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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Apr15-14 04:47 PM thegreenlaser 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Mar27-14 01:13 AM jbunniii 

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Science & Math Textbook Listings

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Feb7-14 12:54 PM
Greg Bernhardt
39 32,773
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 6,964
Hi PF, looking for a recommendation on a mathematically rigorous text on statistics (and perhaps probability). I have...
Oct11-13 08:46 PM
2 1,000
I've got a Physics Olympiad coming up in a couple of months. Here is one paper from it:...
Oct11-13 05:37 AM
23 5,890
I am learning Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics and looking for a book that starts with Newtonian mechanics and...
Oct8-13 10:59 PM
11 2,028
Hello, Can someone please recommend me a physics textbook that will cover everything from grade 11-12 AP or IB and...
Oct7-13 07:21 PM
1 1,016
How tough is that book?I have heard a lot about it from my friends.They say it has the toughest physics problems.Is it...
Oct6-13 08:35 PM
1 2,617
Is there any good inorganic chemistry textbook which contains a lot of detail in terms of (1) the reactions inorganic...
Oct5-13 11:38 AM
0 781
I'm looking for a vector calculus book that's good for self study. I need to get some extra practice would like...
Oct5-13 11:21 AM
1 870
Hello, I was curious to know if anyone else has made the same observation as myself. After having read older...
Oct3-13 02:13 PM
6 889
hi, im new in basic electronics course. i m having some problem with simplifying the circuits using boolean algebra....
Oct3-13 01:01 PM
1 847
which books are best for learning whole stuff about QM(also advanced)?anybody refer me?
Oct3-13 12:40 PM
2 976
Does anyone know the textbook(s) that the scanned problems in the link below are taken from? ...
Oct2-13 08:44 PM
2 732
Hello, I have been increasingly running into topics in my field where at least a basic faculty with real and...
Oct2-13 05:30 PM
6 1,613
a book that covers from string feilds to spin to superconductor property, well... does not have to be all of them, but...
Oct2-13 12:32 PM
2 795
This author has two very liked books that have a geometric approach: The Geometry of Spacetime: An Introduction to...
Oct1-13 04:55 PM
0 826
Can someone recommend a great textbook or resource for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing that would be...
Oct1-13 03:32 PM
2 705
I'm taking Stat Mech at the graduate level and I find the course incredibly frustrating in that it just feels like a...
Sep30-13 10:05 PM
1 931
Iím a non scientific person seeking a text book relative to frequency/resonance of steel tubes including measurement...
Sep29-13 08:40 PM
0 796
Hey guys; can anyone recommend some tough textbooks for math and science high school and calculus level. Not the 100$...
Sep26-13 04:34 PM
2 952
Hey guys, Im wondering whether there is any book out there that approaches EM field using differential form and on the...
Sep26-13 02:20 PM
3 780
Can you find the textbook for: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations that MIT students use? It's...
Sep23-13 09:43 AM
1 1,024
A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics seem to be the book for me but does it give motivated proofs?And more...
Sep22-13 12:55 PM
0 881
Currently taking an electronics course for physics students and the text we are using is electronics for scientists...
Sep21-13 10:50 AM
2 1,005
Can you recommend me a college textbook for electrical engineering? Like tell me all the titles for the textbooks for...
Sep20-13 08:28 PM
2 963
I'm using a Quantum Physics student textbook for physics at school. My class started with Kinematics and I want to...
Sep20-13 07:36 PM
8 1,299
I'm going to do linear algebra for first time,so I look online and found Halmos' Linear Algebra Problem Book...
Sep20-13 12:14 PM
1 903
It would greatly help me if someone could suggest me books for the following topics. I am very sorry for posting...
Sep19-13 09:28 AM
0 909
During the D.J. Griffiths, Introduction to Elementary Particles, the author introduces unpublished references...
Sep19-13 06:44 AM
3 2,210
Hi All, I am contemplating which graph theory text to purchase. I am stuck between a) Graph Theory by Bondy...
Sep17-13 01:02 PM
1 737
I'm looking for a book on elementary physics,(like The Feynman lectures but conciser),not the for exams or something...
Sep16-13 06:32 PM
1 1,010
Hi I have just bought the hardback version of "Principles Of Quantum Mechanics" by Shankar online. The website stated...
Sep16-13 04:37 PM
1 783
What does it mean when someone says that a book is dry ?Does the book lack explanation?or is the book boring? is it...
Sep16-13 03:14 PM
4 826
I recently stumbled upon Kragh's Dirac: A Scientific Biography, and got a lot out of it. Usually, biographies of...
Sep15-13 06:43 PM
3 774
The college I am currently in has started with Differential Calculus. Due to some reasons I haven't been able to...
Sep15-13 10:27 AM
13 1,210
I've been wanting to see what this topic is all about for awhile now. I see the word "Manifold" and other terminology...
Sep13-13 10:28 PM
1 866
Hello everyone! My first post in this seemingly wonderful forum! Anyways, I an currently an undergrad and throughout...
Sep13-13 01:41 PM
7 940
I am a high school student and I have found the desire to figure out quantum mechanics and electrodynmics, I am...
Sep13-13 01:27 PM
9 1,118
Hi, could anyone recommend me a good book for learning C programming? I know that there are lots of good website but I...
Sep13-13 01:23 PM
14 1,278
My prof has been throwing around some group theory terms when talking about spin and isospin (product representations,...
Sep13-13 01:17 PM
2 749
Author: David V. Kerns Jr. (Author), J. David Irwin (Author) Title: Essentials of Electrical and Computer...
Sep13-13 01:15 PM
1 1,911
Hello everyone. Similar to my first thread, I am now looking for some biology/chemistry textbooks. The...
Sep13-13 09:24 AM
0 660

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