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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 26,093
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,825
Would you think if would be fair if people were allowed the choice to vote for "anyone but" a particular person >>> in...
Apr18-07 03:08 PM
Jimmy Snyder
7 1,651
Things in Iraq look like they're going to become even more complicated: Turkish army seeks OK to strike inside Iraq...
Apr18-07 03:01 AM
17 3,461
For every bill passed by congress a president has the option to add to, or take away from that bill. Bush has set a...
Apr17-07 07:32 PM
20 2,841
While many were busy talking about closing Guantanamo, a Haliburton subsidiary was busy building a new maximum...
Apr16-07 11:48 PM
5 1,848
I have the link for this but since you need to be a subscriber to NS magazine theres little point in putting up the...
Apr15-07 02:42 PM
41 3,672
1) How come on the PhysicsForums almost no one says “global warming” instead they say “anthropogenic global warming”...
Apr13-07 06:32 PM
49 4,796
The RNC has been using e mail domain names that distance them from the Whitehouse e mail system. This Rovian trick...
Apr13-07 01:53 PM
2 2,232
If the russians hadn't sold alaska to the usa, would the world be a different place today?
Apr12-07 01:42 PM
27 3,304
Bush has steadfastly refused to talk to North Korea after defining it as one member of the "Axis of Evil" and he has...
Apr9-07 08:29 PM
33 3,002 The poll:...
Apr8-07 09:34 PM
22 2,552
Messing with the Royal Navy... :eek: Did nobody tell the Iranians you don't do that! ...
Apr8-07 01:02 PM
164 10,778
Who is the man behind the mask - does the American public have any idea what the identity of President George W. Bush...
Apr8-07 10:36 AM
11 7,640
Say the status quo finds it very economical to toss all garbage into the sea. An individual tries to initiate...
Apr7-07 02:43 PM
1 957
Hurray! Our president is bringing us freedom! ...
Apr6-07 12:45 PM
32 4,353
Is this a sign of things to come? An Arid West No Longer Waits for Rain...
Apr5-07 05:11 PM
12 1,428 Good!!! Again,...
Apr5-07 06:33 AM
51 5,516
I have a long time friend who grew up in Iran. At about age 17 he escaped from Iran when he was tagged to be a spy for...
Apr5-07 12:01 AM
45 3,984
When you vote for a politician, do you consider your vote worthwhile, if that politician is not accountable or...
Apr4-07 07:50 PM
8 1,584
sorry for stealing the video link/topic cromagnum, but its a vary interesting topic and yours got locked :frown: ...
Apr1-07 05:15 PM
10 2,741,1,804986.story?coll=la-headlines-politics This is another...
Apr1-07 11:31 AM
23 3,028
I have heard that many americans do not know what the capital cities of european countries are. But I don't know what...
Mar29-07 08:35 PM
44 7,583
Milton Friedman said that the depression that started in 1929 resulted from banks losing their nerve and failing to...
Mar29-07 04:04 PM
6 2,330
I heard he admitted to the Guy Fawkes stunt too - but they thought no-one would believe that... He's admitted to...
Mar29-07 03:16 PM
24 2,580
Blackwater is now america's largest mercenary organization. Jeremy Scahill If/when the u.s. neo-fascist...
Mar27-07 10:02 PM
1 763
I have seen many topics on this forum about how the influence of private interests has made a mess in Washington. If...
Mar23-07 08:35 PM
26 3,557
Is that a term for all conservatives or is there a definate set of criteria that distinguishes a conservative from a...
Mar23-07 07:38 PM
17 2,190 When will the US Government start to understand they live in a...
Mar19-07 11:35 PM
37 3,330
Well most ppl thing this is a clean energy, but i'm skeptical about it. What we are doing here is that we are using...
Mar19-07 11:15 PM
14 2,360
Hmmmm! Shouldn't come as a surprise. :rolleyes: Mooney asserts that Bush...
Mar18-07 11:03 AM
14 2,433 Can you believe that the contending judge said that the 2nd Amendment did not...
Mar18-07 08:07 AM
92 7,706
Mar16-07 08:47 PM
ray b
5 1,548
Just want ot see the majority opinions
Mar15-07 11:15 PM
Ki Man
47 4,640
Recent events have made me more humble about being an American. I acknowledge, though, that when the vast majority of...
Mar12-07 03:39 PM
108 18,877
In the early days of Global Warming, the "capo di tutti global warming capi", Stephan Schneider, made his world famous...
Mar10-07 03:53 AM
34 4,466
According to an article in the Sunday Washington post conditions for outpatients at the hospital are poor. Once...
Mar5-07 09:03 PM
10 1,983
My view is that it was irresponsible in part of the media (especially news channels and newspapers) to cling on to...
Mar5-07 11:02 AM
11 2,727
I'm not sure if this is politics or history but it certainly is both. An extraordinary claim by a historian(Sir...
Mar5-07 06:39 AM
7 3,334
Now don't get me wrong I think there is a genuine concern about terrorism, and it's wise to at least be aware of the...
Mar5-07 01:06 AM
12 2,351
Do you sometimes question the validity of war in the modern age, particularly between equal powers but either way, for...
Mar4-07 01:22 PM
46 7,588
I'm likely a bit long of tooth compared to many here, but I have a few early and jumbled memories of the Viet Nam war....
Mar3-07 01:50 PM
38 3,711

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