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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 146,888
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 176,664
I am interested in instructing my peers in math up to Calc. II (and maybe basic concepts in Calc. III as the video...
Jun16-13 10:42 PM
9 1,570
I work in the department of engineering services in a company. To be more specific, I am doing a job which entails...
Jun6-13 04:39 AM
2 939
I am a junior in high school taking college courses full time, and I plan to do the same next year. I live in...
Apr25-12 09:20 PM
0 1,727
It's really a question of whether research is for me or not. I don't know the answer because I haven't had a chance to...
Feb8-12 04:10 AM
1 1,741
I did some research about career paths of physics majors, and it seems that they can do what ever they want. The most...
Sep23-11 02:56 PM
4 2,118
Hi i'm currently pursuing electronics and communication degree in India. I'm confused whether to get another bachelors...
Dec6-12 01:09 PM
11 3,423
Hi, I am wondering if physics could be suited for me in terms of a career choice in the future. I absolutely love...
Feb13-09 12:45 PM
5 1,678
Is it true that only the most talented Physicists will get the top positions in physics research, or are there other...
Dec23-12 03:19 PM
3 1,346
I just finished my REU in solid state physics and must say that it was a little disappointing. I did some theoretical,...
Aug1-08 07:45 PM
6 4,177
If I wanted to become a theoretical physicist, would it be useful to learn russian? It's a fairly easy language for...
Jan21-11 10:17 PM
5 3,054
My goal, in the long-run, is to come up with a new invention in the energy industry on the scale of James Watt’s steam...
Apr17-11 05:27 PM
0 819
Since I was little I wanted to be a scientist. Ultimately though, I was talked into going for engineering because the...
Sep13-13 12:40 AM
20 4,485
Hello good people, new fish here. A little context for you: I am a bit of an older student, I am still working on...
Mar17-14 01:59 PM
1 609
A couple years ago I was made an associate member of Sigma Xi, an honor society for science and engineering...
Mar8-11 08:57 PM
2 2,002
Do the employers care about the bachelor? For example if two persons, one with applied mathematics bachelor's and...
Aug14-11 10:37 AM
3 2,114
A lot of my friends in defense have been telling me that programs have either been cut harshly or been told they're on...
Aug30-11 09:15 AM
32 7,262
I am considering changing my major to Philosophy and Physics with a astrophysics minor, since my school doesn't offer...
Oct13-08 09:02 PM
17 6,430
Hi, These days you often read alot about how tough it is to succeed in Academia, how even the people from top 10 US...
Sep28-10 09:19 AM
4 2,403
Hi, I have never had any success when applying for jobs with the large Fortune 500 companies. With smaller firms I...
Jul11-11 06:33 PM
1 1,835
Hi, I am planning to pursue a carear in Physics Master's degree. Before I go to college I want to know if there is a...
Jul18-12 12:41 AM
3 2,145 is a great resource for math Ph.D.s looking to go into academia, but there aren't very many industry jobs...
Dec27-12 10:31 AM
1 873
Hi guys, I just wanted to know a bit about chemical engineering from you guys here.
Jan1-14 09:42 PM
2 756
Hi, i hope that i can get some information about what is the career which connects to relating Quantum Physics and...
Mar25-13 02:36 PM
8 2,184
I've lived in the UK all my life and I'm sick of it, sick of the weather, sick of the people, sick of the culture,...
Dec9-13 03:24 AM
15 2,873
Well, I'm 19, I love pure mathematics and I'm determined to follow my heart in my life. but recently this idea has...
May7-11 09:05 AM
6 6,038
I've had a fairly long winded conversation with a friend recently and he seems to think that doing a Stats BS as...
Jun30-11 11:34 PM
6 2,209
Hello all, first time poster here, looking for some advice regarding going back to school. I have a BS in...
Jan29-11 09:15 AM
4 6,665
I'm fresh out of college (21 years old) and i was recently offered an offer for 25/hour (40 hours) as an entry level...
Apr6-13 11:03 AM
47 4,418
Does anyone have any work experience in this field? Is it a savvy career choice? Does one make alot of money? Do...
May1-06 08:40 AM
13 2,685
is it true that you can have bachelor in (for example) Quantum Mechanics, and then have the M.A and Ph.D in Quantum...
Jun23-11 07:48 PM
1 1,253
An economics degree from a top 10 or 20 (depending on whose numbers you look at) would probably get you far in life....
May1-14 04:33 PM
6 966
hello i was reading JONATHAN KATZ topic about not becoming a scientists here: ...
Jul11-09 02:27 PM
2 1,082
Right now I'm at a community college and I am a semester or two away from transferring to the local Uni in the...
Sep7-11 10:33 AM
3 1,611
Currently a physics lecturer. I have a masters in physics, bachelors in Applied physics & math, concentration in...
Jul4-10 10:29 AM
The riddler
4 1,521
Hello, I have been in the IT industry for a few years, and I have been gaining decent skills in networking, general...
Feb1-13 12:44 PM
1 720
It was quick but I think I got this right. I heard a commercial this morning in which the makers of MATLAB, Mathworks,...
Nov17-11 11:59 PM
Ivan Seeking
3 2,111
Hello all. I sign up for classes in just under two weeks. I'm a freshman, and I am at a crossroads as to what my...
Feb5-11 08:51 AM
0 627
So I am a senior chemistry (BA) student at a large state university and will be graduating at the end of the spring. ...
Nov7-11 02:49 AM
1 2,038
Hey all I graduated in 2009 with 2 Bachelor of Arts, worked for 3 years (profesionally as a marketer and doing PR) but...
Jan10-13 09:23 AM
7 2,372
So I need to make a decision on this asap as I am already part way through a semester and need to choose a physics...
Feb11-10 04:44 PM
12 2,177

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