08:00 PM
5 1,409
Wish to focus on LED lighting technology, Mainly high powered LEDs to illuminate areas such as indoor and outdoor...
Oct29-11 02:51 PM
1 1,573
I read a lot of stuff in the threads of this forum,especially related to PhD,prospects after grad school,R&D work and...
Apr10-10 11:28 AM
9 2,079
I plan on giving lots of insight and asking my fair share on this awesome forum. One thing that I'd like to share is...
May16-09 02:20 PM
13 3,255
About 2 years ago I first posted on this forum. I sought career advice about following a passion of mine, physics. I...
Mar10-14 01:38 AM
Simon Bridge
1 652
Hi, currently my job doesn't satisfy my interests as it doesn't especially utilise the skills or knowledge obtained...
Apr14-14 07:42 AM
9 982
Hello from North Carolina! This is my first post, but I've been researching the forum topics for awhile to try and put...
Jul10-10 11:31 AM
2 1,796
This is for anyone who is currently a PhD student in physics or has completed a PhD sometime in the recent past, i.e....
Sep28-13 08:27 AM
3 1,191
I found this article online that I thought may be of interest to us older job seekers: ...
Jul2-14 05:50 AM
14 2,840
I want to ask a non-technical career question, and I would like to be respondent by people with 10+, or 20+(ideally)...
Oct13-10 04:44 PM
37 5,024
So I had an interview with a top electronics company last Friday. It came down to me, and one other candidate. When...
Aug27-11 04:49 AM
8 2,878
I'm just curious, but what exactly are you doing?
Mar23-12 01:38 PM
8 2,313
Does knowing a second or third language look good in the technology industry?
May2-11 04:57 PM
1 2,315
Hello everyone, I am a junior currently at my school in physics. I have a year of chemistry and biology under my...
Dec21-08 09:06 PM
0 1,796
Hey, I'm a Chinese student studying in Ireland and I will be completing my course in Software Development in May of...
Nov8-08 12:46 PM
3 2,346
Well, I logged on here to ask my own career question, but I think I might be able to help a lot of you, especially...
Oct10-09 10:34 AM
2 3,553
It's a long way off for me, being a senior in HS, but I'm thinking about what career I want to aim for in college and...
Sep8-11 01:10 AM
33 5,824
I would help me a great deal in my career if I could aquire EU citizenship. Looking at Wikipedia, it says under...
Nov1-09 06:13 AM
11 3,874
Hi I'am a fresh graduate with a bachelors of engineering in mechanical engineering. During an interview for a job...
Aug7-14 06:00 PM
8 373
I am a freshman and have done a good bit in the short time that I've been in college, but all of the summer...
Sep20-10 05:41 PM
0 1,781
Hey ,I am pursuing a bs. in mechanical engineering pretty much because at the universities I have to choose from ,the...
Apr6-10 01:05 AM
0 1,081
Hi, this year I will finish my 4 year degree in Aeronautical Engineering and I dont really know what I want to do next...
Jan16-13 08:33 PM
18 2,577
Hi everyone! Short-time lurker here, and I have a fairly important question that I'd like some input on. I'll keep it...
Sep14-10 09:57 AM
10 8,769
help im having trouble deciding for my future. i live here in the philippines, and yes maybe most graduates from a...
Oct10-10 08:27 AM
2 3,213
what would be the best major to choose for someone ti switch from EE into ? friend of mine is having hard times in...
Dec4-08 04:25 PM
4 1,525
Here in the very near future my educational endeavors will force me to make some changes as far as employment is...
Dec15-12 03:01 PM
0 806

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