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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 21,267
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 20,727
Hmmmm! Shouldn't come as a surprise. :rolleyes: Mooney asserts that Bush...
Mar18-07 11:03 AM
14 2,251 Can you believe that the contending judge said that the 2nd Amendment did not...
Mar18-07 08:07 AM
92 7,142
Mar16-07 08:47 PM
ray b
5 1,403
Just want ot see the majority opinions
Mar15-07 11:15 PM
Ki Man
47 4,383
Recent events have made me more humble about being an American. I acknowledge, though, that when the vast majority of...
Mar12-07 03:39 PM
108 18,132
In the early days of Global Warming, the "capo di tutti global warming capi", Stephan Schneider, made his world famous...
Mar10-07 03:53 AM
34 3,812
According to an article in the Sunday Washington post conditions for outpatients at the hospital are poor. Once...
Mar5-07 09:03 PM
10 1,856
My view is that it was irresponsible in part of the media (especially news channels and newspapers) to cling on to...
Mar5-07 11:02 AM
11 2,492
I'm not sure if this is politics or history but it certainly is both. An extraordinary claim by a historian(Sir...
Mar5-07 06:39 AM
7 3,064
Now don't get me wrong I think there is a genuine concern about terrorism, and it's wise to at least be aware of the...
Mar5-07 01:06 AM
12 1,985
Do you sometimes question the validity of war in the modern age, particularly between equal powers but either way, for...
Mar4-07 01:22 PM
46 7,327
I'm likely a bit long of tooth compared to many here, but I have a few early and jumbled memories of the Viet Nam war....
Mar3-07 01:50 PM
38 3,388
" I told the world, I thought the Kyoto was a lousy deal for America... " - GWB This is the height of arrogance for...
Mar3-07 05:48 AM
9 1,581
I encounter too many people that are too proud for their own good and the good of the world. Proud to be Canadian,...
Mar3-07 05:17 AM
23 3,218
They are here illegally, and it is illegal to hire them, yet BOA is loaning them money. If they default on their...
Mar2-07 10:28 PM
Math Is Hard
1 1,779
After reading: You may want to consider this: ...
Mar2-07 03:51 PM
Ivan Seeking
6 2,241
everyday is a good day to urinate on and burn the canadian flag, July 1rst just seems to make it more special, this is...
Mar1-07 12:54 AM
13 1,264
Compromise? Anybody Smell a deal soon? This is not very surprising, I guess it's early sign of a deal been cooked..
Feb28-07 04:52 PM
Schrodinger's Dog
11 1,577
Last nights ABC report was very interesting. It deals with a lot more than just Bob Woodruff. I would recommend...
Feb28-07 12:42 PM
0 825
European research goes for gold Thoughts? Sounds like...
Feb27-07 08:21 AM
1 1,703 What kind of nutballs are we (the U.S.) sending over to...
Feb24-07 09:54 AM
33 3,305 This is just more of the same. If these guys are doing what it appears...
Feb20-07 10:18 PM
41 3,870
Full article: This may also be of interest...
Feb20-07 08:26 PM
6 1,796
Baghdad's 'missing' billions By Mark Gregory International...
Feb17-07 03:15 PM
8 1,850 In particular myths about welfare. ...
Feb16-07 02:03 AM
Schrodinger's Dog
37 4,736
The other day I saw a report indicating that the Saudis have now begun protecting their interests by increasing...
Feb15-07 10:50 PM
Ivan Seeking
4 1,085
abcnews N. Korea wants a war. They say the sancations are an act of war their's no reason to go over war by...
Feb14-07 05:40 PM
7 2,482
There is a good documentary which i saw called Loose Change which gives you another perspective of how the "accident"...
Feb12-07 02:25 PM
2 3,815 ] The only one that comes to mind is the GWB force. It was...
Feb8-07 12:26 PM
8 1,960 As you all may know already,this guy is seeking another chance...
Feb8-07 11:47 AM
6 1,604
Alberto Gonzales is asking current U.S. attorneys to step down. They are being replaced by Bush's inner circle. One...
Feb7-07 11:42 PM
3 2,302
It is time to crack down on the number of government contractors. Many that we have currently are of questionable...
Feb6-07 12:17 PM
8 5,021
Whom do you respect more as President - Bill Clinton or George W. Bush?
Feb5-07 08:46 AM
47 5,685
The signs are very disturbing. Israeli PM Olmert urges action against Iran, but hints that there may be room for...
Feb4-07 10:22 AM
58 4,562 Gimme a break this means political appointees will now have...
Jan31-07 05:44 PM
9 1,373
Georgia: Uranium Case Underscores Nuke Safety Fears By Claire Bigg Oleg Khinsagov was caught trying to sell...
Jan28-07 06:40 AM
bartman fartman
0 1,292
This seems to be getting a lot of attention. Personally, I think we are likely...
Jan27-07 05:52 AM
89 8,656
What are your thoughts on how we can successfully win in Iraq, and does anyone know of examples where insurgencies...
Jan26-07 12:35 PM
13 1,460
Mr. Bush keeps on with his empty rhetoric, while highly-enriched uranium (weapons-grade) is flying around the former...
Jan25-07 11:32 AM
1 1,310
As Recently As 1946, American Citizens Were Forced To Take Up Arms As A Last Resort Against Corrupt Government...
Jan23-07 07:08 PM
ray b
0 1,598

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