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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,546
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,789
Of the pictures I have seen with the Palin family brandishing guns, the majority show hard liquor being drunk or...
Sep12-08 12:59 AM
Ivan Seeking
5 1,446
Democrats Propose Eliminating Tax Deduction for 401(k)s: ...
Oct26-08 05:06 PM
5 680
This doesn't seem right at all.
Oct27-08 07:19 PM
5 921
Usually, when an elderly person dies after living a good, long life, it's sad but not tragic. But this is tragic -...
Nov4-08 01:50 PM
5 1,798
Guest Essay in the Wall Street Journal A New Dawn by Bjørn Lomborg The conclusion
Nov13-08 12:40 PM
5 1,194
Good Public Policy?,8599,1859405,00.html
Nov18-08 10:04 PM
5 1,087
Do you think our Federal Holidays in the U.S., with 2 during the half-year from March through August, and 8 during...
Dec10-08 09:37 AM
5 1,731
Certainly I don't think she is qualified or equipped to lead the Nation, but neither do I think - should it be shown...
Dec15-08 07:35 PM
5 1,255
The company that made money selling the same sports car for 40years (a car built from VW minibus parts whose main...
Jan9-09 07:45 PM
5 1,194
intriguing reports about source: see also for other...
Jan21-09 06:27 PM
5 1,588
First News Service
Apr1-09 09:50 AM
Ivan Seeking
5 1,236
Does it have a future? The largest members can walk over it and then there is these other cases. ...
Apr2-09 09:35 AM
5 1,111
A very interesting debate covering most issues raised on this forum in relation to the Irag war. ...
Sep16-05 07:58 AM
4 2,290
Could I hear again the argument for how women are enjoying unprecedented rights in Afghanistan. ...
Oct16-05 04:50 PM
4 1,796
There's a good program on NPR right now, if anybody in California is interested in hearing some question-and-answer...
Oct25-05 11:19 AM
4 934
How government control is over the all science fields in countries like Canada, USA, and Britain? How about in the...
Nov3-05 12:01 PM
4 2,286
It seems that the only thing I hear about in the news anymore is incompetent governments. Is it just me, or are...
Nov6-05 06:42 PM
4 1,406,_President_Bush's_Veterans-Day_Speech.pdf His best speech ever. Any...
Nov14-05 07:04 PM
4 1,395
Are more and more people choosing to use absentee ballots? This is what I have heard, and a quick google turns up...
Nov18-05 08:53 PM
ray b
4 900
Nov20-05 08:40 PM
4 1,207
Today a vote of no confidence was introduced to the Canadian Parliament. It's expected to fail due to the minority...
Nov29-05 01:02 AM
4 1,440
Michael Brown, now being "retired" from the political world, has started a consultancy on Disaster Preparedness. ...
Nov26-05 08:01 AM
Ivan Seeking
4 1,595
Just revealed that Sameul Alito was a member of the conservative reactionary group, "Concerned Alumni of Princeton": ...
Nov27-05 07:51 PM
4 1,665
In Brazil, the corrupted politicians responsible for the suffering of millions of people are not punished by Justice....
Dec3-05 01:58 PM
4 1,274 Shouldn't Britain do something about that?
Nov29-05 01:46 AM
4 1,516
I was looking for an appropriate thread in which to post this but didn't find one where this wouldn't get buried. The...
Nov29-05 10:31 AM
4 2,803
It appears that the US military whilst contracting out 'killing' to private contractors are taking upon themselves new...
Dec1-05 06:50 PM
4 1,159
The 16th amendment was never ratified, so why should individual citizens who are not foreign business pay federal...
Dec4-05 07:46 PM
4 1,991
link Apparently, the appeals process is so drawn-out in the back-logged Canadian courts, that anyone with half a...
Dec19-05 01:26 PM
4 2,107
I had the time to watch the program tonight, and thought I would tell about several key points that were brought up...
Dec21-05 12:08 PM
4 1,114
Hugh Thompson Jr. died of cancer last Friday. His is a story worth knowing - he and a few others were the heroes of My...
Jan11-06 07:00 AM
4 1,034
After Bush is gone, who do you think would be the best person or a wish list person for president and why? He...
Feb2-06 12:16 PM
4 1,010
More on "Nuclear War against Iran"
Feb9-06 04:47 PM
4 1,364
For the information it discolsed(I thought they disclosed it)
Mar2-06 01:07 AM
4 1,329
California's long-time-red 50th district (San Diego) is coming up for a special election in less than a week,...
Jun6-06 12:05 PM
4 1,588
These days the people of Palestine remember An-nakbah “the catastrophe”. After 58 years, 5.1 millions Palestinian...
May15-06 02:27 PM
4 1,415
Three quick exercises. 1) Briefly articulate a national security view and supporting strategy for the United...
Aug1-06 02:03 PM
4 1,231
Greetings, Seeing as how most thread here are US centered, I thought I might initiate a discussion about the other...
Aug4-06 02:37 PM
4 1,114
I came upon this video on youutbe about a man named clinton curtis testifying on vote-rigging software:...
Aug9-06 11:03 AM
4 1,263
How can we let things like this happen? "Cool your home, warm the planet. When more than two dozen countries...
Aug21-06 10:30 AM
4 2,060

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