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- Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
i have a friend, her mother is my neighbor, she is constantly at her moms, but never walks over to my place, but hits...
Mar11-10 09:33 AM
0 1,384
For any of us who've ever been involved in substance abuse issues*, just take a couple of days. No, wait. Take...
Nov7-10 06:44 AM
0 941
hello. I just would like to share with you all a music video i made from a kids book i wrote as part of my masters...
Feb3-12 05:29 PM
0 2,412
ahah, please, don't let the title offend you, I have plenty of friends where I live. What I am trying to say is I am...
Apr29-13 02:35 AM
0 2,700
The Western world seems very reliant on "going out" - not just to have a good time, but to test marriageability. Are...
Sep7-09 12:47 AM
1 1,121
I was listening to this song earlier today and realized that it actually sums up my beliefs about the nature of...
Jan11-10 06:49 PM
1 3,554
Perhaps I was mistaken. Then again, I thought I was beginning to love her. Perhaps I was mistaken about that, too....
Nov7-10 07:41 AM
1 1,568
In "Surely Your Joking MR.Feynman" chapter You Just Ask Them? There's a part with much contraverse, where he acts...
Aug5-11 10:09 PM
1 2,879
So I asked out my first girl today (first yes. Im in 9th grade.) I was at a party with my friend, and he dared me to...
Dec19-11 06:50 AM
1 3,124
never thought i would be posting here, but how many good apps out there on the android market place cater to...
Aug17-12 04:09 PM
1 1,931
Hey guys, I'm having a difficult time over here. I think that my friend is going to drop out of grad school; he really...
Nov23-13 10:37 AM
1 4,544
well a few months ago me and one of my rude idiotic friend had a fight.he knocked my head and i fell down and got...
Mar20-14 01:38 PM
1 3,093
Hey. I am dealing with a weird problem now a days… When I was younger I was really into solving problems, math,...
May30-14 10:33 PM
1 2,233
I'm 25. I can't speak english very well but i will try to explain my problem. When i started high school i met a very...
Jun24-14 06:03 PM
1 2,083
Baby don't, hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. jpN60KKBAjc
Jun21-10 02:12 AM
hager mahdy
2 1,638
So last night me and my girlfriend went to a college party. The atmosphere was basically one like a club. Anyway, we...
Mar27-10 12:58 PM
2 1,727
this certainly mostly applies to 2 year colleges. (Not sure about 4 year colleges) When the semester first starts...
Apr27-10 05:48 AM
2 1,238
All right, let me start off by briefly noting that the last major encounter with the opposite sex I've had in terms of...
Apr29-10 05:19 PM
2 1,421
I have become very alone in PF.i need some friends.would anybody like to be my friend? please be my friend.
Oct11-10 10:22 PM
2 1,876
The Distracted Student The function equals this-and-that value point zero zero five. The numbers are so...
Oct13-11 11:25 AM
2 2,422
This is one of those things (too many of them) that I have been thinking about... Ever since I school I have always...
Sep29-11 12:43 AM
2 2,833
We were talking about age discrimination on the job the other morning. I asked my wife if there were any older people...
Nov24-11 08:23 PM
2 2,051
We don't have a Random Thoughts For Relationships thread - nor do we need one! But if we did, I'd post this in it: ...
Feb2-13 12:14 AM
2 2,779
Hey everybody, My friend is in graduate school and has been having problems with his adviser. Let me back up a bit...
Sep14-13 10:54 AM
2 3,089
I'm going to see my girlfriend for the first time since the summer began. Any ideas for a nerdy thing to do when I...
Aug12-14 08:25 PM
jim hardy
2 353
Just found this link in another forum I participate in. Just hilarious what people are willing to do to make a few...
Nov15-03 09:15 AM
3 2,850
This is probably going to come across as stereotyping in some way but it's not intended. I am just wondering if...
Dec10-10 05:07 PM
3 1,540
If someone asks me what the area of a circle is, should I respond: (1) pi*r^2 (2) As a circle in the plane is...
Jan28-11 03:42 PM
Jimmy Snyder
3 1,944
Hi guys, So I'm still an undergrad so this doesnt quite affect me yet, but it was something i was thinking about:...
Feb2-11 08:42 PM
3 2,269
I have found this to be a very bad idea. First, someone may not want to give a link to their website which has a...
Aug12-11 01:57 PM
3 3,486
I've found a closed topic related to this: Still, I...
Dec25-11 08:55 AM
3 2,749
How do I convert a word or name to math symbols? E.g. the letter N can be converted to ℕ (all natural numbers), the...
May15-12 08:49 AM
3 3,604
Here's a story: A guy went through all the usual drama in elementary school and high school, and then went to...
May28-12 09:24 PM
Simon Bridge
3 3,211
If you do, see what you're in for if you break up: Till death of cell phone contract do us part
Oct5-12 06:32 PM
3 3,002
It seems like there are more females in astrophysics than in physics. But how does the ratio play out in grad school?...
Jun29-10 02:50 PM
AUK 1138
4 3,283
I've been thinking about this situation for a while. I know this is long, and I've tried write it in the most...
Jul12-10 01:54 PM
AUK 1138
4 1,958
ok i need to warn you people im stupid..i really cant do math, i cant do long division. i just feel all cold and...
Nov11-11 06:44 AM
4 4,014
Have you got a huge crush on someone before? You sure did, but have you got this feeling so strong that you thought...
Apr10-12 07:43 PM
4 3,588
First a little background. I'm about to start my third year of college as a physics major. I don't really date much...
Jul20-12 05:58 PM
4 2,265
Simply this is the story. I like to talk about physics. Almost always. Argue with my friends about various theories...
Nov9-12 09:34 AM
4 3,046

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