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New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 21,238
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 20,703 I think this is just inappropriate..
Jan25-04 03:05 PM
5 873
Anyone? And spare the rhetoric of "Just elect Bush out of office" What needs to be done?
Jan25-04 02:34 PM
ray b
12 1,737
On the outside the goverment of the united states lets the countries of the would think they are in control. But in...
Jan25-04 02:12 PM
jimmy p
34 2,631
Jan25-04 01:10 PM
9 1,024
If we all want the people of the world to have a better standard of living - though we'll argue about what this...
Jan25-04 12:22 PM
0 6,469
I don't get it, Dick Gephardy was well loved and seemingly a great leader. I understand why he thought that if he did...
Jan25-04 11:13 AM
1 1,044
Do you notice any resemblance to Ronald Reagan in the distant expression of current President Bush? He appears...
Jan24-04 01:21 PM
Loren Booda
6 1,890
I think Dean will lose in the Iowa Caucus as well as the NH primary. This egocentric person will then announce that...
Jan23-04 07:14 PM
11 1,051
What credit should President Bush receive for suggesting a manned Mars trip? Does he scheme to one-up Kennedy, evade...
Jan23-04 12:40 PM
80 3,407
Jan23-04 01:47 AM
43 3,152
Go to Google type in Weapons of Mass Destruction Hit "Im Feeling Lucky" Cha-Ching!
Jan22-04 08:56 PM
5 880
_ Full Civil Rights for Noam Federman View Current...
Jan21-04 10:41 PM
David Ben-Ariel
0 838 Can Anyone Trust Gaddafi? byJo-ana D'Balcazar Jan 01, '04 / 7...
Jan21-04 11:25 AM
ray b
12 1,711
GERMANY is clearly the HEAD of this emerging EUROSTATE. The German Church has already left its mark on the...
Jan21-04 10:55 AM
jimmy p
18 1,253 wtf? haha!
Jan16-04 10:56 PM
7 825
Space Wars! The startling truth about the rising power of the latest heavyweight in the global aerospace industry...
Jan16-04 06:39 PM
jimmy p
17 1,812
Judah must remove the foreign mosques of Ishmael's alien god and restore the altar of the God of Israel upon the...
Jan16-04 06:33 PM
jimmy p
7 827
Jan16-04 05:38 PM
37 3,030
Q. What do politicians use for birth control?
Jan14-04 11:25 PM
8 878
Ohio was admitted into the Union as a state in 1803. Or was it? It seems a small technicality was omitted, that...
Jan14-04 01:44 AM
Ivan Seeking
2 1,838
Were you guys and gals aware that WMDs in Iraq are no longer being sought with the fervor displayed at the start. Here...
Jan13-04 05:42 PM
jimmy p
27 1,335
I was reading this article and I was reminded of the quote above. Now my question is: Has the government...
Jan13-04 12:40 PM
18 2,298
The following letter to Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D. Ohio) is in response to those who responded to my recent...
Jan13-04 12:30 PM
5 1,041
Here's my hypothetical situation: The economy continues on the upward trend it's going on but slows down a bit,...
Jan12-04 05:03 PM
6 1,045
have it's share of attackers on foreign troops after the war was over?
Jan12-04 04:54 PM
16 1,269
Well, not yet, but I wanted to reiterate my prediction by linking a NEW STORY saying his numbers look good. ...
Jan12-04 04:15 PM
47 2,227 This sort of puts Bush’s and Jintao’s recent...
Jan12-04 05:13 AM
6 1,706
I think this is pretty well ruining my wants for voting Bush in 2004 I had such hi hopes - what the hell is he doing?
Jan12-04 01:05 AM
10 3,161
To avoid misunderstandings and mistakes in threads, I thought I would put together this little lot of definitions of...
Jan11-04 12:23 PM
4 1,529
Jan11-04 12:37 AM
29 2,090
Not my opinion, but I am hearing talk, just now again in a review of the Top Science Stories of 2003 on The Science...
Jan10-04 10:46 PM
12 1,159
Yes they do. You notice I said "power", not authority. After all, they have the gun, the keys, and the cell. I do...
Jan9-04 03:48 PM
35 12,876
8 years ago this week, on the eve of my birthday... As reported on the front page of the Jerusalem Post (Jan. 8,...
Jan8-04 10:34 PM
5 1,462
The following is from the Israel nuclear thread, I thought it was worthy of discussion but because it would have...
Jan8-04 03:15 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
14 1,215
The U.S. has always tried to achieve global domination barring the causes the motive is the same primarily being...
Jan8-04 02:27 AM
53 4,139
So I was browsing one of this forums and saw this guy who remarked how great Communism is. He was saying how Communism...
Jan7-04 10:07 PM
16 2,353
Somewhat related to my "Global Police" thread here: Is...
Jan7-04 04:57 PM
49 3,151
December 15, 2003 issue Copyright © 2003 The American Conservative “Free-Speech Zone” The administration...
Jan6-04 11:47 PM
34 3,871
Israel's nuclear programme While Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, few international experts...
Jan6-04 09:03 PM
31 6,121
Israel must make a public call and international issue for the Pope to RESTORE THE TEMPLE TREASURES TO JERUSALEM...
Jan6-04 02:58 PM
1 2,142

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