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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 137,684
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 167,812
What subjects should I study most for the test? Any advice?
Apr3-09 05:29 PM
0 1,290
I'm currently enlisted in the military and I have signed up for the Navy's nuclear school. I've heard that it has...
Jan8-05 06:35 PM
9 3,452
I'm really at the end of my rope. For months I've applied to jobs in industry, gov't, and even academia with little...
Feb16-12 03:42 PM
182 49,805
I'm almost done with my PhD in physics(hep-ex). It's about 6-7 months till I'm out. I was curious about everyone's...
Mar21-12 02:01 AM
43 11,019
Dear PF, I will be completing my PhD in Astronomy (specializing in cosmology) early next year, but I am unsure if I...
Sep8-11 11:55 PM
12 2,696
Hey all, I'm a little distraught and hope someone can provide enlightenment. First off I should say that I am...
Apr26-10 10:06 PM
0 936
I am currently on Active Duty but getting out this year. I have a job offer with a very big NDT company as a Level...
Jul10-12 09:34 AM
1 1,073
Hi all, I'm from Argentina, and I'm currently needing some kind of advice over a possible job opportunity that I...
Dec16-11 05:51 PM
8 2,338
I'm a recent graduate with a double major in mathematics and music. I'm looking for a career path that will allow me...
Jul2-11 11:59 AM
0 1,641
This thread is geared towards biology professionals who have only attained a Bachelors degree in the biology/science...
Dec4-13 01:32 AM
1 885
Hi I am thinking of applying to PhD programs in experimental physics. Little background aboout myself. I am from...
Jan5-11 09:51 AM
0 1,734
So I've decided to pursue a career in medicine. I've already decided on the school, and it's in-state, so that...
Aug23-03 03:59 PM
3 5,346
Hi, I have just got my Bachelor's Degree in Physics. I would like to pursue a career in Physics, preferably in the...
Sep14-11 01:43 PM
Vanadium 50
10 4,021
Hey guys, I just finished my first semester at a community college. I want to major in Applied Mathematics because...
Dec22-12 07:51 PM
1 950
Hi guys, I've started a programming internship about a month ago and i have some concerns and i'm hoping to hear some...
Dec21-12 11:07 PM
5 1,316
My plan is to study PhB at ANU (science research-focused degree) and major is probably physics and chemistry or...
Jan11-13 02:03 PM
1 1,039
Hi, I am applying for a post in Medical Physics and supporting documents is required. I actually did a final...
Feb22-12 09:57 AM
1 1,478
I am currently on towards my undergraduate degree in Physics, with a minor in Computer Science. Besides physics...
May19-05 02:03 AM
2 1,704
hey im an A level student. im in last year of A levels giving exams this may and november.. subjects by which i will...
Apr9-10 06:14 AM
3 1,167
Hey... I'm currently a high school student studying Science and hoping to do an undergraduate course in Physics and...
May6-05 02:43 PM
5 3,342
Hi everyone! I just graduated from an undergraduate degree in physics...and now i'm stumped as to what i should be...
Apr6-10 06:28 PM
0 1,035
Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum as a joined just a few minutes ago. So I'm stuck in a very complex...
Feb6-13 08:32 PM
4 1,202
i'm sure you guys get a lot of this by the end of the semester, but anyways, I'm graduating with a bachelors in math...
May13-05 01:23 AM
2 2,176
I am in the procees of getting a 2 year degree in mechanical egineering, from there I broke my nose on a brick wall as...
May7-09 06:14 PM
2 1,138
salutations, i am a student in the first semester of grade ten, i plan to take physics, chemistry, and electronics,...
Jan2-10 08:39 PM
Math Is Hard
3 1,280
I am working in a reputed Automobile company. I am now in design optimization and localization team, to be more...
Nov24-13 10:16 PM
2 861
I would like to build a work porfolio for applying for freelance jobs, but I don't really have much relevant work...
Nov9-10 11:08 AM
1 1,021
Can someone please explain the differences between the two fields? What does each main branch mainly do? What do...
May19-12 06:32 PM
1 2,001
Hello, well i am contemplating whether i should get a Phd in physics and a degree in engineering or a PhD in...
Jan5-11 04:18 PM
5 2,218
Hello, first of all I want to say english isn't my primary language (I'm from Quebec), so I'm sorry if you have...
Nov4-10 09:03 AM
54 5,631
I'm currently a freshman engineering student in my second semester and am currently in materials science engineering....
Apr25-09 05:13 PM
6 3,367
Hi, I am new to physicsforum so you probably don't know me. My name is Alexis, i am a guy, i just turned 16. I love...
Mar4-11 02:34 AM
1 892
Hello everyone, I started back to school a couple of years ago pursuing a BS in mechanical engineering. I'm moving at...
Apr16-09 02:34 AM
0 983
Hi All, I am 22years old and working in Software IT for past 1year but i am not satisfied with the job currently...
Jun22-11 10:53 PM
3 1,417
I need help understanding electrical engineering. I wanna know if i go with EE i will experience the same level of...
Oct3-11 09:06 PM
2 2,032
I graduated in May from a public school in NY, and have been taking grad classes since. I recently got a job offer...
Dec9-11 05:27 PM
0 1,226
I opened this thread under General Discussion but it got closed without me knowing why. So I repost it here(assuming...
Mar4-14 06:14 PM
5 510
To make things short, I would like to teach college level physics as my future career choice. I am currently a junior...
Dec18-08 10:48 PM
5 1,232
Hey there guys. The problem with me is that I always feel kinda fuzzy and undecided. First of all I love...
Mar12-12 08:12 AM
0 900
Hi! I am from Pakistan and recently came to the United States. A short history, I did my high school in 2007 in...
May2-14 10:09 PM
4 658

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