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"Piled Higher and Deeper" (PhD) is the comic strip by Jorge Cham about life in academia. Calamities of Nature, by Tony Piro, is a comic that focuses on topics of social commentary, science, religion, philosophy! Spiked Math by Mike is a webcomic about math.
Mar11-14 07:00 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your microscope photos, telescope photos, and everything in between! Video talk is welcome too!
T 07:40 AM ZapperZ 
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Try to stump the community with your math, logic, riddle, puzzles and teasers!
T 04:38 AM mfb 

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- Relax and enjoy our topics on Photography, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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humor, jokes, science Sticky Thread Pinned: Science Jokes ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
A wide selection of science humor.
Y 09:30 AM
766 413,064
found on Facebook :smile: ...
T 04:56 AM
4 138
jokes, lame Lame Jokes ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Lamest joke you know ... :zzz:
Apr17-14 08:06 AM
2,592 1,121,285
This was just so damned cute, it deserved it's own thread. Whenever I see cute kittens I can't help thinking of...
Apr15-14 04:26 PM
3,271 348,909
Watch and learn kids. :biggrin:
Apr15-14 12:20 AM
Ivan Seeking
1,669 227,501
Sounds like a ZapperZ Photo Contest Title - well - almost. Here are some pictures taken up towards Turbo's neck of...
Apr12-14 10:13 PM
634 101,583
Okay, this thread is for all the puzzle-buffs in the forum. Post any puzzle, problem, whodunnits, cryptograms or any...
Apr11-14 08:54 AM
940 23,882
Are there any jokes related to c++?
Apr8-14 02:47 PM
7 344
Who doesn't? :) Here's a modest start. I'm sure...
Apr6-14 11:56 PM
6 382
Post your favorite animal pictures here!!
Apr5-14 08:44 AM
1,396 74,039
Tell three truths about yourself and one lie. Everyone gets one guess which is the lie. First to guess correctly...
Mar30-14 08:30 PM
148 4,551
Answer one and then ask your own, be creative! :) Would you rather... Have lunch with Issac Newton or ...
Mar16-14 12:10 PM
18 1,041
I figured it's time to let the puppy lovers have a thread. Beware, although this starts off sweet, it turns evil......
Mar9-14 02:08 PM
71 21,709
story, word 3 word story ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Lots of people may already know about the "three word story" threads from various forums on the web. For those who...
Mar2-14 03:31 AM
117 2,914
I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures I've found in the last few months. Have any you want to share? ...
Mar1-14 06:29 PM
232 83,219
You're in an empty room. You have a pen and paper. Every 10 seconds you have to write what you did for the last 10...
Mar1-14 06:56 AM
20 4,470
AN ENGINEERING PERSPECTIVE ON CHRISTMAS There are approximately two billion children (persons under 18) in the...
Feb21-14 02:12 AM
2 1,378
Scientists tell us their favorite jokes: 'An electron and a positron walked into a bar…'...
Jan10-14 07:33 PM
1 1,245
Side 1 Side 2 They...
Dec11-13 03:04 PM
12 1,783
bZe5J8SVCYQ 2fjcJp_Nwvk
Nov7-13 08:27 PM
1 1,876
This is the fun and games section.Does anybody else here play minecraft? if you do what have been your best...
Nov4-13 01:21 PM
0 1,887
What are people's favourite YouTube channels for Science education (Chemistry, physics, biology, psychology etc)? Feel...
Nov4-13 09:13 AM
6 3,368
Hi, I was just wondering if there's anyone on this forum who enjoy writing, just in general? Maybe for comics or...
Oct7-13 07:35 PM
11 4,433
No prizes - just for fun. The one of five is here: ...
Oct3-13 08:46 AM
0 2,400
enjoy.... Speeding in Florida A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the...
Sep19-13 06:31 PM
3 2,285
Exactly what the title says...a string-theory-themed a capella parody of Queen's famous rhapsody! 2rjbtsX7twc ...
Sep19-13 02:45 AM
WaaWaa Waa
7 2,756
Ok, this is how the game is played. You must say only one word and the first letter of the word must be the next...
Sep17-13 12:22 PM
188 21,601
What are some of your favorite fractal art? ...
Sep16-13 11:50 PM
4 2,788
To all PFers who have played "Where's That Landmark?" over the years: it's all just an elaborate exercise to prepare...
Sep6-13 10:57 PM
11 3,145
A group of law students at the University of Auckland have created a Youtube channel with two videos uploaded so far....
Sep5-13 11:20 PM
0 2,469
fun & games 20 Questions ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I recently learned about this old game, 20 Questions. In this game, one of the players, the Answerer, thinks of an...
Sep3-13 11:28 AM
366 14,533
In order to help with server load, we are splitting up the larger threads. This is a continuation of the original...
Aug31-13 04:23 PM
57 17,367
Hi, I once read a physics comic that went something like this: two people, one was floating in the air and told...
Aug22-13 10:08 AM
3 2,842
Interesting how chalk, blackboards and equations can look so neat! Post your's if you have some favorites! ...
Aug15-13 10:51 AM
George Jones
11 6,738
Aug9-13 08:13 AM
11 3,138 the 4 pictures to the left follow a pattern. 1 of the 3 pictures to the...
Aug7-13 01:37 PM
5 2,978
I've noticed on several occasions that jargon familiar to me is not easily found on the internet. So it makes me...
Jul29-13 09:43 PM
308 21,744
Does anyone know of any good Physics jokes/comics that would be good for a physics group's tshirts and care to share?...
Jul29-13 11:57 AM
14 5,858
Hey everyone.. Not sure why I made this but I'm going to post it anyways haha. If you like to graphic design or have...
Jul26-13 11:21 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,040
Not sure where to put this...Could anyone give me a long equation to equal 25? I would like to put it on my son's...
Jul20-13 04:23 PM
4 3,498
movie, trivia Movie Trivia ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I haven't seen a movie trivia thread in here. So I'll give this a go. The rules are: if you answer the current...
Jul19-13 12:41 PM
120 11,537

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