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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,694
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,476 If I did my job as badly as Tenet did his, I would...
Jun4-04 08:11 PM
15 2,596
Simple question but would like some response to it. A couple days back I was watching MTV News and they covered a...
Jun4-04 07:19 PM
jimmy p
7 3,371
"This is supposed to be an all-volunteer military," said Jessica Salamon, who has been to therapy and has seen her...
Jun4-04 06:51 PM
16 1,827
A simple question: Do you trust the word of John Howard? This is the first PM to be hit with a vote of no...
Jun3-04 01:33 PM
12 1,392
Check the photos! Al-Qaeda said almost ready to attack United States ...
Jun3-04 10:00 AM
jimmy p
7 1,298
Get active Americans! Let Dr DAN Speak! Grant him immunity in front of a Congressional Hearing! (IT WILL BE A...
Jun3-04 09:40 AM
4 2,498
Terrorism is defined as the use of violence, torture, or physical intimidation by a group or organization as a means...
Jun2-04 03:43 PM
5 1,362
Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto...
Jun2-04 01:41 PM
22 3,842
It turns out that Australia's military has observers involved with the USA-run prisons in Iraq, and knew what was...
Jun2-04 01:55 AM
0 1,306
SB 89 and HR 163 are pushing for the draft and expected to come into play, if they are passed, in January 2005. I'm...
Jun1-04 11:35 AM
50 4,227
Jun1-04 04:36 AM
9 1,529
I weary of pointing out the obvious, but who do you think is profiteering from the “War On Terror”? Is it the State of...
Jun1-04 01:25 AM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
2 1,184
Anyone else think the warning is just to cover their butts just in case something happens to happen over the summer....
May31-04 03:32 PM
16 1,707
A simple question. Do you trust the word/publicity of the USA government?
May31-04 10:53 AM
25 2,217
May31-04 12:21 AM
127 12,780
NFL Football star Pat Tillman, who gave up millions by turning down a contract with the Arizona Cardinals, because he...
May30-04 08:47 PM
Robert Zaleski
2 821
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEBT = $24,470.04 PER PERSON, and rising. This means a family of four (4) shares more than...
May30-04 07:16 PM
22 2,137
I'm not quite sure why, but there seems to remain some lack of comprehension regarding POWs. Thus I supply again this...
May28-04 05:01 PM
9 1,145
Well that did not take long considering the size of Iraq. "BAGHDAD, Iraq — A roadside bomb containing sarin nerve...
May28-04 05:00 PM
36 2,952
Dear gentlemen, I am a fifteen-year-old who will be attending a legislative simulation this June; in this...
May28-04 12:53 PM
17 69,954
Quote from The Daily Telegraph The 11 charges are.... 1/ Conspiracy to take hostages between Dec 23 and Dec...
May28-04 09:24 AM
Robert Zaleski
1 932
I see no real urgency for a draft, but should N Korea fire up, or China attacked Taiwan, that would certainly change...
May28-04 08:44 AM
8 1,321
I mean, a dead guy beat with a rock and rape. That's vile, that's torture.That is what I'm assuming all the fuss is...
May28-04 07:03 AM
78 4,391
I'm surprised. Yes, Israel's activities are basically the same as we saw from NAZI Germany prior to WW2. But I...
May27-04 08:13 AM
13 1,577
I can’t understand why most people on the far left, intellectuals and liberal Jews are opposed to the war on...
May27-04 05:05 AM
46 2,932
Taken from The Daily Telegraph And the actual newspaper states So, thoughts people. Should we be...
May26-04 05:28 PM
jimmy p
1 1,326
Found through Google. This site covers 163 U.S. interventions throughout the world. From 1801-2004 Flash player...
May26-04 02:07 AM
1 951 Well, there you have it. They may...
May25-04 06:41 PM
24 2,375
After scanning these post, it is obvious that much of the world is (rightfully) against the war in Iraq and are also...
May25-04 02:36 PM
22 2,102
The USA is constantly claimed to be selfish, despite the result of 'selfish' acts being HIGHLY positive for others...
May25-04 01:12 PM
21 1,887
Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up' One of the things you can't say about General Anthony Zinni is that he is not well...
May25-04 12:39 PM
1 1,002
Gun battles erupt in Rafah as Sharon unveils revised Gaza withdrawal plan ...
May25-04 04:11 AM
18 2,170
:cry: :cry: :cry: It really angers ! The poor fellow was an innocent worker; openminded, not putting down the...
May24-04 09:41 PM
5 1,009
I was sent the following by a friend. Interesting information - Smedley Butler on Interventionism -- Excerpt...
May24-04 09:36 PM
Robert Zaleski
12 1,244 It's genocide folks, and the great satan is the only country willing...
May24-04 06:22 PM
14 1,197
A rather interesting article by one Doctor Toine Van Teeffele.
May24-04 02:56 PM
5 898
Well, with the revelation of the Abu Ghraib, among other things, sympathies and disgust are reeling forth from around...
May24-04 08:29 AM
4 914
I guess it's not really news. Under Project Paperclip, NAZI scientists were taken in by England, Russia, USA,...
May24-04 08:20 AM
14 1,822
Anosognosia (lack of insight). Delusions of grandeur. Martyr complex. Autotheism. Dissociation. ...
May24-04 06:36 AM
33 2,213
Every news agency seems to be carrying this story. Everyone except the USA says it happened. The USA says it never...
May24-04 03:40 AM
43 3,373

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