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Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 97,412
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 72,840
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,062
So Im graduating this spring or summer, 2013, plan to take the GRE next fall and apply to physics phd programs with...
Dec31-12 10:06 AM
1 815
Hi, I've been offered a job that involves the design of electrical control panels. I can get involved with the...
Nov13-09 11:41 AM
4 1,691
Hello, found this it a lot. Saw a category about career options...I am a radiation oncologist and we...
Nov30-09 10:57 AM
0 1,030
I'm wondering what are some 'niche jobs' or niche markets for Electrical Engineers? The kind of jobs that will always...
Nov3-13 10:37 PM
14 1,335
Hi, This may be very specific - NIH fellowships generally require US citizenship or permanent residency. I am...
Mar7-11 12:41 PM
1 1,184
Hi, everyone. I haven't posted on this site for some least seven months or so. I want to "re-kindle" my...
Jun20-12 10:16 AM
36 4,991
Dear all, This fall I finished my favorite - physics college and all is bright. Although, I got an idea for early...
Nov16-08 07:53 PM
41 5,975
Hey, I enjoy to do physics, math and work with computers, but all the jobs I know of that consist of these subjects do...
Feb10-12 07:44 AM
5 2,276
Well, in about 5 months I will be finishing my undergraduate physics career, and I have no idea what to do. I am not...
Dec12-05 04:14 PM
1 1,627
I'm graduating in May with a B.S. Math and Physics Minor. I really don't want to teach, but I think I would enjoy...
May7-12 09:19 AM
4 2,082
Hi everyone, I've recently completed a postdoc in the field of laser physics (photonics), the same field as my PhD....
Apr9-14 06:16 AM
4 442
These are some notes of the observations I've made over the past few months looking for jobs. This might be useful...
May30-11 12:51 AM
80 28,097
Hi, I'm a graduate student, one semester in to a physics PhD. I'm still doing the core courses and haven't started...
Dec11-09 01:12 PM
2 3,652
Hi everyone. I am interested in studying plasma physics, but not so much in studying nuclear fusion. Is there a...
Jan24-11 01:40 PM
10 1,679
First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. I thought that this pertains more to a career than anything...
Jan15-10 01:08 AM
5 1,760
A few years after I finished high school, I took a few subjects at my local community college with no real major in...
Aug28-13 11:51 AM
5 1,618
I know that its very hard to get tenure even if you get a phD in astrophysics from an Ivy league school. hence, alot...
Oct5-10 03:00 PM
Ben Espen
18 4,946
Hey guys, I've been lurking here for a while and I'm ready to ask you more experienced folks for help about what...
Mar16-11 11:54 AM
3 949
Im a hgh school student, I need help to define what should I go for. I was interested in aerospace engineering , but...
Sep26-12 10:14 AM
1 831
I'm not really interested in calculus, chem, or physics. I mean, I'm doing good in the subjects... but I don't really...
Nov2-09 07:36 PM
9 1,968
Hi guys. I was surfing threads on this forum once again and i read a line that was like physicists aren't interested...
Dec8-09 03:19 PM
11 2,640
Hi, everyone! Well, I'm currently a math major at university, planning on going BS -> MS -> PhD, and then being a...
Jun24-13 08:04 PM
7 1,166
I am starting grade 11 semester 2 and already in the first few days it's time to choose our grade 12 courses, so I...
Feb8-12 12:46 PM
1 1,402
Hello everyone, i'm facing a bit of confusion. I am currently in highschool, taking a college level Calculus class and...
Sep29-12 10:15 PM
5 1,695
Hi. I'm wondering what field I should go into or what I should major in. I like math, science, and computers. The...
Sep15-10 05:50 PM
0 952
I'm a double major in chemistry and physics (to be honest, I like physics better), and I'm thinking of going to med...
Dec16-10 08:40 PM
0 694
This is my first post on Physics Forums, so hello everyone. My name is Jorge, and I would like some life advice. I...
Jul7-13 07:54 PM
8 1,424
Ok, I am currently in my third year at Purdue right now, and I still don't know what I want to do with my life. haha....
Aug9-10 09:27 PM
9 1,645
Hi all, I graduated college from a state school with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2011 and started my...
Sep29-13 08:30 PM
1 811
Hey, I can't decide on what I should go to university for after high school. I enjoy maths and sciences, but I also...
Jul18-11 07:22 PM
3 2,365
I'm an undergrad Industrial Engineering student and I'm interested in a summer internship. According to the ad I could...
Mar11-14 01:23 PM
8 441
I'm in my first year, which is a HNC. I'm currently thinking of what I'd like to do once I graduate, my idea is to get...
Mar15-13 01:30 PM
2 836
we see many physicists have publsihed hundreds of papers like John Ellis, Edward Witten, Sankar Das sarma, ... how...
Apr8-12 06:16 PM
1 1,671
Does anybody know of any companies currently involved with advancing nuclear energy in areas like alberta? I have...
Nov27-09 09:42 AM
4 1,338
Well right now I'm flip flopping between some majors that I would like to do. Yesterday, Nuclear Engineering popped in...
Dec4-09 08:32 AM
4 1,723
I am going to graduate soon of a 5 year long major. The major was a general engineering with specialization in nuclear...
May19-12 08:05 PM
1 1,513
Hello, I got my BS in nuclear engineering last December, and I've been trying to find a job in the nuclear industry...
Jul13-09 10:21 AM
2 1,423
As a career should I pick a nuclear engineer or nuclear scientist? What's the difference?
Apr19-13 05:51 PM
2 743
Hello, I am currently attending UTK and studying in their nuclear engineering program. I think this is a great program...
Feb7-12 09:55 AM
0 1,357
I am very interested in a future career in Nuclear Engineering. Right now I am a junior working on my B.S. in...
Nov17-08 08:27 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,744

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