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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 131,632
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 165,289
Im considering a career in Theoretical Physics. In terms of jobs what opportunities would I have after my Bachelors ,...
May2-13 05:33 PM
7 1,463
Hello dear members, I am a college freshman majoring in undeclared major. (:P) I have strong passion for music and...
Oct27-12 11:45 PM
3 1,764
Hello people, I am new in this forum, and have been reading very posts and I am really liking here. How I have...
Apr20-10 08:27 AM
Carlos Dutra
0 1,020
I'm currently having a job on campus which relates to my major (electrical engineering, working in electronic research...
Mar22-10 10:37 PM
3 1,321
How's the situation for a phd on europe and US? Is it hard to find a job on industry or college? I live in Brazil,...
Feb3-13 10:22 AM
5 1,167
Hello all! I recently graduated with a BS in physics and I will be entering a PhD program for biomedical...
Jul22-10 10:20 AM
Ben Espen
3 4,974
I have a son who is an Oracle data-base designer. He tells me that there is virtually no unemployment for Americans...
Oct3-11 06:09 PM
12 2,686
I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering, but I like Physics a lot more. The only reason I didn't initially major...
May27-12 12:28 AM
4 2,142
I'm thinking about what course I'm going to do at university, and Physics has always been interesting to me. ...
Jul17-10 01:19 PM
Epic Sandwich
0 1,123
Hello guys, I'm a senior undergraduate from China and I'm considering applying for a PhD program in condensed...
May25-13 11:53 PM
0 618
Hi, just wondering how much scope there is in aerospace engineering and how well aerospace engineers get paid in...
Apr17-09 07:33 PM
9 2,157
Hey guys, I was curious ( I am currently a freshman in college) what job opportunities are out there for people who...
Jul27-12 11:50 PM
7 2,151
Hi, thank you in advance for your opinion. I am just interested in knowing what you might think the job outlook will...
Dec21-09 04:48 AM
0 1,206
Basically what the title says, how is the job outlook for a BSc in statistics, is it worth pursuing a MS in it?
Jan20-14 07:15 PM
4 981
Hello everyone, I need some help, which I would be very grateful for. My local council, here in the UK, are...
Feb25-12 02:06 PM
1 1,078
I am an undergrad in civil. I've heard the current job prospect for civil engineering isn't looking very good,...
Apr22-10 08:27 AM
1 1,057
Hello everybody. I am currently in a French engineering school, one of the best. The hard part was getting into it;...
Mar27-11 08:38 PM
1 1,579
I'm aspiring to do my MSc in Energy with core subjects being Thermal Power and fluids engineering and/or Gas turbine...
Nov21-10 01:51 PM
1 2,015
Hello all! I'm thinking of getting a B.S. In Astrophysics or Physics and I was wondering what kind of jobs they're...
Dec21-13 03:22 PM
9 1,054
I've been looking at graduate programs for Health Physics because I realized that I might not want a PhD but also want...
Feb11-14 02:11 PM
5 795
How difficult is it to acquire a job in these professions? Which would you recommend? I have discovered that the...
Oct7-12 11:16 PM
2 1,697
I am currently a freshmen who is planning on getting a graduate degree in Physics, but specializing in Astrophysics....
Sep30-10 01:01 AM
2 7,358
From reading this thread, it demonstrates a rather pessimistic view of physics (at least in relation to job...
Sep1-13 11:20 AM
6 1,671
Hi guys, I'm just about to start university however because of some weird thing with advanced credits because I did...
Jul27-11 03:32 PM
13 3,660
Hello, all. I'm considering applying to Ph.D. programs in experimental condensed matter physics. My general...
Nov8-12 03:46 AM
1 1,552
Hey guys, I'm sure this has been covered somewhere on the forum before, but I searched several times and could not...
Dec15-11 08:57 PM
1 1,897
I've decided against pursuing a career as a university professor after seeing how low the odds of actually making it...
May22-11 08:51 AM
1 5,336
I am a final year student of (electrical and electronics) at NITK,india. I want to pursue my masters degree in...
Aug29-12 03:19 PM
1 1,065
Hi PF, I've recently graduate with an MS Physics with no specific emphasis. I quickly learned that it is very...
Oct15-12 05:57 PM
Ben Espen
2 1,679
Hi, My wife and I (green card holder) are considering moving to the US. I have a PhD in physics and work as a...
Mar31-12 10:28 AM
0 1,358
Does anybody know how the job market looks for AeroEng graduates? Would you recommend pursing a Masters, Phd, or...
Aug30-11 05:47 PM
0 1,485
Hey everybody, I was wondering what the job prospects are for those who hold an associates degree in engineering. I...
Dec10-11 01:28 AM
2 1,568
Hi everyone, I'm a junior in college and recently I made a list of some things I'm looking for in a future job....
Aug2-10 08:41 AM
6 1,255
Hi, I'm hoping some of you could provide me with information about actuarial and statistics work. I like a diverse...
Jun29-14 09:37 AM
1 1,611
Hello, I'm a French scientific programmer with a PhD in Nuclear Physics. During and after my PhD, I worked and still...
Jun15-11 02:04 AM
4 3,069
Hey everyone, In short, I am trying to apply for as many jobs as I can. But I have two questions to make sure I am...
Feb11-09 12:49 AM
1 934
I am an oversees student ,who hold MSc in structural engineering from Nottingham university, basically i want to work...
May21-13 02:29 PM
2 789
What are some crucial future job skills? There have been many threads on "jobs of the future" but to me those are...
Apr12-09 07:42 AM
7 2,093
I'm in my last year of college as an undergraduate physics B.S. and have so far tried astronomy and materials science...
Jul22-13 09:00 PM
Vanadium 50
1 771
I have been working at my current employer for about a year. About 9 months into the job things had changed and I...
Aug14-11 05:24 PM
3 1,372

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