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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
humor, jokes, science Sticky Thread Pinned: Science Jokes ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
A wide selection of science humor.
Jul7-14 01:03 AM
787 437,175
riddle A riddle ( 1 2)
You have got two buckets of capacity 3 litres and 5 litres each and a tap. How will you exactly measure out 4 litres...
May15-13 08:02 PM
19 7,451
I've just thought of a way to get the right komi in the game of go. Let 2 programs that plays randomly play each...
May12-13 11:09 AM
0 3,379
Inspired by the song, this little montage I put together collects some very cool science (and science fiction) related...
May6-13 07:28 PM
2 3,842
After participating in so many discussions about QM and GR... I've got strange hobby. Well, the first experiment....
May6-13 05:38 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,355
I came home a bit early today. At one of the intermediate stations, a mother with two children got on. She and one...
May6-13 05:37 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 4,179
...are you ready for the Quidditch World Cup? ...
May6-13 05:31 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,156
This thread has two objectives, to enrich the English language wit a lot of new words and "generate traffic" for PF...
May3-13 05:52 AM
35 8,005
This is a quiz put out on the internet to promote Kevin Dutton's new book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths." A bit of fun,...
Apr28-13 03:28 AM
28 8,526
Okay, this is a game I've played on other forums that I really like. If there's one of these already going on... well,...
Apr21-13 02:27 PM
8,148 831,711
Rules: 1) You can only use three words. 2) You cannot duplicate the previous three words, but the next person...
Apr18-13 06:37 AM
14 3,135
Two impatient people agree to meet up sometime between 3pm and 4 pm, in the era before mobile phones, just near...
Apr16-13 06:36 AM
4 1,331
I thought it would be cool to start a thread with a bunch of interesting logic puzzles, brain teasers, math problems,...
Apr14-13 08:18 PM
7 1,249
In a parallel universe when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he found it to be inhabited by a tribe of humanoids. He...
Apr11-13 01:17 PM
3 1,200
Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham <img...
Apr8-13 09:01 AM
3 1,595
main aim : You have to form a 8 digit number such that the conditions are the ones place stands no of 7's in the...
Apr4-13 03:12 AM
7 1,283
A very good question which i solved a couple of hours back.. Theres a figure i have given. Its a uniform solid...
Mar27-13 09:04 AM
0 2,249
I need help with the following puzzle. Thanks. :smile: Of the following I am none; Mozzarella, Swiss, and...
Mar24-13 12:03 AM
5 3,108
There's an well-known puzzle that goes as follows: You have 12 balls. They look identical, and 11 of them have the...
Mar19-13 07:27 PM
9 2,272
Easy arithmetic problem: x=222,222,222,222,222,222,222^2-222,222,222,222,222,222,221^2 Find x.
Mar11-13 06:18 PM
3 1,376
(1/1-1/6) + (1/2-1/7) + (1/3-1/8)...+(1/95-1/100) This was on the cover of a local paper with the caption "You can't...
Mar10-13 08:22 PM
4 1,043
I'm starting this thread so as to post some tricky questions here.U may also post q's over here. "Really the thing is...
Mar8-13 03:47 PM
Jimmy Snyder
456 308,826
I was playing Fallout New Vegas for the PC and saw some guy wandering the desert who looked so much like "24" actor...
Mar4-13 11:33 PM
1 2,913
Summary is below, here are the original videos. (Also, in case this problem has been posted before, you can show me...
Mar3-13 12:55 PM
20 15,183
Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham <img...
Feb22-13 12:00 PM
3 1,746
Feb22-13 04:29 AM
0 2,325
This is hilarious if you've ever read about "cleansing" diets or "detoxing." ...
Feb14-13 03:40 PM
5 2,970
There are 9 jars of jellybeans, 8 of these jars contain jelly beans with a mass 1 gram, one jar contains j beans with...
Feb3-13 01:51 PM
20 2,940
I'm curious as to what all the science lovers on physics forums like to listen to. Feel free to throw in whatever...
Jan29-13 03:24 AM
17 7,223
Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham ...
Jan27-13 10:55 PM
3 2,086
Ok, I have two (kinda cheating) "Dear Mr. President, there are too many states nowadays. Please, eliminate three....
Jan23-13 07:18 PM
Number Nine
28 11,691
A boy died with a roap tied in the neck and lied down (both body and roap) in the water in the room . Things in the...
Jan18-13 05:58 AM
4 965
Three logical individuals, Amy, Bob and Carol, sit in a circle wearing Christmas hats. Each hat has a number on it so...
Jan13-13 07:08 AM
20 2,020
Jan12-13 05:16 AM
0 2,813
Since my fluorescent source it at the shop for repairs, I took the opportunity to set up a proper macro imaging setup....
Jan8-13 03:33 PM
Andy Resnick
53 17,984
I'll name a username and you have to name a username which starts with the alphabetical letter that my username ends...
Dec31-12 02:28 PM
I like Serena
16 4,562
This came to me when I was lying awake in bed at night. Consider a biologically immortal person (meaning not...
Dec28-12 11:08 AM
5 1,293
Hi guys! When I was about 6-7 years old (around 1993-1994), I used to play to some DOS games in my aunt's house. I've...
Dec24-12 05:08 PM
2 2,880
Woohoo, a brand new forum to post in! Just thought it didn't feel quite right without this here. So in the tradition...
Dec23-12 12:09 PM
3,428 336,234
Puzzles like the following(they are actually programming questions) :- How do you solve such puzzles? Since...
Dec18-12 09:18 AM
1 1,669
Hi all, what sort of physics/mathematics related humor do you enjoy? Be it comics, TV shows, humorous books, music......
Dec4-12 09:23 AM
1 2,631

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