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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 24,936
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 23,915
Nov2-04 08:45 AM
4 1,008
US intelligence agencies have been in the public eye a lot, lately. We've heard how they missed opportunities to...
Sep23-04 10:46 AM
3 1,005
Earlier in the week the Washington Post published a cartoon by Tom Toles. All six of the joint Chiefs signed a letter...
Feb4-06 09:35 AM
1 1,004
Wikileaks founder is named "Man of the Year" by a leading French newspaper: ...
Dec22-10 11:45 PM
9 1,003
December 27, 2003 A sovereign Jewish State/Federation. ...
Dec27-03 06:06 PM
David Ben-Ariel
0 1,002
Next to the price of lives, the lost of credibility of US in the world ... there is more to come for the US tax payer...
Apr8-04 10:23 PM
4 1,002
Four Britons kept in Guantanamo Bay were released on Tuesday, and were set free in the UK on Wednesday after...
Jan28-05 01:49 PM
1 1,001
It has all the potential, the eve of the emission war: ...
Jun22-07 06:57 AM
2 1,001
New web site promoting Michelle Bachmann for Governor of Minnesota. Be still my heart....
Jul2-09 03:08 PM
0 1,001
Im having a discussion with someone about sanctions leading up to the war in Iraq. I was wondering if anyone could...
Jun15-10 08:43 PM
3 1,001
Just in on Fox: ...
Feb19-09 10:03 AM
4 1,000
That must be the reason that Kerry’s campaign managers have not allowed him to have a press conference since early...
Sep12-04 09:14 AM
4 999
Just now on Al Jazeera TV, Ronald Noble of Interpol was interviewed. Interpol maintains a database of stolen and lost...
Nov16-06 07:25 PM
12 999
Besides wasting oxygen, what effect do sanctions and condemnations towards "unruly" nations actually have?
May12-11 04:54 PM
5 999
Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up' One of the things you can't say about General Anthony Zinni is that he is not well...
May25-04 12:39 PM
1 998
I'm in Vietnam!A Vietnamese! My friends, many,now are living in Russia. These days,i have always been worried...
Oct15-04 07:06 AM
0 998
Considering the way in which Iraq was invaded: Source We all know how the USA interpreted this the last time.
Nov1-05 08:58 PM
The Smoking Man
13 998,,3-2191767,00.html...
May22-06 02:30 PM
1 998 ...
Oct9-10 11:47 PM
3 998
As a non-churchgoer I'm a bit of an ignoramus on churchly matters. So I'm a "little" behind on what's considered the...
Nov12-04 12:19 AM
6 997
So along the lines of the "role of religion in conflicts" thread, let's discuss Lebanon now that Syria has been...
Jun30-05 04:15 PM
2 997
:cry: :cry: :cry: It really angers ! The poor fellow was an innocent worker; openminded, not putting down the...
May24-04 09:41 PM
5 996
I watched on PBS "Justice : What's the right thing to do?" Please watch the 12 episodes : Michael Sandel's lectures
Mar9-10 07:51 AM
1 996
By this I mean politician voluntarily acting in interest of wider group of people than current constituency, possibly...
Mar14-12 02:44 PM
2 996
Today Israeli soliders murdered in cold blood an American Professor and his son. I am sure if this Professor is not...
Jul6-04 05:37 AM
1 995
Now there's a new anti-Kerry group called "Football Fans for Truth". They have compiled all of Kerry's...
Sep29-04 10:24 PM
8 995
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - King Fahd, who moved Saudi Arabia closer to the United States but ruled the nation in name only...
Aug1-05 01:53 PM
0 995
For all you baaad people out there, the time has now come to open your arms and your country to the benefits of a...
Feb28-05 10:23 AM
6 994
This sounds good, but who are they kidding, the new Iraqi govenment officials can't even travel outside of the greeen...
May26-06 12:58 PM
1 994
Feb2-13 03:34 PM
0 993
Israeli Whistleblower Vanunu Freed Without Charge Sat Dec 25, 7:12 AM ET JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli nuclear...
Jan1-05 01:39 PM
1 993
Corzine Prevails in a Nasty Governor's Campaign in New Jersey by DAVID W. CHEN, NY Times, Nov 9. Unfortunately,...
Nov9-05 05:56 PM
Ivan Seeking
3 991
After Bush is gone, who do you think would be the best person or a wish list person for president and why? He...
Feb2-06 12:16 PM
4 991
What is your attitude towards the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin?
Jul22-11 03:00 PM
3 991
Is there a such thing as a Just Tax Theory? It has been brought to my attention that the academic world has a little...
May13-05 12:43 PM
4 990 or ...
Oct30-04 05:15 PM
Ivan Seeking
9 989
Which website is the best to follow up its results and latest news ?
Nov2-04 06:32 PM
3 986
I have read this forum for several months on a wide range of topics. I finally have decided to attempt a contribution...
Aug5-11 06:32 AM
2 986
UN Expert: Israel’s Apartheid Wall Aims at Grabbing Palestinian Lands...
Sep25-04 04:14 PM
0 985
Some time ago I wondered about the legitimacy of the Irak war in regards to the non-existence of weapons of mass...
Dec22-09 01:42 AM
1 985

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