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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
There is this girl that I am interested in. We have talked at school over the last couple of months. Should i ask...
Jul26-14 07:29 AM
42 7,208
I got free movie coupons and is it a big deal to use them? or it just plain wrong? Im a guy btw straight.
Jul7-14 01:24 PM
27 11,913
I'm a huge dork and very socially anxious. I have a hard time approaching women, but fortunately I am quite...
Jul7-14 11:51 AM
54 23,799
So I just got back up to school after spending a week back home with my girlfriend. We had no fights nor arguments,...
Jun29-14 03:40 AM
37 8,259
what kind of people should a math and physics date? Should we just date anyone we can get our hands on? I guess I...
Jun25-14 06:24 AM
34 5,331
I'm 25. I can't speak english very well but i will try to explain my problem. When i started high school i met a very...
Jun24-14 06:03 PM
1 1,531
My boyfriend is a great boyfriend. He constantly tells me that I'm pretty, texts me often, is affectionate, always...
Jun19-14 01:33 PM
66 41,688
So basically I'm wondering if any of you guys find small talk annoying. I'm still in high school, where interpersonal...
Jun18-14 01:13 AM
4 1,698
Hopefully by now a few of you may have seen me stumbling around the forums and I just wanted to get some opinons from...
Jun10-14 10:30 AM
54 21,143
This may be kinda long, but I have to get this off my chest and possibly find some answers. So bless you if you...
May31-14 06:15 PM
16 2,112
Hey. I am dealing with a weird problem now a days… When I was younger I was really into solving problems, math,...
May30-14 10:33 PM
1 1,657
i am now currently studying for jee advanced 2014.I dont have the required study materials in hard i am using...
May30-14 10:12 AM
20 5,353
I have this professor who teaches literature who I find myself immensely attracted to. Now to put this into context,...
May22-14 09:22 AM
15 3,655
I'm a bit curious about this. To make the poll a bit more scientific (:tongue:), let's use a common definition of...
May17-14 05:13 PM
13 2,552
Which, I have no problem getting a roommate, but there are a few things that bother me about this situation. 1)...
May17-14 05:11 PM
55 23,218
I have this fear of meeting the person's family that i am dating. This fear is so strong that it has kept me from...
May2-14 12:03 AM
13 2,437
I'm a new member, and i want to make friends because i don't have friends here
Apr27-14 05:36 PM
13 5,760
Successful stories? Anyone? I have one, but kinda an accident: When I was young in highschool, there was this...
Apr27-14 04:34 PM
Ozlem Firat
85 42,699
Our family is at the stage where me and my sibling are finding jobs and are gradually moving out since the positions...
Apr27-14 09:59 AM
jim hardy
11 2,244
Ok so I go to high school, and as you know a lot of students there want to look "cool" and be "popular", the amount of...
Apr25-14 04:16 PM
16 4,067
Hi, I'm 17 years old and I attend college. I have an English class twice a week. Mostly males attend my class and I am...
Mar31-14 11:00 PM
jim hardy
9 2,703
How do you get someone off your mind, I mean I try not to think about this person but they still come up in my mind.
Mar30-14 08:28 PM
7 2,597
well a few months ago me and one of my rude idiotic friend had a fight.he knocked my head and i fell down and got...
Mar20-14 01:38 PM
1 2,549
Ever have someone start waving enthusiastically at you, followed by them skipping over and proclaiming "HI! I really...
Mar12-14 06:55 PM
53 17,914
This discussion is meant to be along the lines of ,...
Mar12-14 02:47 AM
38 21,533
Hello. I am in need of anonymous, unbiased, 3rd party internet advice. :) How do you know when it is time to say...
Mar9-14 04:33 PM
12 6,410
I just recently got rejected by this Christian girl. She said she couldn't date someone who did not follow God. What...
Mar4-14 12:30 PM
34 9,748
Background -- 18 year old guy, just started uni, currently single. A couple of years ago in high-school, a girl in...
Feb21-14 07:34 PM
16 5,085
I was wondering should I date as an undergrad or wait till I go to grad school, Or wait till I am done with school....
Feb3-14 06:12 AM
22 8,446
Hello all, so I recently broke up with my girl of a year and so ive been trying to go on dates. I went on a kind of...
Feb3-14 03:15 AM
9 3,574
So I'm in my final year of high school and there's this girl I think is cute and would like to get to know. However we...
Feb3-14 03:09 AM
36 10,898
For little more than a year now, I have been patiently pursuing a woman; and while I cannot say that I'm utterly...
Jan19-14 11:55 PM
16 3,989
Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating...
Jan19-14 01:55 AM
13 3,955
Humans are generally socially interactive. There are a variety of relationships in which one can be involved, e.g.,...
Jan11-14 02:12 PM
6 3,271
Has anyone here read "The Game" by Neil Strauss? In the book, Neil Strauss writes how he went from a nerd to a...
Jan2-14 09:33 PM
29 15,164
Hey guys, I'm having a difficult time over here. I think that my friend is going to drop out of grad school; he really...
Nov23-13 10:37 AM
1 3,934
I recently decided to message a girl that I like on Facebook. It went well; the best part was she was asking questions...
Nov9-13 05:23 PM
22 12,270
Hi every one,I have a problem and I want you to help me 4 years ago I had a boy friend and I was in a relation ship...
Nov7-13 09:59 AM
84 20,311
I might as well start from the beginning here. My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for a little over 6...
Oct16-13 01:35 PM
16 6,167
So yesterday I was at a party and a situation still bothers me, I was wondering how others would deal with it....
Sep30-13 10:59 PM
36 18,588

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