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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,013
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 23,964
Why do people tend to gripe about wallstreet is evil, government is evil, corporation is evil, welfare recipients are...
May16-12 07:08 PM
17 2,851
Pity they all aren't that dumb.
May15-12 08:21 PM
10 2,666
We've had threads on Gingrich and Paul -- so I thought I'd start one on Romney, since he seems, arguably, the most...
May14-12 08:54 PM
735 41,550
He has the most experience as president with the current political atmosphere.
May14-12 12:58 PM
464 27,150 Short version. One of five...
May12-12 12:07 PM
8 2,104
Im also not convinced hes a paranoid schizophrenic. When i first heard about the diagnosis, my first thought was that...
May10-12 10:41 PM
2 2,469
Copied from the OWS May Day protest thread... This is a very common argument on here and I've seen it in other...
May9-12 06:54 PM
65 8,487
What is ''the mission'' in Afghanistan? What do supporters of the war imagine will be achieved by 5 or 10 more years...
May9-12 05:48 PM
71 10,671
Is it the presence of China? Or unconfirmed reports of nuclear weapons (The likes of which can't reach US AFAIK)? Or...
May9-12 02:06 AM
23 3,508
For his victims? Nope. He remained calm, impassive during the 30 minutes bare recount of the horrific damage he made...
May7-12 09:53 AM
32 3,776
In recent weeks the relationship between Argentina and Britain has gone sour again over the disputed Falkland Islands....
May4-12 10:16 AM
31 5,786 ...
May3-12 07:45 PM
11 2,975
It appears that not only has illegal immigration of Mexicans to the US sharply decreased, Mexicans are also returning...
May2-12 09:25 PM
13 2,243
One of the great benefits for me during discussions and debates here on Physics Forums, Politics & World Affairs...
May1-12 12:27 PM
1 1,389
Some claim the United States should act as the world’s policeman and maintain that doing so is a “Moral Imperative”. ...
Apr28-12 03:39 PM
29 4,902
Breivik used as an example of what he regarded as insidious Marxist indoctrination in Norwegian schools that children...
Apr27-12 04:25 AM
0 1,013
Considering the current controversy in Florida over the death of a minor and what defense the killer may (or may not)...
Apr25-12 04:14 PM
92 9,584
Unfortunately, my home state is once again attacking science with a bill designed to teach the controversy. The full...
Apr25-12 03:20 PM
164 13,532
There are a few threads already on Gingrich, but here's one on his candidacy for president in 2012. Apparently...
Apr25-12 01:27 PM
109 10,236
During the WWII the Manhatten Project developed nuclear weapons from scratch in about four years. With much of the...
Apr24-12 11:56 PM
55 5,983
Enjoy the day We will join up today with a bunch of our community to clean up the parks and stream banks in our...
Apr24-12 05:05 PM
3 1,467
Anyone heard about this yet? Work Act: I'm curious what peoples thoughts on this are.
Apr19-12 05:49 AM
8 1,903 ...
Apr18-12 06:53 PM
17 3,239
Unprecedented in Norwegian practice, a second psychiatric commission was set up to evaluate ABBs sanity after a...
Apr17-12 12:25 AM
17 2,519
Another of the current frontrunners in the GOP race. Anything you want to say about Santorum. Would you vote for...
Apr11-12 05:19 AM
492 28,582
What is the theory behind dividing human society into Countries and States? Do the taxes collected from people on a...
Apr11-12 03:31 AM
7 2,206
I was reading "The Original Constitution", by Robert G. Natelson. The work assesses Constitution and Bill of Rights in...
Apr8-12 12:42 PM
jim hardy
70 6,840
As of today, here is how the known delegates have been dealt out. Of course there are more delegates to be had, so I...
Apr6-12 03:10 PM
32 3,795
Has anyone seen this yet? It's really funny! Quantum theory of Mitt Romney.
Apr2-12 02:01 PM
9 2,976
My rule for presidential elections is: If the economy is well, voters will support the empowered party. If the...
Apr1-12 11:21 PM
3 1,690
Mar31-12 06:49 PM
20 3,057
What should the role of government be in the United States? I've been reading a book with some suggested answers to...
Mar27-12 11:02 PM
24 3,964
Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains lobbying very well: ...
Mar25-12 10:55 PM
18 4,504
Our minister of Health is trying to speed through an amendment in our law on mental health care so that it becomes law...
Mar24-12 03:22 PM
2 1,779
Hi! This is my first time posting here, although I have been browsing several posts for some months now. I appreciate...
Mar21-12 01:37 PM
18 3,383
I was wondering -- what are the chances of someone getting away with an EMP attack? What measures is the US taking to...
Mar20-12 10:33 PM
28 18,786
I've been thinking about starting this thread for almost a week, as the intensity of the situation in Syria has been...
Mar19-12 08:06 AM
61 16,216
Unbeknownst to ABB, he placed his van in Oslo at a spot directly above an empty, underground car park. Just a few...
Mar19-12 06:58 AM
0 1,609
your vote... might not count?
Mar19-12 02:27 AM
94 7,394
Is anyone aware a good forum do as/discuss economy issues? Something like this one, but with the theme economy. ...
Mar18-12 04:00 PM
2 2,089

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