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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 26,072
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,806
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Okay HRW you said that you were in a hurry for justice. ...
Mar2-06 01:44 AM
Ivan Seeking
10 1,369
I know there is a serious side to this article, but it also gave me a bit of a giggle... alex
Sep6-05 08:19 PM
3 1,368
Ex-Leader of H.P. Is Charged in California I am a bit...
Oct5-06 06:25 AM
3 1,368
Part I HO_lLttxxrs Part II LvnNYNc7HSA What about protecting the American Two-Partisan System? If we achieve...
Jan28-09 10:05 AM
9 1,368
I have long had the wild notion that the essence of democracy is random chance. There was a time when I tried...
Jul1-03 12:24 AM
7 1,367
With 2% of precincts reporting at 11:22 ET, USA Today has called the recall in favor of ousting Davis and electing The...
Oct10-03 02:04 AM
5 1,367
I'm interested in the opinions of older users in particular, from the USA, who lived through the McCarthy period as...
Sep14-04 03:51 AM
10 1,367
From Abu Ghraib: The Hidden Story, by Mark Danner – an analysis of the Abu Ghraib reports of James R. Schlesinger and...
Sep23-04 05:27 AM
0 1,366
Sun flare Terror attack pre strike because you might become my enemy in the future. someone plugged in the...
Feb7-09 09:44 AM
3 1,366
Dec1-04 01:19 AM
5 1,365
I remember this. I was really surprised when Hamas won. ...
Mar4-08 12:22 AM
5 1,365 I feel sorry for Sudan they just ended a civil war that killed...
Dec26-05 02:05 PM
1 1,364
I bought two books yesterday for 50cents each. One is “On Current Affairs” by Saddam Hussein (Published by Al-Thawra...
Dec3-03 08:49 PM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
2 1,363
What did McCain mean by this comment? JFK "intervention .. tragedy"?
Nov18-08 09:26 AM
8 1,363 Remember, students aren't forced to say it. It's their choice if they want...
Nov16-05 11:25 AM
17 1,362
Today 12.08.07 on NPR, John Bolton stated that Iran is 2/3 of the way toward producing nuclear weapons. I assume he...
Dec8-07 07:44 PM
5 1,361
Presidential campaigning had been completely and eerily absent in Pennsylvania this season, but Romney is changing...
Nov5-12 08:44 AM
Angry Citizen
6 1,361
Poll added... Recently he displayed a 30 round cartridge magazine in the state of Washington D.C. on "Meet the...
Jan11-13 09:12 PM
3 1,361
Carl Cameron of Fox News did this research after the September 11 attacks and when questioned, claimed that he stands...
Dec27-04 01:36 PM
Charles Darwin
0 1,360
Government workers are sleeping at the wheel. Why in Gods name would information on a National Nuclear Security...
Jul9-06 08:30 AM
11 1,360 It...
Oct3-06 08:35 PM
Ivan Seeking
3 1,360
Oct19-10 10:06 PM
Char. Limit
10 1,360
Has President Bush broken his oath to "Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States" ? The Constitution...
May4-04 10:05 AM
hughes johnson
14 1,359
I've seen it claimed that under international law, we're still at war in Iraq. In contrast, I'm under the impression...
Apr7-10 07:35 PM
6 1,359
I haven't caught any follow-up reports on what's happening in the Ivory Coast since the French peacekeeping troops...
Jun26-05 02:00 PM
5 1,358
I used to believe in the stereotype, that Democrats were wasteful spenders and Republicans were the more fiscally...
Jan4-07 07:54 PM
1 1,357
Who should get the faux guru award for the political forum? Who is the one person that you do NOT want to tangle with...
Dec17-07 05:50 PM
9 1,356
So I got to thinking... maybe I could pull up John Kerry's plan for winning the peace in Iraq...
Oct20-04 10:37 PM
7 1,355
America is always alleged freedom of speech. America is always claimed raging war was only done to free the world....
Mar27-06 06:50 PM
3 1,355
Mr. Bush keeps on with his empty rhetoric, while highly-enriched uranium (weapons-grade) is flying around the former...
Jan25-07 11:32 AM
1 1,355
For all of the fans. Check this website: Yay.
Apr14-03 08:32 PM
0 1,354
From the LA Times (a registration site). Here it is without having to register ...
Oct31-04 05:44 PM
15 1,354
What are everyones thoughts on this issue? The Bush Administration wants to disallow Canadian perscription drugs to...
Nov3-04 05:58 PM
2 1,354 ...
Nov5-04 02:09 AM
Desert Child
10 1,354
Okay so this is mainly for the people in the United States but people everywhere can help too. Please sign this...
Oct10-10 10:03 PM
10 1,354
Just curious how many Democrats, at this point, think Kerry was the best chioce that was out there. I personally...
Sep17-04 05:11 PM
11 1,353
Suppose you're a high-powered stock trader in 1946, and you know that there is a lot of 1-2 year olds out there. Would...
May14-05 07:21 AM
6 1,353
The elections put a religious hard-liner forward: I...
Jun27-05 01:18 PM
Informal Logic
5 1,353
Oct6-06 06:06 PM
1 1,353
The recorded seminars are available at PIRSA:C09006 - The Economic Crisis and It's...
May2-09 12:30 AM
0 1,353

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