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Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 97,977
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 73,249
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,631
Hi! I have a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, I've been working for some time with multidisciplinary systems. I...
Mar20-11 03:36 PM
5 1,809
Hey guys I just signed up, I would like to say that this is a great site. Firstly I am in 5th year. I am unaware of...
Nov12-10 05:48 AM
6 1,704
I'm a high school senior in New York City who got into the University of Chicago through Questbridge- a scholarship...
Dec7-11 10:11 PM
1 1,438
Hello everyone I'm currently new here and was hoping to find some guidance to my scientific career. I'm 14 years old,...
Jul1-10 11:47 AM
12 2,326
I'm still in high school but I was wondering if there are any fields or industries that make intensive use of...
Jun2-10 04:34 PM
4 2,101
Hi! I want do my major in COMPUTER SCIENCE. Can anyone tell me the future in computer science. I want to know if there...
Jan3-11 10:15 AM
34 43,683
Alrite im sure this question has been asked many times. What do i need to take in college for a future in cosmology? i...
Aug25-09 08:19 PM
1 1,385
Hey guys, I really want to be an aerospace engineer but there isn't many jobs for aerospace engineering in...
Mar22-13 08:22 PM
4 879
Hello guys, I'm a PhD student in Jena, Germany. I'm actually very worried about my future, and I'm trying to find...
Dec27-10 12:22 PM
21 2,969
What do you guys believe the future will bring for engineers and computer scientists in general? What...
Oct24-13 04:39 PM
10 1,369
What is future of Electronics & Communication engineering and it's job opportunity.
May17-12 02:00 PM
0 1,219
I am currently a high school sophmore in the united states and am very involved in robotics, math, science, and...
Sep25-09 06:24 PM
Ben Espen
31 5,222
Dear all, I would just like to ask about the prospects of nuclear science (nuclear engineering/research) in the...
May8-12 06:10 PM
7 2,190
Okay Hello Forum Im a student in high school atm and Im extremely passionate about Mathematics(pure and...
May28-13 07:08 PM
25 4,362
Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this site and certainly will not be my last. First a little about me, I...
Dec16-13 08:10 AM
5 1,227
I hail from India, and thus have given IIT-JEE. Based on its ranking, I might get enrolled for the 4 Year course...
Jun26-13 02:01 AM
2 1,154
I have got selected in Joint Entrance Examination conducted by IIT's of India for admissions. According to my rank, I...
Jun3-12 11:20 AM
5 4,827
Recently I have been looking into Fuzzy Theory which is a relatively new subset of logic and is closely related to...
Apr11-12 09:30 PM
2 3,049
After four years of postdoc I'm wondering how one develops further. I have set up a research line that is independent...
Feb16-14 07:40 PM
9 927
I have several questions about gamedev industry. I know that there are special websites about it but I want to collect...
Jan8-11 07:54 PM
14 2,807
Hello, I'm not sure if there's a post for this already, but I'm in high school and I would like to go into the...
Oct12-12 06:27 AM
79 9,053
I seek the advice of the Physics fraternity regarding sending the general GRE scores. I have done my Masters in...
Nov10-09 12:26 PM
1 2,467
What are the differences between these three undergraduate degrees? I am contemplating on being an Applied...
Jun11-12 01:19 PM
14 11,585
So i love astronomy, physics, maths and cosmology. I want to bring this all together so i found a degree...
Aug12-13 10:54 AM
1 593
I am a soon-to-be physics major starting freshman year of university very soon, I'm sure at least a few users who come...
Aug9-10 11:18 PM
8 1,410
I have stumbled on this site and find it interesting. A lot of people who know a lot more than me. I am going to...
Feb11-10 08:57 AM
1 803
Hi all, I was wondering what sort of jobs are there where I don't need to be physically in one country. I've...
Sep23-11 06:53 AM
0 1,127
Hello. I am currently finishing up my first semester as a junior in geological engineering. I have been thinking about...
Mar29-11 07:15 PM
1 1,751
Hello earthlings..... I'm undecided about what to major in. But I do know that its gotta be in a earth science. At...
Apr21-13 09:21 PM
5 965
I am quite confuse over this 2 course . I am not sure which to pick . Can anyone provide me some information...
Jun6-12 11:14 PM
1 2,410
Hey everyone, I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster. I'm currently a second year undergrad student enrolled in...
Oct26-10 12:49 PM
3 4,250
Hey, I came across ( in which Gerard 't Hooft has written a...
Sep7-12 06:49 PM
5 3,220
I am Emily Jones, aged 34. I work for an advertising firm. I have worked very hard to get where I am today. Possibly,...
May4-09 05:39 AM
1 1,307
Hey everyone, I've been wondering about where Physics Ph.D. graduates work a few years after they've graduated and...
Dec30-07 03:52 PM
27 5,882
Hi, I wanted some information as to how one should proceed to get a job in country X when he is in country Y, which...
Sep16-11 09:45 PM
4 2,021
Hello, I have great interest in physics, however I don't have the gpa (3.0) to get into grad school. Has anyone...
Jan1-13 03:01 PM
1 926
If I want a job in a different region of the country, would it be ideal to move there first?
Mar11-10 07:23 PM
1 915
Hello, I'm a mechanical engineer graduate with a little over a year of real world job experience. This first job has...
Mar15-11 02:34 PM
3 1,313
Hi all, I'll be graduating with a masters in electrical engineering from Ireland at the end of next year. I am...
Jan8-14 09:14 AM
10 1,015
I am 24 years old. On Saturday I will graduate from college with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in...
May8-09 03:35 PM
20 5,351

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