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"Piled Higher and Deeper" (PhD) is the comic strip by Jorge Cham about life in academia. Calamities of Nature, by Tony Piro, is a comic that focuses on topics of social commentary, science, religion, philosophy! Spiked Math by Mike is a webcomic about math.
Mar11-14 07:00 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your microscope photos, telescope photos, and everything in between! Video talk is welcome too!
Apr19-14 07:40 AM ZapperZ 
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Try to stump the community with your math, logic, riddle, puzzles and teasers!
Y 04:04 AM Enigman 

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Fun, Photos & Games

- Relax and enjoy our topics on Photography, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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humor, jokes, science Sticky Thread Pinned: Science Jokes ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
A wide selection of science humor.
Y 06:04 AM
769 413,329
Find a good pic, and post it here for people to think up amusing captions for. I'll start: ...
Apr2-12 11:27 PM
Loren Booda
4,723 975,881
This is what I really do all day at work. ...
Mar11-12 03:03 AM
165 34,175
I realize this is not about photo's but video's. If mentors decide this should go in the GD forum then please...
Nov24-11 07:48 PM
17 4,836
:biggrin: :approve: :tongue:
May15-12 07:16 PM
39 10,270
beginners chess.
Dec2-11 04:48 PM
66 5,180
anyone who wants to play a game of chess with me ?
Apr3-12 07:49 AM
12 3,608
I am using cookies to find out how the people that bought my programs located my site. This is what I found in my log...
Mar8-12 12:28 PM
5 4,187
Why haven't I found this site before?!?! This is awesome! Especially this one:
Dec8-11 01:39 PM
13 4,169
As promised long ago - pictures from Croatia (and a few from Hungary). There were three parts of the trip. Marzena...
Jun4-12 09:30 AM
28 8,853
T J J S A J (No restrictions on language) I can't find one. :frown:
Dec16-11 08:38 AM
8 9,294
wanna go first? :biggrin:
Jan26-12 04:53 PM
92 4,813
do you like funny movies?
Dec28-11 06:04 AM
4 2,603
Just joined this site today so not sure how this works exactly, but I love playing Chess and would simply like a game...
Dec2-11 06:09 PM
1 2,190
Here's a picture of a Holiday tree made of books on the second floor of the library at my university. I believe a few...
Dec19-11 03:34 AM
1 3,534
Alright guys and gals, the name of the game is Signatures! It's easy. The only requirement is to have a forum...
Dec14-11 01:34 PM
25 4,898
I'm sure many of you have decorated your homes or offices for the Holidays. Let's see them! Post your pictures on...
Dec28-11 07:52 PM
17 4,259
Question: If 1,000 monkeys were made to type on 1,000 typewriters for 1,000 years, what might they finally type?...
Jan6-12 12:48 AM
0 2,939
Hi there, I am interested in some feedback (not to harsh I hope) on a "shoot the electron" game. ...
Jan31-12 05:08 PM
6 3,094
I know when Socrates drank the hemlock, that the hemlock was not passed around, because there was no Poisson...
Feb7-12 03:35 PM
0 3,064
Plot(x,y)=\left ( 16\sin^3 t\;\; ,\;\; 13\cos t - 5\cos 2t -2\cos 3t -cos 4t \right ):)
Feb14-12 10:38 PM
7 4,820
Someone sent me this, it has some amazing shots... Click the links at the top Attack of the cute Rhody......
Feb15-12 09:26 PM
9 3,747
Please have your sound turned on, allow up to from 30 seconds to one minute for the text-to-speech to load (the image...
Feb20-12 11:30 PM
0 2,402
i can't find a jeremy lin thread. am i clueless and/or are you guys/girls such geeks you are on a different planet? ...
Feb24-12 06:11 AM
11 3,210
Does anyone have favorites? I personally have wasted a few hours reading their lists. Really enjoyed a quite a few,...
Mar1-12 06:11 AM
0 2,564
Please have your sound turned on. And allow up to from 30 seconds to one minute for the text-to-speech to load...
Mar3-12 03:34 PM
0 2,640
Saw this puzzle during an interview for programmers. Thought it was kind of clever. Can the domino tile the...
Mar8-12 09:12 PM
4 3,048
Okay, here is a question that I have not been able to get answered. My Grandmother, when she was alive made crafts out...
Mar21-12 09:43 PM
1 5,000
So I go into this restaurant, and I got bored. So, I tilt a salt shaker on a sturdy table and let it go.... It...
Mar25-12 08:20 PM
2 3,190
No idea how to embed...but here it is.!
Mar27-12 12:53 AM
0 2,787
Apr24-12 12:22 AM
1 2,732
I usually park in front of this gas station so I don't have to buy a parking pass for my university, which are very...
May4-12 04:05 PM
13 3,200
Do a Google search for "zerg rush"....
Apr28-12 02:14 PM
3 2,556
Haha this is pretty awesome
May5-12 12:42 AM
2 2,100
Here's the puzzle: Now, I did this fairly quickly with the right tools(another use for...
May12-12 09:09 AM
2 2,809
Game time! As the NBA Semis are rolling on, make your bets as to who you think is going to win this year. This...
May19-12 02:08 AM
0 1,860
So we have been struggling to defeat the google image searcher. This seems to work ...
Jun5-12 02:09 PM
3 3,879
So, we all know that we're a bunch of nerds here at physics forums so at least a handful of you guys must have at some...
May19-12 03:44 PM
0 2,600
Found this awesome game and its sequel. ...
Jun6-12 05:36 AM
0 2,537
Jun13-12 10:49 PM
2 2,569
What pattern logically completes the sequence (attached file) and why?
Jun15-12 12:20 PM
M Quack
1 2,690

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