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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,517
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,752
Sudan becomes US ally in 'war on terror' Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington Saturday April 30, 2005 Guardian ...
May1-05 10:08 PM
4 1,255
Is there a such thing as a Just Tax Theory? It has been brought to my attention that the academic world has a little...
May13-05 12:43 PM
4 993
The personal views of judges has to affect the angle they view an issue. It at least affects their starting positions...
Jun7-05 09:15 PM
4 1,087
After having read the articles about these two terms on Wikipedia, and having researched it on other Websites, I...
Jun23-05 03:24 AM
4 7,307
Bono from the Irish rock group U2, was on Meet The Press this morning. This guy handles himself extremely well. He...
Jun28-05 08:07 PM
4 1,282
I just learned about this:〈_hmka1=1
Jul9-05 04:50 PM
4 1,348 Why is it thought that...
Jul11-05 07:51 PM
The Smoking Man
4 1,542
Is that a right, or usual thing to do? I heard that Bush is asking countries to force closure of Iraqi Embassies...
Mar21-03 12:17 PM
3 1,862
Here are some important facts that while well-established, I often see missing from the debates about Iraq, Saddam,...
Mar23-03 10:43 AM
3 3,332
It seems the immediate conflict in Iraq is drawing to a close. But looking at the majority of PF posts in the politics...
Apr11-03 09:38 AM
3 1,499 or Apparently I am not the only one who found...
Apr12-03 04:46 PM
3 2,275
"I think we believe that Syria has chemical weapons." Not the most confidence-building statement you would hope for...
Apr15-03 06:36 AM
3 1,301
Greetings ! About Zero, I have been of the opinion that he should not be the mentor of this forum for quite some...
Apr24-03 04:13 AM
3 1,636
Italian study finds male tollbooth workers infertile
Apr30-03 02:09 PM
Dissident Dan
3 1,419
*** oops, I put "" in the title, when it should have been "" (a parody site). Can anyone...
May21-03 08:33 PM
Tom Mattson
3 1,134
Looks like ol' Bush is going to be a bit uncomfortable when asked to comment on the 6-to-3 ruling in favor of gay @ss...
Jun26-03 04:33 PM
3 1,082
I'm wondering if there is any way to demonstrate using Game Theory that in any democratic society the strategic...
Jul3-03 05:15 PM
3 1,056
*edited for violation of PF guidelines* What do the intelligent readers of PF think about Mexican-American...
Aug8-03 10:23 AM
3 5,792
I'm wondering what people think of the story of William Sampson from Canada? He's the 44-year-old biochemist who was...
Aug15-03 02:15 PM
3 1,260
Aug30-03 08:43 AM
3 1,388
I'm 18 and with the election coming up in October, I'm not sure who to vote for. My parents do not vote very often....
Sep5-03 04:23 PM
3 1,135 ...
Sep6-03 03:54 AM
3 1,722
too funny
Sep9-03 06:27 PM
3 1,522
Yesterday our foreign minister Anna Lindh was stabbed in a mall. She past away this morning. She was one of swedens...
Sep14-03 06:19 PM
3 1,187
And they said it would never happen! Underneath is a link to the most incredible “anti-terrorism” legislation ever...
Nov13-03 05:51 PM
3 874
Good post by Ken MacLeod on conspiracies vs hierarchies, and he links to a long Gabriel Kolko review on intelligence...
Nov24-03 09:27 AM
3 1,455 Ok, either someone in the Bush...
Nov20-03 01:40 PM
3 1,234
..awhile. And least I think this is the right one. re: minorities and hiring. ...
Nov20-03 11:03 AM
3 1,171
Watching Israel's Media: Freedom of speech in the dock_ Yisrael Medad and Eli Pollak Nov. 23, 2003 What role...
Nov25-03 08:43 AM
3 1,376
Three Rwandan media executives have been found guilty of inciting violence during the genocide of 1994. That was...
Dec3-03 09:15 PM
3 1,128
I was watching 'The Factor' a few days ago and apparently there is a new law in Texas which requires all women seeking...
Dec16-03 05:20 PM
3 1,204
Sharon Warns Israel May Create New Border By DAN PERRY, Associated Press Writer Prime Minister Ariel Sharon...
Dec19-03 10:00 AM
3 1,556
All of our attention is focused on the Middle East, what about the rest of the world? There are some 30 or so nations...
Dec19-03 04:02 PM
3 1,752
Not quite WORLD, but a story anyways....... Locally,two cities in the area are paying Delta and Target Corporation...
Jan30-04 11:35 AM
3 903
Shahil said, This brings me to something i had been meaning to say, I think robert tracinski pointed it out...
Feb5-04 09:37 AM
Mr. Robin Parsons
3 1,637 What the ...? Can somebody...
Feb5-04 07:09 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
3 1,233
The Jerusalem Post reports the Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio said "she supports adding Israel and a future...
Feb9-04 02:11 AM
jimmy p
3 845
If anybody is up with the news of late, it seems that a new frontier is opening up on the worlds (or America's) quest...
Mar26-04 09:52 AM
3 1,335
Apr8-04 10:21 PM
3 927
Just kidding. Who would give Kerry the greatest advantage over GWB?
Apr12-04 11:15 PM
3 1,022

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