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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
It is my general experience and observation that women are more true and intense lovers than men. Though, I myself am...
Dec17-10 07:41 PM
13 2,052
How long did it take you to get over someone? Was it a crush/infatuation/etc? What was the longest, how did it...
Dec19-10 01:53 AM
45 8,556
Is sex an integral part of love especially when speaking of love between a man and woman? The other day I was thing...
Dec19-10 03:54 PM
41 8,998
Long story short, I met a girl, got her phone number, but not sure I want to call her. We are almost complete...
Dec22-10 07:51 PM
69 7,372
So today i go to work lifeguarding... i step out of the punch in office and this fellow guard took the corner towards...
Dec29-10 03:49 PM
7 2,339
are most of the biosciences majority-female? and are a lot of them receptive to physics students? (seeing that many...
Jan8-11 02:40 PM
4 1,756
DOWNER WARNING One of the most painful parts of growing older has been the loss of family. Perhaps the saddest part...
Jan9-11 12:54 AM
Ivan Seeking
6 1,476
Guys I'm not antisocial or anything. Neither I'm I afraid of people. But I'm in a situation where I have no choice but...
Jan10-11 02:19 PM
68 8,100
Sometimes there's a person that just gives you a certain uneasiness that makes you not want to encourage a friendship....
Jan21-11 02:06 AM
33 4,350
I almost NEVER get approached by guys my age even though I'm a female in physics (there are 2 other girls max in all...
Jan26-11 07:28 PM
137 14,861
...she likes me? If she stared a little into my eyes and I in hers does that mean she likes me a bit or do some...
Jan28-11 10:23 AM
30 5,322
If someone asks me what the area of a circle is, should I respond: (1) pi*r^2 (2) As a circle in the plane is...
Jan28-11 03:42 PM
Jimmy Snyder
3 1,916
Do women find men in wheelchairs attractive?
Jan28-11 04:19 PM
21 6,283
Hi guys, So I'm still an undergrad so this doesnt quite affect me yet, but it was something i was thinking about:...
Feb2-11 08:42 PM
3 2,250
My girlfriend was supposed to move in this Friday. We had planned it for a while and we were both really excited....
Feb4-11 12:51 AM
Math Is Hard
41 3,832
I just saw that relationships is the only part of the entire website without thousands upon thousands of posts....
Feb4-11 07:02 PM
4 1,355
I don't know what do you like? :blushing: Me; Hmmmmmmm depends.
Feb6-11 06:08 AM
7 3,216
I really like this average looking nerdy guy from my college but it is so hard to read his mind. With him, i have to...
Feb8-11 07:17 PM
51 7,855
So i have a crazy liking for smart guys. the nerdy-er the better!! In fact if i could find a guy who also thinks a...
Feb11-11 07:52 PM
physics girl phd
50 6,982
I am looking for a veteran in good working order, some body work is okay but must have solid chassis, i would prefer...
Feb13-11 06:19 PM
6 1,178
I have the view that if a partner really likes/loves her/his love interest, they would not want that person to make...
Feb21-11 04:39 PM
13 1,990
Is it possible to have a good relationship when the two people don't basically agree on politics? Granted, some...
Feb24-11 07:48 PM
8 2,876
How important are appearances (smell, looks et.c.) from a biological standpoint? I heard that the "better looking" the...
Feb25-11 08:23 AM
24 3,164
Lots of guys don't have the confidence to talk to girls, thinking they will be labelled ''creepy'' for just starting a...
Feb25-11 08:55 AM
18 5,213
Does anyone have any suggestions about how to engage someone in a conversation about defensive behaviour? How do you...
Mar5-11 09:03 AM
33 3,739
Lolz too much free time is not good for me. I start thinking about everything! One of the thing I thought about, of...
Mar19-11 12:24 AM
27 3,331
I have a story about something I did for one of my ex-girlfriends. She was raised without getting any real material...
Mar19-11 01:24 AM
21 3,830
I think kippers, would put me off.
Mar22-11 03:27 PM
physics girl phd
23 4,276
friends, i thought i'd share this poem i wrote to my wonderful Arabic wife, Intesar. i just found out that it came...
Mar25-11 01:26 PM
5 1,324
Anyone here ever have anything like that? I'm not the best looking man in the world, but what is this about? I've...
Apr3-11 07:48 AM
34 4,820
My spouse and our son M asked me about work and energy, and they didn't like my circular definition: energy is the...
Apr4-11 05:38 AM
7 1,537
How typical is it that an engineering or science student also has other relatives in their family who are also...
Apr5-11 08:02 AM
68 7,182
There is a fantastic article at WSJ that explores the phenomena where men are generally delaying stereotypical "man"...
Apr6-11 12:47 PM
71 8,081
So lately I changed my sitting arrangement to front row to see the board closer and ended up sitting next to the same...
Apr15-11 05:23 PM
42 5,386
Not sure whether this is a relationship topic, social science, or a bit of both. The title of the thread may also be...
Apr18-11 05:36 PM
28 6,346
!! haha this thread is a bit difficult under the rules - lets try to keep it pg-13!
Apr19-11 02:38 AM
145 26,597
hello everyone i am in my first year in university and i really want to know this girl more but i dont know how so...
Apr19-11 07:10 PM
33 3,068
hey everyone well i just want to know how to solve this problem i asked a really cute girl but she is heart broken...
Apr21-11 08:55 AM
elabed haidar
24 3,278
Between men and women, it seems that the WORST thing a man can be is 创creepy创. You can be a smart guy with a good...
Apr24-11 05:18 AM
26 8,601
I understand why women like tall, muscular, wealthy men, but why do (most) women like bad boys? Countless times we...
Apr24-11 08:52 AM
85 20,978

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