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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,825
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 26,097
Italian study finds male tollbooth workers infertile
Apr30-03 02:09 PM
Dissident Dan
3 1,431
I recently stumbled across this: As one might expect, this prompted...
May2-03 12:51 AM
Dissident Dan
36 12,151
I am convinced it will make a huge difference to peace in the middle east if president Bush is prepared to roll up his...
May2-03 02:14 PM
4 1,246
sponser PF for an entire year. eNtRopY
May4-03 06:19 AM
2 1,103
The USA has made a deal with the People's Mujahideen, which was labeled as a terrorist organization by the US State...
May4-03 12:55 PM
11 1,399
Germany and France lukewarmly accepted the USA's new plan for the future of Iraq: ...
May4-03 11:19 PM
24 1,977
Visit almost any European country and you will see that socialist, and in some case communist, parties are part of the...
May5-03 11:07 AM
8 1,768
The Saudi newspaper Arab News had an article about the limites of American democracy. The writer even had something to...
May5-03 01:51 PM
31 2,295
How much relevance does Orwell have today?,12084,948203,00.html ...
May6-03 07:44 AM
4 1,620
Walter Sisulu, former ANC and anti-apartheid leader, has died. Tribute to Walter Sisulu
May6-03 08:21 AM
0 1,411
I've been around here since the last days of PF V1. Since my first days, I have noticed a knee-jerk reaction to...
May6-03 03:31 PM
58 4,433
around my neighborhood, people have jumped on the bandwagon and started tying yellow ribbons around just about...
May6-03 05:15 PM
7 1,443
Here's another case of a Bush administration official making cash while doing business with the 'evil regimes' that...
May6-03 05:24 PM
Dissident Dan
6 1,320
THE SHADOW WAR : EURO VS. DOLLAR Some Indian thinkers are interpreting the U.S.-led attack on Iraq as part of the...
May7-03 07:09 PM
31 2,868
Boycott US products as its only civilized and possible way to stop its drunken walk...
May9-03 12:00 AM
35 2,873
We can look in a dictionary for what patriotism is supposed to mean and yet it's one of those words that seems to have...
May9-03 09:49 AM
22 2,799
For the English language experts: This thread is intended only to determine what right the 2nd amendment to the US...
May9-03 06:12 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
61 4,716
How do you think this will affect the ME? Saudi, Islamic fundamentalist views towards the U.S.? Saudi's human rights...
May10-03 07:38 AM
25 2,249] ...
May10-03 09:15 AM
0 1,531
Senior White House officials have been classying huge sections of the 800-pages report on intelligence leading up to...
May10-03 02:53 PM
Dissident Dan
18 2,097
I am off to spend a computerless year in the Arctic based in a cabin photographing all sorts of Arctic things. See you...
May10-03 07:30 PM
7 1,514
Simple question: can everyone on earth enjoy an affluent western lifestyle or does the affluence of the few depend on...
May11-03 11:21 AM
24 2,105
I find the analysis of the deaths of children about 3/4's of the way down, interesting, as well as tragic. ...
May13-03 05:50 AM
67 6,101
May17-03 03:58 AM
Dissident Dan
19 2,129
Madness...madness, I tell you.
May17-03 09:57 AM
13 1,638
Does anyone have any answers to any of these besides shortsightedness or incompetence? Is any of it gonna matter at...
May17-03 02:33 PM
15 1,173
Redistrcting is a tried and true method for an incumbent majority party to try to maintain this majority. It involves...
May18-03 11:14 PM
6 1,069
The role of the far right in Israel came up in an earlier thread, and I just saw this related bit in the news -- I...
May18-03 11:22 PM
54 3,872
This is from a question time style interview I attended with a Sheik, whose name I both choose not to reveal, and...
May19-03 07:59 PM
19 1,639
May19-03 11:45 PM
4 1,958
(This is partially a joke. But if any government officials are reading, consider this a freebie from the famous FZ...
May20-03 09:24 AM
11 1,415
i read in the paper today that bush is worth something like 10 million dollars. and this is made up mostly of stocks...
May21-03 12:57 PM
Dissident Dan
26 2,457
...and no more military, police, fire departments, public schools, road construction. No more damned government...
May21-03 07:02 PM
9 1,436
*** oops, I put "" in the title, when it should have been "" (a parody site). Can anyone...
May21-03 08:33 PM
Tom Mattson
3 1,144
Should anyone entering public service, in any capacity, renounce and sever all religious affiliations? (The idea...
May22-03 11:59 AM
Dissident Dan
2 1,307
May23-03 08:40 AM
16 2,193
You know the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well, I've been thinking about that today,...
May23-03 12:58 PM
2 2,483
As of this previous weekend, Russia had plans to carry out this week a mock nuclear attack on the USA and Britain: ...
May23-03 01:23 PM
John MacNeil
10 1,818
Did Bill Clinton dodge the draft? What exactly did he do, and what do you find wrong with what he did? Please back...
May23-03 04:28 PM
19 2,062
As a strong supporter of human equality, for many years I had supported the idea that all social welfare is good. ...
May24-03 12:55 AM
19 7,452

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