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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 143,216
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 172,202
How do scientists/applied mathematicians interact with modelers? Do they just describe the situation and the...
Mar11-11 02:30 PM
0 742
Is it mostly trying to coming up with equations, solving them, reading etc.? Do they use computers a lot or can the...
Feb19-11 04:07 AM
3 2,959
Hello, Can you guys please guide me and tell me what procedures are necessary to become a theoretical physicist?...
Nov12-13 07:26 AM
3 1,547
Long story short, I flunked out of grad school for a physics PhD last year. My advisor hired me on as an employee in...
May3-12 05:21 PM
25 9,946
If you are not a scientist and do not have a lab yet you want to share a great idea with the world but you would like...
Jun8-14 01:23 PM
3 924
I have been preparing to enter an engineering program for next year, a program that splits the first year of a real...
Oct7-13 09:27 PM
26 16,984
Many of the most fundamental physics problems that theoretical physicists work with are really cool, but they are so...
Sep2-10 02:10 PM
7 2,489
Every time i mention atomic science as an area of study everyone goes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah well stanton friedman...
May24-09 05:14 AM
9 31,249
I'm at the career exploration stage of my life and currently enrolled in a Computer engineering program. Can you give...
Oct24-09 08:26 AM
6 7,614
How do people generally go about choosing a subject to do thesis on in one's last undergraduate year (ie: year long...
Feb26-12 01:13 PM
2 1,703
I'm going to be choosing the topic of my masters thesis rather soon which will lay a lot of the ground work for my...
Nov2-08 05:03 PM
8 2,723
I'm currently 17 years old, and I'm worried about choosing physics in university. Is it possible to get involved in...
Feb7-10 05:11 PM
2 2,549
Hi, this may be quite stupid question but I have to ask... How easy is to find a job as physicist... I am...
Mar10-11 08:40 PM
4 956
I'm currently a phd student and am doing high energy particle physics. I am unsure about what I will do when I...
Oct29-12 03:34 PM
2 1,455
I'm considering attending SF state to study Statistics with emphasis in Economics. However, I worry that the major...
Dec1-13 12:13 AM
1 794
Hey guys, I am graduating in about a month or so. I have applied to only a few graduate schools due to financial...
May9-14 08:57 PM
jim hardy
22 1,486
I was discussing my REU applications with a professor of mine and he picked out a number of experiments, I won't name...
Jan30-12 03:35 PM
2 1,945
Hi. I'm planning on doing a double major with psychology and mathematics. My parents are opposed to this, and they...
Mar28-12 11:48 AM
3 2,708
Are materials scientists and engineers in relatively high demand compared to say, electric or mechanical engineers? ...
Jul29-12 03:23 PM
6 2,967
How hard is it to switch fields in science? For example, say you do your Ph.D. in an area of theoretical physics and...
Feb8-12 09:30 PM
37 5,769
I'm 2nd year of 3 into my CompSci degree, and just (!) starting to think about employment after I graduate. I've been...
Jul21-11 07:24 AM
3 1,822
I'm an aerospace engineer, currently job hunting, but I'm keeping myself occupied by refreshing my memory in c++...
Jan22-08 10:40 PM
jaap de vries
9 7,185
I know the main focus of Civil Engineers are the strength of the structures. I also know that Fluid Mechanics and...
May21-12 07:11 PM
2 5,026
I'm a first semester junior with a current gpa of 2.77; my organic series last year really hurt me. I believe at the...
Nov7-08 01:50 PM
6 14,125
How important that a software engineer should type his programme without looking @ the keyboard? Im a newbie to...
Jul10-09 08:56 AM
17 2,585
It would be foolish to try and predict how employers will react -- having few job experiences, currently. So Iím here...
Jun1-11 05:07 AM
29 3,125
How is Aeronautical Eng as Career? i am an under grad student of physics (major). If i get GPA 3 or 3.1 then can i...
Apr22-08 04:14 AM
2 2,497
I was curious how research in applied math is done, the reason I'm curious is because I can't seem to believe that...
May29-09 05:18 PM
1 1,884
Lot of people asking about the jobs and salary of Astrophysics and i have also asked before. Now i ask about high...
Mar28-09 09:10 AM
10 6,557
Hi all. I am a Math and Philosophy double major at a top 20 university. I have recently been putting a lot of thought...
Mar28-11 11:05 PM
Ben Espen
2 1,903
I heard that engineering such as software or electrical demands younger age and older one gets fired around 50... . ...
May2-10 04:33 AM
3 3,081
Suppose X is a successful practicing lawyer. He already had a bachelor degree, and some graduate degrees under his...
Nov29-09 09:50 AM
32 11,178
this goes out to the theoretical physicists out there. have you thought about it or is too degrading and "beneath" you...
Aug26-11 03:31 AM
44 6,483
Feb16-09 05:18 PM
6 5,949
Hi everyone. This poll is directed to those who are currently working full-time in the private sector. I am curious...
Jul3-13 01:09 PM
19 2,007
Hi everyone. I have started this poll to gauge, among the Physicsforums community, how many of you are employed in the...
Apr15-12 07:51 PM
2 1,821
Figure that title will catch some clicks from users and guests of this site. But I'm curious about some things...
Jan8-09 08:18 PM
11 10,423
I'm not interested in becoming a theoretical physicist, that would be ridiculous, but I am curious to know how many TP...
Jun2-12 11:56 PM
2 5,437
Out of curiosity, what jobs could someone with a BS in applied mathematics apply for with a reasonable chance of...
Nov11-11 09:05 AM
8 15,964
Hello everyone, and happy holidays. I had a question that recently popped into my head as I am in my last three...
Dec22-09 06:38 AM
3 1,444

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