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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 144,716
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 174,046
I'm an MTech fresher in electronics domain, have been looking for job since 3 months.. its getting almost an year...
Jun5-13 01:08 PM
Vanadium 50
13 1,368
Is it possible for me to pursue Mtech in Astronomy after Btech in IT, in India? Please help
Aug2-11 03:16 PM
4 2,471
Hi I am a Post Graduate in Physics from India. I am very much interested in nanotechnology and Material science. I am...
Feb19-12 05:46 AM
1 1,478
My dilemna is not lack of knowing what I want to do, it's knowing too much that I want to do. I'm very passionate...
May2-12 08:42 AM
10 2,324
yup yup. So it's me again, deciding what to do w/ my life.....from the beginning, this was what I wanted. I've always...
Jan24-05 08:30 PM
4 3,174
hello , i am from india I have passed out 12(senior secondary) from ignou university with only 50%. It took me 4...
Jul17-08 07:35 AM
3 1,737
Should I take a TOEIC test ? I used to take a Toefl paper test and scored 606, now my boss tells me to take a TOEIC...
Dec6-10 01:51 AM
6 2,140
I am passionate about Science but my Career was always in downturn except now 2010 i am Curious to become a...
Dec2-10 01:58 AM
5 1,288
hello. for those who know me from my previous post, this is not me. My cousin needss career help. he is about to be a...
Mar26-12 10:18 PM
6 1,983
Hi everyone, I'm a Computer Science undergraduate student from/at Mexico. During my entire high school I considered...
Jan12-11 03:55 AM
0 772
Hello. Let me start by asking your forgiveness for my lack of grammatical skill. I know I need work in this subject....
Sep18-08 04:54 PM
33 1,070
Hello everyone right now im studying in Middle school and next year im going to Highschool, i've been into this whole...
Nov24-11 08:58 PM
27 5,105
I took all the required classes needed to obtain a minor in Math from my graduating school, but unfortunately more...
Dec24-10 10:15 AM
8 3,596
I have a friend who has a Masters in physics. He's a bit stuck in terms of career right now and a PhD in physics...
Oct7-11 07:02 AM
4 2,198
Well it's my senior year and I was pretty set on being an engineer. But an engineering student came in and talked to...
Dec6-09 07:54 AM
1 1,351
Holland strong inventory test and the Myers Brigg Personality test. Has anyone on this forum taken these career...
Dec31-12 07:43 AM
3 1,118
Hi everyone, I am a mature person who is mid life and has been in at least three different careers. My Myers-Brigs...
Nov8-09 05:43 PM
8 5,048
What job would best describe the following: Keeping track of dangerous/prolific nuclear material. On the...
Jun26-09 08:16 AM
2 1,176
I applied for a job at a semitech company that makes NAND. Anyone know of a good book or source that I can find...
Jun16-12 11:06 AM
2 1,537
I have completed my M.Sc physics with specializataion in nano science , I want to go for a phd towards the applicative...
Jun26-11 09:16 AM
0 919
Hey guys, I'm stuck in a rut. I'm currently in an engineering program--Nanotechnology, it's mostly focused on...
Dec19-12 02:44 PM
9 1,438
Is it wise to go for an education in nano technology, or is it just a big hype? Nano technology is often divided into...
Nov5-08 11:57 PM
6 2,114
Hey, i'm in nanotechnology engineering department, and i wanna choose nanoelectronic concentration,and i want to...
Jan11-13 04:31 AM
0 627
Hi, I'm in my Junior year and I'm starting to think very seriously about what I want to do once I graduate, especially...
Mar1-12 08:15 PM
zihan 3AM
2 2,954
I am a student currently studying nanotechnology engineering and I have started to become concerned as to what I am...
Jan26-10 10:19 PM
1 1,650
what do you think of it ? what are the main career prospects for a phd in nanotechnology engineering ? also how...
Sep28-13 03:52 AM
1 1,002
I've thought about being a photographer, film director, actor, engineer, physicist, mathematician, pilot,...
Nov29-09 11:15 AM
4 1,493
Hello everyone! My name is Christian and I'm in 8th grade (2 weeks until schools out!) Ever since 5th grade I've loved...
May27-09 02:29 PM
15 2,811
Hi Everyone, I'm about to graduate from college with a BA in physics (basically BS but missing a couple of classes)...
Mar22-10 04:29 PM
1 2,056
After attending a 4 year university, I'm interested in joining the AirForce. The AirForce is connected with NASA, I'm...
Apr25-11 01:06 AM
1 1,367
I am really interested in NASA, but after doing a little research on starting salaries I quickly became concerned. If...
Jan30-14 06:59 PM
12 1,231
No its not but why do they not hire physicists? All the jobs are for engineers and astrobiologists. Don't they need...
Feb24-11 08:12 PM
4 1,186
So I'm confused. I understand that the Shuttle Program is coming to an end, which was expected. I'm a high schooler...
Feb23-11 07:17 PM
115 15,335
Sometimes I get the impression that employers want a. Experience in a particular software tool AND b. Specialization...
Oct2-12 07:41 AM
2 1,400
I'm looking for some big companies (big as in not regionally specific in the US) who are currently hiring (soon to be)...
Feb6-13 09:45 AM
Ben Espen
6 1,707
Hi All, I have an interview at a national lab in a few weeks and would like to know what to expect. I'll give a...
Apr19-11 05:27 AM
2 1,778
Just out of curiosity..When people talk about careers in physics why don't they ever take these in minds? Most people...
Jul22-09 07:10 PM
5 1,797
A lot of places like national labs list that they're interested in hiring math majors as interns, but I'm having some...
Sep15-13 12:05 PM
3 998
Has anybody seen this editorial? I can't believe that a journal like nature is condoning the idea that unreasonable...
Sep14-11 10:01 AM
Andy Resnick
36 7,424
Does anybody know anything about the Navy Nuclear Engineering program? Things like how competitive the program is?...
Sep13-09 02:02 AM
12 11,524

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