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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Is it ok to have >1 intimate boyfriends at the same time ?
Jun12-03 12:50 PM
7 3,314
This spawns from the Men mars/women venus post, and it reminded me of something I heard being dicussed the other day....
Jul25-03 01:35 AM
4 9,611
Atomic reactor street, Science sector. My dear, It has been a very long time since my senses have exchanged...
Sep4-03 07:24 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
5 2,897
Just found this link in another forum I participate in. Just hilarious what people are willing to do to make a few...
Nov15-03 09:15 AM
3 2,853
so i wanted to know where and how you people have met your boyfriend/girlfriend and where and how you would prefer to...
Nov24-09 11:46 PM
26 3,460
My girlfriend has a large pet white tiger in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft. What should she name it?...
Feb21-05 11:21 PM
54 8,714
That's the question of today. Most of girls I know who have a boyfriend reach such a degree of stupidity never...
Mar6-05 08:58 PM
83 9,798
and then got back together again later. :rofl:
Apr20-05 03:30 AM
20 2,520
Thinking, right now.
Apr24-05 12:21 AM
4 2,055
AAaaaaarrrgh..... If you're in love with someone every time that you're drunk, does that mean that you're definitely...
May5-05 01:43 AM
34 2,620
So I thought about this question, as I'm sure it has came to mind to others before (not that I'm in the process of or...
May5-05 02:28 AM
32 40,301
Here's one of the last thoughts which arised in my mind. I have discovered there is some mathematical logic in the...
May29-05 07:46 PM
fourier jr
15 3,123
Attennnnnnnnn... tion! Rule One: If you pull into my driveway and honk you'd better be delivering a package,...
Jul3-05 01:06 AM
9 16,016
Ok, I've been noticing recently that there seems to be a lot of superficiality in relationships and dating. A while...
Jul26-05 06:52 PM
45 3,523
As some of you may know, I had a little break up with my girlfriend like 5-6 weeks ago. We still talk and are...
Aug9-05 11:14 PM
26 1,875
I went for a date with my girlfriend last sunday to a state of the art restaurant. I asked the waiter to bring 2 cups...
Aug25-05 09:58 AM
7 2,476
what should happen to this kid and his girlfriend?
Nov30-05 03:31 PM
10 5,427
or maybe not, anybody read this story?
Dec30-05 09:12 PM
30 3,167
take the quiz.. it actually creates an account in the process for that dating site (just before it give the answer),...
Feb9-06 03:46 PM
93 9,407
Hi, i am not a physicist, and i am looking for a hypothetical advice here. Suppose a guy has a lot of income...
Feb27-06 02:13 AM
51 13,108
so who was it that posted that freaking quiz on okcupid???!?? i've since become horrible addicted to the site. i'm...
Apr2-06 01:25 PM
79 5,086
The thread about guys rules for women reminded me of this. They are fond of making rules... From:...
May11-06 11:47 AM
17 4,376
Interesting questions a parent never thinks they'll be asked: Would you bail your daughter's boyfriend out of jail?
May26-06 11:08 PM
23 4,744
Zooby suggested i try this, so far i have 20 nubile Russian girls who want to marry an older English man (as Russian...
Jul10-06 05:51 AM
48 4,052
there is a big problem. its another girl problem.. the girl whom i like "respects me". i wanted to come close to her...
Nov2-06 05:14 PM
Math Is Hard
36 3,093
That's a relief, now I don't have to do it. :rolleyes:
Nov16-06 07:59 PM
Robert Mak
6 6,008
This is basically just a survey, I'm not trying to make fun of anyone here. I've done these surveys on some other...
Mar13-07 09:03 PM
59 9,024
I would really love to hear others input on the following. In a nutshell, I dated a girl for 2 years. She broke it...
Apr24-07 06:38 PM
17 2,609
Anybody here ever try online dating? I think it is starting to get more credit from back when it started—people are...
May5-07 02:17 PM
52 6,984
So I'm back dating after a couple years and never realized how much I don't know. I found a really smart woman, PF...
Feb1-08 04:51 PM
60 7,006
My girlfriend of several years is mad I didn't get her anything again. I don't get her anything for holidays ever....
Feb17-08 12:11 AM
19 4,913
Ok, so I have little to no experience with girls. I am the shy and reserved person who struggles to meet people. Some...
Dec15-09 09:19 PM
189 18,765
Hello everyone, I have a strange question. I'm a physics major and I love science and education in general. My life is...
Oct30-09 03:02 PM
12 1,761
If long time friends get into a short term relationship and then break up. The girl finds a new boyfriend but trusts...
Dec1-09 01:05 AM
7 1,581,206529...
Dec11-09 02:31 AM
20 4,320
Hello, in the last couple of days, thoughts about relationships and dating (currently, I am absolutely unactive in...
May8-10 12:05 PM
13 6,138
I'm the nerdy one, so that's why I'm here. Pls bear with me while I tell you the story about my friend. I know...
May24-10 01:06 AM
13 3,085
of the most gorgeous woman who ever sat in my measly car, who ever took me to a bar, who ever danced with me by...
May14-10 11:55 AM
70 9,452
I noticed this forum seems to have a lot of good users, so I thought I might see what people have to say... Before...
Jun4-10 04:27 AM
28 2,919
This is an extension from the plot in Am I being over-protective? If you've forgotten or you haven't read it before...
Jul27-10 10:26 AM
12 2,528

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