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New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 21,274
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 20,731
This slipped under my radar - I heard mention of it yesterday on NPR, and it sounds like a mess. WASHINGTON — The...
Sep24-05 09:33 AM
6 954
Besides wasting oxygen, what effect do sanctions and condemnations towards "unruly" nations actually have?
May12-11 04:54 PM
5 954
begins to give us some perspective on how bad the damage the US has suffered in its foreign relations, IMO, there is a...
May3-04 03:54 PM
0 953
Hello, I am trying to locate some free Internet sources that have archived newspapers from the 1960s that are...
May31-05 07:14 PM
0 953
Some time ago I wondered about the legitimacy of the Irak war in regards to the non-existence of weapons of mass...
Dec22-09 01:42 AM
1 953 ...
Oct9-10 11:47 PM
3 952
We are losing control in Iraq quickly. -Since the Coalition military has taken Fallujah and "broken the back of...
Jan22-05 10:23 AM
the number 42
2 951
For all you baaad people out there, the time has now come to open your arms and your country to the benefits of a...
Feb28-05 10:23 AM
6 950
Lately I had been fascinated by the Obama election campaign. I am not talking about the fact that they had built up a...
Oct9-08 03:42 PM
3 950
Wikileaks founder is named "Man of the Year" by a leading French newspaper: ...
Dec22-10 11:45 PM
9 950
Now there's a new anti-Kerry group called "Football Fans for Truth". They have compiled all of Kerry's...
Sep29-04 10:24 PM
8 949
link (emphasis mine) My hat says this one's finished for good.
Jan15-06 08:48 PM
1 949
Violence is getting really bad south of the border. This story is typical of what we see in the daily news here in...
May16-07 09:59 PM
0 949
Sunday, December 05, 2004 Associated Press PARIS — French police on Sunday ended their practice of hiding plastic...
Dec5-04 07:38 PM
6 948
Just another setback. If this negligence continues it won't be long when somebody breaks into a silo. ...
Oct30-08 09:02 PM
0 947
I watched on PBS "Justice : What's the right thing to do?" Please watch the 12 episodes : Michael Sandel's lectures
Mar9-10 07:51 AM
1 947
I keep seeing this term thrown around and I want to get a clear idea what it means.
May25-07 10:30 AM
1 946
Future President a terrorist supporter?
Mar8-08 08:38 PM
0 946
It was about a month ago that I read this in the newspaper. If it is a repeat please delete. It turns out that the...
Dec18-07 11:06 PM
3 945
In the Tuesday, March 30 2004 NY Times, Paul Krugman writes “… an opinion piece in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz ...
Mar31-04 09:57 PM
6 944
Read This:
Oct22-04 09:01 PM
0 943
Kevin Sites, the reporter present at the killing in the Fallujah mosque, has written an account of his experience that...
Nov28-04 06:52 PM
4 942
Bush gets a big kick every time.
Oct26-04 04:01 PM
14 941 Here we go again :frown: the neocons seem to be setting the...
Sep15-06 06:09 PM
8 941
This thread is motivated by this thread: The effect of this...
Jan9-11 11:26 AM
7 941
Next to the price of lives, the lost of credibility of US in the world ... there is more to come for the US tax payer...
Apr8-04 10:23 PM
4 940
This person seems more competent than anybody else to be the next president interview
Jul14-13 03:23 PM
1 940
A diagnostically insane person commits what might otherwise be considered a capital crime. Often in our country,...
Sep17-06 09:39 AM
3 940
Radovan Karadzic would prevent nowdays bombings of innocent civilians. Karadzic was telling; we have a problem with...
Jul24-05 04:55 PM
1 939
Here's a little something relating to the 2000 election the recent Hurricanes that Florida has been a victim of: ...
Sep20-04 06:05 AM
14 938
Feb2-13 03:34 PM
0 937
Nov28-05 06:34 PM
1 936
An image of a Palestinian man, Wissam Tayem, on his way to a music lesson, stopped and forced to play for Israeli...
Dec1-04 08:04 AM
0 935 I like this news bit because it clearly dissociates...
Dec4-04 05:48 AM
3 935
Juan Cole has provided a précis of Lebanese history as a context for the recent events there and the politics that...
Mar2-05 09:58 AM
5 935
It seems that the storm has finally reached the shores of Europe. Fortis is partly nationalized in Holland, Belgium...
Sep29-08 08:39 AM
4 935
:cry: :cry: :cry: It really angers ! The poor fellow was an innocent worker; openminded, not putting down the...
May24-04 09:41 PM
5 934
Just What Iraq Needs: More Spin Topics: international | propaganda | public relations | Iraq Source: Washington...
Sep14-06 02:55 PM
2 934
Oct20-08 11:14 PM
0 934
After Bush is gone, who do you think would be the best person or a wish list person for president and why? He...
Feb2-06 12:16 PM
4 933

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