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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,484
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,711
This is bad news ...
May26-12 01:05 PM
119 10,689
May26-12 09:53 PM
127 9,594
A guy I met who had served in the US Military in Iraq told me the following unbelievable story: in Iraq, he claimed, a...
May29-12 11:21 PM
30 3,491
Since 1800 the central issue has been freedom versus government. Is this correct; should all elections be framed this...
Jun2-12 09:57 PM
36 5,406
Sigh. Who writes Obama's speeches? For many years we fought US press and media so that they will stop mentioning...
Jun2-12 10:57 PM
18 2,718
California Governor Jerry Brown, faced with a $25 billion deficit has proposed over $12.5 billion in cuts, nearly...
Jun3-12 06:33 AM
Vanadium 50
82 9,458
The results are in, Francois Hollande is now the president of France. I'll be interested to see how the new socialist...
Jun3-12 03:16 PM
27 3,667
News like this makes me a little sad: Forty-six percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God...
Jun4-12 09:53 AM
16 3,459
According to the Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 4: Am I...
Jun4-12 12:58 PM
58 5,234
I checked the wikipedia so I have some background information, but I wonder how she is seen in US. I am not going...
Jun8-12 04:21 AM
18 4,060
The Cold War ended 20 years ago, but I still wonder: is nuclear war still a danger to mankind? How likely is it that...
Jun12-12 06:16 PM
26 3,820
Just wondering how the Wisconsin recall election would go if it were held here in PF.
Jun14-12 11:31 AM
12 2,542
Congressmen, Why have you allowed such a massive budget deficit to persist? I can only see three outcomes for...
Jun15-12 03:07 PM
6 2,117
With all this recent happening in the world (middle-east) I'm interested to know what's the attitude of academia from...
Jun15-12 07:53 PM
11 2,155
Read more here:
Jun16-12 11:04 AM
13 2,514
The Frankfurter Algemeiner (something like the Times, but then in another country) has a rather important article...
Jun17-12 06:53 AM
31 5,090 anti-terrorist police and then given a parking ticket.
Jun18-12 10:28 PM
15 2,324
While I personally do NOT share forensic psycjiatrist Torgeir Husby's contested conclusion that ABB was "judicially...
Jun19-12 09:39 PM
8 2,482
Prosecutor Svein Holden doubted and criticized his way today into arguing that there exist sufficient doubts...
Jun24-12 06:00 AM
2 1,369
Running for President on a Divided Continent - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education He started...
Jun26-12 02:55 AM
0 875
Wow, the Dow dropped almost 1000 points today as traders watched the riots in Greece. Luckily it seems to be...
Jun26-12 02:57 PM
155 21,230 ...
Jun27-12 03:05 PM
46 4,694
So I started a new thread: When the Portugese were sailing south along the western coast of Africa, the Chinese...
Jun28-12 07:26 PM
9 1,766
What do you think? Britain aims to lead on nuclear energy
Jun28-12 08:56 PM
7 2,452
I really like Elizabeth Warren and I think some others here do too. Her stands on education, the lending business, the...
Jun28-12 11:48 PM
3 1,363
Sounds like they're jumping the gun on this one to me... ...
Jul2-12 11:35 AM
2 1,450
Jul2-12 04:56 PM
28 3,452
Then read the Texas Republican Party 2012 Platform report. A few examples: "We recommend that local school boards...
Jul16-12 01:00 PM
43 5,234
Including the mandate! Chief Justice Roberts on the mandate: Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is...
Jul17-12 08:39 PM
jim hardy
101 8,770
Jul18-12 12:35 PM
15 2,753 I'm green with envy - oh to live in a country with a...
Jul18-12 05:09 PM
125 13,513
Jul20-12 08:47 AM
13 2,299
I recently saw "Inside Job" and realized (or was made to "realize") how the same circle of financial advisers has...
Jul21-12 02:56 PM
32 4,466
In the rainy evening here in Oslo, about 50.000 Norwegians attended the memorial concert for the dreadful terror...
Jul22-12 03:06 PM
0 934
It's in the news. A 17-year-old posted the names of a couple of boys who sexually assaulted her. Now, she's being...
Jul23-12 07:20 PM
6 1,598
Norway wants to keep the accused mass murderer happy. They are posting positions for paid employees to visit Breivik...
Jul24-12 09:10 PM
82 9,482
The Economy Is Still at the Brink ...
Jul29-12 12:58 AM
603 66,669
Opinion: Who, why, why-not? And, your really long shot Veep pick; the person that stands little chance but would...
Jul31-12 10:58 AM
0 977
The great drama here in Oslo started when security guards at the US Embassy spotted a suspicious object fixed...
Jul31-12 04:18 PM
16 2,047
In the run-up to the GOP convention in Tampa, the Mayor and City Council of Tampa has now banned the carrying, near...
Aug5-12 11:19 PM
13 1,962

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