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- Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
If your sister or best friend came home and said, "I'm married. He asked me yesterday and we went to city hall to got...
Dec14-12 01:07 PM
13 3,362
Caring is a good positive sign of kindness, kind people care about other people, but why ? does it necessarily mean...
Dec7-12 04:30 AM
Simon Bridge
12 3,597
This weekend, I plan to spend Saturday with my girlfriend who I haven't seen in a while. We're planning to spend it...
Dec4-12 06:56 AM
6 3,155
Hello guys well first of all i would like to introduce myself since i am new around here, my name is "Saad" (yes...
Dec4-12 06:43 AM
12 3,758
I feel really ridiculous asking for help online like this, but I don't have anyone to ask whose position is impartial,...
Nov20-12 03:26 AM
16 4,977
The last 2 months have drastically changed my life. After an turbulent sequence of events I admitted myself to the...
Nov18-12 11:05 AM
5 3,234
Near the end of July, it was the last day of term so I took my chances and I asked a girl in my chemistry class if she...
Nov18-12 03:39 AM
11 4,686
We used to work with one other for 3-4 months, but we didn't talk to each other much. He never starts a conversation...
Nov17-12 12:44 AM
9 2,969
Let's turn the tables for a second: what qualities do 'nerdy' boys like in girls? I love 'nerdy' boys and I'm very...
Nov13-12 01:43 PM
824 275,752
there is a guy in lab and he's the most amazing guy ever... I've never met anyone like him. he is the most calm...
Nov9-12 06:24 PM
39 7,668
Simply this is the story. I like to talk about physics. Almost always. Argue with my friends about various theories...
Nov9-12 09:34 AM
4 2,947 I made a poll but it...
Nov8-12 05:17 AM
22 7,271
I am really into women who are into physics. I like them because I think they are really smart and they can comprehend...
Nov8-12 12:01 AM
5 3,775
This Is kind of a long story. So right before the school year started, me and this girl talked all the time. I...
Nov7-12 09:29 PM
52 7,583
Hi Physics, Math and science people!! What is the scientific reason for feeling lonely? I want to get rid of...
Nov2-12 12:30 AM
23 693
I recently found out that my girlfriend of a year has cheated on me a few months ago and then lied to my face about...
Oct28-12 12:29 AM
22 4,975
So I am a physics major...This isn't relevant, just thought I'd mention as much. Anyway, after feeling a bit lonely in...
Oct27-12 09:59 PM
10 3,086
I have been with this girl for 7 years, and known her for 12. Things hadn't been completely right for a long time but...
Oct27-12 07:12 PM
23 6,301
I'm a historian, I don't know much about physics. My boyfriend and I are coming up on our 4th anniversary and I want...
Oct24-12 05:00 PM
11 3,393
I'd like to improve my conversational skills - I'm kind of anti-social, and it's dawning on me that I am going to die...
Oct24-12 12:36 AM
10 4,985
Hi guys, this forum has offered me a lot of good advice in the past but this is the first time I have posted in...
Oct20-12 02:58 PM
8 2,192
I recently moved to USA to study. I'm staying in a dorm with a lot of international students and I've made a lot of...
Oct19-12 03:24 AM
11 3,450
If you do, see what you're in for if you break up: Till death of cell phone contract do us part
Oct5-12 06:32 PM
3 2,908
Alright, so my girlfriend and I are planning to go to the Renaissance Fair tomorrow morning. I'd leave my house around...
Sep28-12 12:39 AM
156 29,309
Admittedly, I am not a physics major, mathematician or nerd, but intelligent gentlemen are always attractive to me. I...
Sep27-12 09:36 PM
16 4,427
Just listening to Morrissey and the above line of his got me thinking... certainly one can imagine worse fates in life...
Sep19-12 09:53 PM
12 3,397
Dear PF community, I am here to hear your advice on how/when/where to propose to my girlfriend of 1.5 months. I...
Sep8-12 05:56 PM
25 5,085
Having a boyfriend/girlfriend obviously takes a lot of time. Do you think that one should have a boyfriend/girlfriend...
Sep8-12 01:15 PM
14 7,936
So there is this girl I like. I want to make her love me. Can anyone teach me how to?
Sep8-12 01:12 PM
49 15,160
So the HR girl at my work came by to tell me my phone was ready and told me to go pick it up from the IT department. ...
Sep3-12 11:20 PM
36 6,634
In two weeks I will be attending a new school for a 3-2 engineering program. I began college with the intention of...
Aug26-12 11:31 PM
10 3,453
There's this girl from school that I really liked. Externally, we appear to be be opposites: she's emotive and...
Aug18-12 06:22 AM
11 3,076
never thought i would be posting here, but how many good apps out there on the android market place cater to...
Aug17-12 04:09 PM
1 1,891
Title should be “Accidentally Asked Out Some Far Out of League”. I was in Multivariable Calculus today, and I met a...
Aug12-12 02:29 PM
23 7,197
Has anyone here had experience (as the male) who had a girlfriend that was clearly smarter than them? In my...
Aug11-12 08:09 PM
26 10,806
I'm just wondering does age really matter or is love the only that matters? :shy:
Aug11-12 07:16 PM
28 4,770
It's a simple question that deeply depresses me: Why do girls like guys that lie to them? The sad part is that most of...
Aug5-12 09:27 PM
21 4,155
a girl being out of your league? Usually when I get coffee I will drive through Dutch Bros or Star Bucks. I...
Aug4-12 03:16 PM
7 2,610
Well what do you guys and girls think. Does height play any role in attractiveness, offer any advantages in dating...
Aug2-12 04:11 PM
Jimmy Snyder
47 19,394
First a little background. I'm about to start my third year of college as a physics major. I don't really date much...
Jul20-12 05:58 PM
4 2,222

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