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New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 21,269
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 20,728
WTF is this nonsense?!? *grins* The Religious Right has really gone off the deep end this time. Why in the name of...
Nov16-03 04:07 PM
0 1,243
Case Closed From the November 24, 2003 issue: The U.S. government's secret memo detailing cooperation between Saddam...
Nov16-03 03:23 PM
10 1,822
As an atheist I say: "WE SHALL OVERCOME" Everyone keep tuned to the news because they're gonna rip the monument...
Nov15-03 08:32 PM
22 1,507
This is not a conspiracy theory, just so you know. This is all based on the truth of how American government works....
Nov15-03 08:08 PM
24 4,795
The US govt has been accused of murdering independent journalists during the war in Iraq. On April 8 the US military...
Nov15-03 03:38 AM
13 1,118
Sen. Frist ( put up a poll earlier today on his webpage asking "Should the President's...
Nov14-03 03:07 PM
12 1,833
Or should 'wacko' be spelled 'Waco'? (As in Texas, LOL.) Anyway, I haven't read most of the threads here, but there...
Nov14-03 10:28 AM
30 1,898
President Bush is touring the midwest trying to drum up support for his decidedly not "teeny-tiny" tax cut, which...
Nov14-03 09:34 AM
30 1,829
You have a right to petition, this right can also be done far more effeciently over the internet at
Nov14-03 06:43 AM
21 2,129
And they said it would never happen! Underneath is a link to the most incredible “anti-terrorism” legislation ever...
Nov13-03 05:51 PM
3 840 This deal could still break down and...
Nov13-03 05:03 PM
0 874
What happened to the polls? Anyways, with the way Bushs(Shrubs)(<--thanks Zero) foreign relations policies are...
Nov13-03 04:57 PM
25 1,813
Some years ago I became aware of a movement to inform citizens that as a juror, and regarding one's vote in that...
Nov12-03 10:57 AM
Mr. Robin Parsons
26 1,971 And he's got nowhere to go but down:P
Nov12-03 01:35 AM
7 1,000
What do you think about this:
Nov11-03 03:55 PM
24 1,819
What do people make of the following quote, attributed to Kissinger? It reminds me of Ronald Reagan's comments...
Nov11-03 12:57 AM
5 6,691
Tell me about him, and what he offers to the future of Venezuela, tell me about the conflict within Venezuela...
Nov10-03 12:58 PM
7 1,837 As American soldiers massed on the Iraqi border in March...
Nov8-03 06:49 PM
21 1,595
Nov7-03 12:59 PM
24 5,132
I write first to say that I believe the majority descended from Jewish heritage to be honorable, friendly and humane...
Nov7-03 03:23 AM
10 1,141
Anyone care to argue against the obviousness of this? Aside from hunting down Al Queda after 9-11, what has he done...
Nov7-03 03:05 AM
87 4,066
What creates terrorists? Can a normal mental healthy person become a terrorist? IMO it can. It all depends of the...
Nov6-03 10:25 AM
27 9,366 This is a great...
Nov4-03 01:58 AM
1 2,225
If you guys haven't heard about this one: It...
Nov3-03 12:50 AM
21 1,581
About a week or so ago, a good Op-ed piece by Tom Friedman was linked to on this forum. I think this is another good...
Oct30-03 11:19 PM
4 1,314 Fact-Free News By Harold Meyerson...
Oct29-03 04:06 PM
Ivan Seeking
14 1,796,7369,1068213,00.html I think this author lacks perspecitive in...
Oct28-03 05:10 PM
13 1,385
Hmmmm...ok, I decided to start a thread about this whole thing with the Big Fat Idiot in the media, because it manages...
Oct27-03 07:15 AM
17 2,695
I think Donald Rumsfeld is being groomed as the administration's sacrificial goat if things go poorly in Iraq. He has...
Oct24-03 07:12 PM
4 1,112
in u.n 5 countries have greater power than others (right to veto etc.)is this justifiable? thoughts.
Oct24-03 11:05 AM
Loren Booda
7 1,676 Bolivian Leader's...
Oct23-03 12:02 PM
1 779
Conservatives here in the U. S. often claim that our country was founded on Christianity to justify weakening the...
Oct23-03 11:22 AM
27 3,448
Good article outlining a few steps that need to be taken in Iraq. ...
Oct23-03 07:40 AM
2 989
Oct23-03 02:43 AM
8 1,808
Overall, he is very outspoken for the third world. He does contribute to the nation, goodbye to him.
Oct22-03 12:54 AM
11 1,294
Here is a speech I composed for this years Veterans of Foreign Wars voice of democracy contest. The theme is "My...
Oct21-03 11:56 AM
2 1,636 Read it, seriously.
Oct21-03 02:42 AM
5 1,200
Take the test: Where do you stand? I am: Economic Left/Right: -1.75...
Oct21-03 12:29 AM
35 2,883
Unconfirmed report A French-language Israeli newssite is reporting Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian...
Oct20-03 11:22 PM
9 1,527
Oct20-03 09:07 AM
54 3,232

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