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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 21,133
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 20,597
You know it sure seems like the current socio-economic system is flawed. 50% of the world lives under 2 dollars a...
Apr9-09 08:47 PM
32 2,413
I personally don't know much about the Bilderberg group or to what extent they affect world events but I'm curious...
Jan27-10 01:10 AM
Ivan Seeking
19 3,362
Why can't every country make an 'Atom Bomb' ? Everyone knows that we require a fissionable material and an explosive....
Dec20-10 11:23 AM
53 4,767
I was out at a laundrymat today sitting on a bench near a guy who was reading the paper. He put it down in disgust and...
Dec15-05 10:33 AM
20 1,394
Mar15-10 04:42 PM
13 1,605
May26-12 09:53 PM
127 8,635
A guy I met who had served in the US Military in Iraq told me the following unbelievable story: in Iraq, he claimed, a...
May29-12 11:21 PM
30 3,151
I thought this was a very interesting development in the Syrian situation: ...
Oct21-12 03:58 PM
52 5,977 By...
Feb10-14 09:51 PM
21 2,075
I'm not sure why but I was under the impression that the USA currently didn't have any soldiers captured by Taliban...
Mar3-10 04:09 PM
44 3,450 These guys are crazy, they legit believe that they are...
Mar30-10 06:42 PM
12 1,171 Another site with...
May10-10 09:25 PM
41 3,775
So in the other thread which has now been locked for being dragged off topic continuously (I guess it was easier to...
Jun11-10 07:46 PM
123 8,548
This came up in the Guns thread so I guess I should just make a new thread. I can't stand by while people talk about...
Sep26-10 07:34 PM
19 2,218 There was over 100 terabytes of...
Sep4-11 05:20 AM
34 5,970 What is all this nonsense about what 'we' are going to do...
Sep12-05 03:33 PM
11 2,044
Zimbabwe is a beautiful country in southern africa and its main neighbour is South Africa. This small country used be...
Aug29-08 08:30 PM
50 6,529
Compromise? Anybody Smell a deal soon? This is not very surprising, I guess it's early sign of a deal been cooked..
Feb28-07 04:52 PM
Schrodinger's Dog
11 1,570
Can someone please state that difference between the two. To me they seem to blur together.
Dec8-03 06:24 AM
40 22,364
incase anyone cares. The bump in the night that the crew of the International space station heard was that of a leak,...
Nov28-03 12:26 AM
2 1,595
When did the shift happen, exactly? Was it in the between when American officials showed support for him, and when...
Apr11-03 02:24 PM
68 3,542
I am not sure what I am all about on this one, so bear with me... I think we should be careful about making...
Apr6-03 11:13 PM
15 1,179
I read about the Surpreme Court rulling agaisnt two types of cross-burnings; those on private property, and those that...
Apr10-03 01:20 PM
14 2,772
Ok, boys and girls... Say you had it to do over. How would you build a 'perfect' society, ignoring modern foreign...
Apr27-03 08:57 PM
17 5,120
I've been around here since the last days of PF V1. Since my first days, I have noticed a knee-jerk reaction to...
May6-03 03:31 PM
58 4,213
Do we have to keep hearing about him, especially as some sort of 'defense' for Bush?
Apr30-03 09:08 AM
46 3,123
Here's another case of a Bush administration official making cash while doing business with the 'evil regimes' that...
May6-03 05:24 PM
Dissident Dan
6 1,251
May17-03 03:58 AM
Dissident Dan
19 2,027
And I'm not talking about the ones I simply disagree with, either! I'm talking about people like Ann Coulter, who...
Nov30-03 10:24 AM
33 3,804
America seems to be at a crossroads. Us Americans say 'United we stand', even as certain people seek to make this...
Jun27-03 01:43 AM
26 2,757
How do you define it?
Sep2-03 05:39 AM
33 3,303
Hmmmm...ok, I decided to start a thread about this whole thing with the Big Fat Idiot in the media, because it manages...
Oct27-03 07:15 AM
17 2,688
Anyone? And, to simplify, I could prefer that we start with one claim, post some links, and figure out that one before...
Nov19-03 08:17 PM
87 11,619
Just something to think about.Those politicians who are against 'entitlement' programs, are also against funding...
Nov19-03 12:15 AM
24 2,334
This is not a conspiracy theory, just so you know. This is all based on the truth of how American government works....
Nov15-03 08:08 PM
24 4,790
Just something I found interesting, from Paul Krugman: I think this is an important point, when discussing the...
Nov17-03 12:13 PM
21 1,903
WTF is this nonsense?!? *grins* The Religious Right has really gone off the deep end this time. Why in the name of...
Nov16-03 04:07 PM
0 1,242
I criticized Bush...therefore I am providing aid and comfort to the enemy(in that same moronic 2nd grade way that a...
Dec8-03 12:17 PM
60 3,698
Hmmmm....ran across this phrase in the political poll that kat posted. I don't think that is an unworthy goal, does...
Dec13-03 03:49 PM
57 3,176
...say anything about murder?
Dec27-03 05:41 AM
12 1,828

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