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New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 21,253
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 20,714
I mean, a dead guy beat with a rock and rape. That's vile, that's torture.That is what I'm assuming all the fuss is...
May28-04 07:03 AM
78 4,178
I'm surprised. Yes, Israel's activities are basically the same as we saw from NAZI Germany prior to WW2. But I...
May27-04 08:13 AM
13 1,483
I canít understand why most people on the far left, intellectuals and liberal Jews are opposed to the war on...
May27-04 05:05 AM
46 2,820
Taken from The Daily Telegraph And the actual newspaper states So, thoughts people. Should we be...
May26-04 05:28 PM
jimmy p
1 1,185
Found through Google. This site covers 163 U.S. interventions throughout the world. From 1801-2004 Flash player...
May26-04 02:07 AM
1 914 Well, there you have it. They may...
May25-04 06:41 PM
24 2,286
After scanning these post, it is obvious that much of the world is (rightfully) against the war in Iraq and are also...
May25-04 02:36 PM
22 2,026
The USA is constantly claimed to be selfish, despite the result of 'selfish' acts being HIGHLY positive for others...
May25-04 01:12 PM
21 1,812
Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up' One of the things you can't say about General Anthony Zinni is that he is not well...
May25-04 12:39 PM
1 957
Gun battles erupt in Rafah as Sharon unveils revised Gaza withdrawal plan ...
May25-04 04:11 AM
18 2,027
:cry: :cry: :cry: It really angers ! The poor fellow was an innocent worker; openminded, not putting down the...
May24-04 09:41 PM
5 933
I was sent the following by a friend. Interesting information - Smedley Butler on Interventionism -- Excerpt...
May24-04 09:36 PM
Robert Zaleski
12 1,215 It's genocide folks, and the great satan is the only country willing...
May24-04 06:22 PM
14 1,114
A rather interesting article by one Doctor Toine Van Teeffele.
May24-04 02:56 PM
5 855
Well, with the revelation of the Abu Ghraib, among other things, sympathies and disgust are reeling forth from around...
May24-04 08:29 AM
4 884
I guess it's not really news. Under Project Paperclip, NAZI scientists were taken in by England, Russia, USA,...
May24-04 08:20 AM
14 1,742
Anosognosia (lack of insight). Delusions of grandeur. Martyr complex. Autotheism. Dissociation. ...
May24-04 06:36 AM
33 2,125
Every news agency seems to be carrying this story. Everyone except the USA says it happened. The USA says it never...
May24-04 03:40 AM
43 3,227
Sure. Penalise the guy for refusing to take part in illegal actions.
May23-04 03:01 AM
24 1,615
See this Newsday article.. If true, this sure makes fools out of the Bush administration.
May22-04 04:54 PM
3 1,192 They even managed to hurt more of their "own...
May22-04 11:04 AM
9 1,159
What is your view of the Al Jazeera agency? Note: Please justify your position.
May22-04 10:55 AM
4 931
They seem to be going out of their way to provide fuel for the anti-Bush folks.
May22-04 10:53 AM
8 1,024
This reminds me of an interview I saw once. A reporter had film of the IDF shooting an 89 year old woman, killing...
May22-04 10:19 AM
2 997
Well, if the religious books say it's okay...
May22-04 06:31 AM
16 2,442
Well... He's certainly direct.
May21-04 08:12 PM
46 3,372
Taken from a decent source The Daily Telegraph
May21-04 07:24 PM
jimmy p
0 1,102
The chap appears to be okay, which is some good news from Iraq at last.
May21-04 07:15 PM
jimmy p
4 1,029
Worse and worse.
May21-04 03:20 PM
7 1,428
I was channel surfing and came upon Special Report with Brit Hume, and it was the segment where he talks to 3 other...
May20-04 08:26 PM
2 1,103
Since I only really post in this forum, this is only appropriate here. Please, take this as notice I never meant to...
May20-04 08:08 PM
34 2,037
:frown: :rofl: :eek: :cry: :zzz: :surprise: :biggrin: :tongue2: :shy: :confused: :devil: :grumpy: ...
May20-04 06:40 PM
0 830
Woohoo! Go you patriots! Fight for freedom, justice, and the American way!
May20-04 05:06 PM
0 1,130 Good Job to the EU for standing ground on true human rights and...
May20-04 03:36 PM
21 2,037
Bush and Hezbollah condemn beheading A Kinder...
May20-04 09:30 AM
11 1,160
The IDF is a vile organisation.
May20-04 09:28 AM
41 3,115
The Bush administration was bracing itself last night for the release of new pictures and video footage from Abu...
May20-04 09:18 AM
52 5,472
The IDF and the Israeli government need to be exterminated.
May20-04 07:37 AM
31 2,070
Eisenhower saw what could happen and tried to motivate us to monitor these guys. his speech:...
May20-04 06:45 AM
33 2,305
Something occurred to me tonight as I watched the latest on the Iraq situation. I am just passing this on as some wild...
May20-04 06:28 AM
1 1,017

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