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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,564
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,367
I am not sure what I am all about on this one, so bear with me... I think we should be careful about making...
Apr6-03 11:13 PM
15 1,249
I've been around here since the last days of PF V1. Since my first days, I have noticed a knee-jerk reaction to...
May6-03 03:31 PM
58 4,384
Here's another case of a Bush administration official making cash while doing business with the 'evil regimes' that...
May6-03 05:24 PM
Dissident Dan
6 1,302
May17-03 03:58 AM
Dissident Dan
19 2,115
I was thinking...aren't the best things a government can do based on a view that neither the left nor right has all...
Jun30-03 10:28 AM
10 1,406
How do you define it?
Sep2-03 03:51 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
18 2,477
How do you define it?
Sep2-03 05:39 AM
33 3,402
If this is true, can we nail his old, feeble-hearted butt to the wall now?
Sep2-03 06:45 AM
5 1,974
Hmmmm...ok, I decided to start a thread about this whole thing with the Big Fat Idiot in the media, because it manages...
Oct27-03 07:15 AM
17 2,760
I keep hearing that phrase, and it never ceases to bother me. How can a state (say Alabama) have rights? As far as I...
Jul3-04 11:46 PM
7 1,417
I criticized Bush...therefore I am providing aid and comfort to the enemy(in that same moronic 2nd grade way that a...
Dec8-03 12:17 PM
60 3,853
Hmmmm....ran across this phrase in the political poll that kat posted. I don't think that is an unworthy goal, does...
Dec13-03 03:49 PM
57 3,361
G'day I am a commie pinko as all my right wing mates call me but what about this. If u look at the average...
Dec8-04 04:13 AM
4 1,177
Hey, small question/favor for everybody, regarding black Friday. It's going to be the first time I actually...
Nov23-13 05:57 PM
6 1,526
This is basically the gist of Huckabee's immigration plan touchback provision: He would repeal the multi-year...
Jan2-08 03:24 PM
8 1,603
I'm talking about the World economy becoming so bad that it'll ultmately lead to revolts in every country and then the...
May30-09 02:49 PM
The riddler
50 6,541
A president represents his comunity and he is the best one of them . and as everyone agrees , Bosh is considered a...
Mar29-03 11:21 AM
Greg Bernhardt
70 4,882
With no introductions or anything , I Wanted to tell everyone that we JORDANIANS are living between two crises , the...
Apr8-03 12:07 PM
29 2,134
Nowadays everything has to be PC. You're not retarded, you're "mentally impaired". You're not black, you're "african...
Nov26-03 10:25 PM
82 15,027
Anyone care to argue against the obviousness of this? Aside from hunting down Al Queda after 9-11, what has he done...
Nov7-03 03:05 AM
87 4,221 And he's got nowhere to go but down:P
Nov12-03 01:35 AM
7 1,041
If you're a hard-core republican, and are not going to vote bush, or even if you're just iffy on it, Would like to...
Jul15-04 05:41 AM
18 1,491
This: Has led to this:...
Nov23-10 09:44 PM
356 24,771,8599,1929454,00.html Ok so am I the only one who feels that the elevator...
Nov2-09 10:01 AM
14 2,979
Hello, I am trying to locate some free Internet sources that have archived newspapers from the 1960s that are...
May31-05 07:14 PM
0 1,124
Who would be the better candidate for presidency in 2008 and why?
Nov18-05 11:09 PM
23 1,887
Marc Ecko, advocate of freedom of expression, displays a video on his website of him graffiting Air Force One by...
Apr22-06 10:42 AM
24 2,526
Is Iraq War a justice war? According to our Asian political views, America invaded Iraq has following bad...
Sep10-05 04:04 PM
158 6,921
The weakness of capitalism I think the capitalism has its weakness to strengthen and firm a country's rule. Such...
May4-06 12:40 PM
18 13,360
The leaked draft agreement for the Copenhagen climate change conference, suggests that poor countries will be limited...
Dec13-09 02:50 AM
0 3,648
That nice Hilary Clinton has pledged a fund worth $100 billion (£62 billion) a year by 2020 of US citizens money, to...
Dec20-09 07:01 PM
8 1,236
Under God ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
It is unconstitutional...again
Oct7-05 03:24 PM
104 4,960
Here's one for the conspiracy theorists:
Sep2-05 07:08 AM
2 3,238
Journalist Paints Bleak Picture for Media in Zimbabwe US national among three arrested cyberdissidents US journalist...
Sep7-06 04:43 AM
2 1,144
Zombies, biological weapons? Sounds like a b-movie script! Cambodian Troops Quarantine Quan'sulWTF?!
Sep15-06 05:51 PM
8 1,659
Thai PM calls state of emergencyIt seems the Chief of Staff is heading a group of rogue officers on a military coup.
Sep20-06 03:58 AM
12 1,110
Viktor Grayevsky, a journalist, was a double agent spying on the KGB for the Shin Bet.This is a good insight into...
Oct8-06 01:30 AM
0 1,159
High Court: International law does not forbid targeted killingsThis is a historic ruling not only because of the...
Dec14-06 03:40 AM
0 1,709
Norwegian only It seems to me an unsolicited, unlawful proposal. Could some European be overreacting?
Dec14-06 02:18 PM
12 2,352
Israeli linked to spy’s murderThis case is getting better by the minute...
Dec28-06 01:51 AM
0 1,932

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