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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug13-14 07:32 AM Fredrik 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug24-14 11:23 AM mathwonk 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug27-14 02:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
47 50,657
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,650
We're currently using Stewart's in my class, and I'm not at all happy with it. I actually liked Stewart's for single...
Oct26-09 03:26 PM
3 4,597
any recommendations? Particularly a textbook who's writing is at the level of a senior undergrad or a textbook written...
Oct24-09 10:20 PM
0 1,161
Hi All, Kindly suggest me an alternative book for "Classical Mechanics by Goldstein". I am finding it little bit...
Oct24-09 10:39 AM
6 4,936
So what is your most difficult mathematical physics textbook you had the honour to read? For me, trying to read...
Oct24-09 05:09 AM
0 2,525
The problems in this book come with the (problem) numbers in different colours, some of the numbers in boxes, etc....
Oct24-09 12:29 AM
2 4,465
I'm interested in learning the calculus of general random variables, i.e. those that do not necessarily have a density...
Oct22-09 11:28 PM
3 4,128
I'm going to take an engineering physics class which is just simply a calculus-based physics class. Any suggestions...
Oct22-09 08:33 PM
1 1,543
Hi everybody: does anyone know of a good book on special relativity that takes a geometric approach? I'm doing...
Oct21-09 05:32 AM
2 1,586
Hi, I was wondering about your opinions and recommendations on some calculus texts, free or not. I already took...
Oct17-09 11:19 PM
0 4,804
I'm looking for a book by Steven Weinberg on the general theory of relativity (cant remember the exact title). ...
Oct17-09 03:21 PM
0 934
What would the best linear algebra book be? I'm looking for one that has alot of expositition and tries to get the...
Oct16-09 11:02 PM
8 56,314
Hello all. Last semester I took a real analysis class using this book:...
Oct16-09 04:27 PM
6 2,053
We have this course in our undergraduate course that I have to take, this Logic Circuit Design, and I don't know...
Oct16-09 04:06 AM
0 2,808
I'm wondering what mathematical background is needed to tackle Intro to Mechanics by said authors? I had a whole...
Oct16-09 03:45 AM
2 1,144
- by "Vector Calculus" i do not mean Calc III (multivariate). What i mean is the Calculus course that follows after...
Oct15-09 04:31 PM
7 6,890
Im still in 2year college, and studyin QM alone, would like to know a good book for QFT that I can understand. I have...
Oct15-09 01:29 AM
8 2,261
What texts are there that cover classical mechanics, electrodynamics, and general relativity utilizing tensors and...
Oct13-09 07:36 AM
Andy Resnick
5 2,390
Hello, I am searching for beginner physics books that won't break the bank. I am very interested in astrophysics...
Oct12-09 10:33 PM
6 22,470
I was originally going to take some electrical engineering courses along with my aerospace but have decided to just...
Oct12-09 05:09 PM
3 1,909
I've finished Richard Courant's "Introduction to Calculus and Analysis" Volume 1 (single variable calculus), and I was...
Oct12-09 02:27 PM
22 3,882
I know this is a little strange to ask on a forum but... I don't know where else to ask! My boyfriend is a physicist...
Oct12-09 11:23 AM
12 5,980
I am currently taking an advanced calculus course and, for the most part, I really like it. However, I believe I could...
Oct12-09 10:54 AM
5 6,638
Is there a book that presents classical and quantum mechanics utilizing the same mathematical framework? Just to get...
Oct11-09 06:15 AM
1 1,530
So Im in a quantum course and as a reference text we have cohen's quantums mechanics volume 2. I've been using it to...
Oct11-09 03:47 AM
1 12,132
I'm having a lot of trouble with basic EM (calculus based) because for some reason, the material simply isn't clicking...
Oct10-09 03:38 PM
7 1,433
Hi! I'm a graduate student in solid state physics and I have to follow a graduate course on equilibrium statistical...
Oct10-09 03:37 PM
1 1,713
Hi, I'm doing a foundation year in the UK at the moment for Physics (since I didn't take it at A level. I did do Maths...
Oct10-09 12:20 PM
6 1,795
What is the best book on the n-body problem, one that would cover all the different numerical and analytic methods of...
Oct10-09 11:50 AM
2 1,447
I was trying to search an article on the internet the 'reference line' is "Atwater, M. A., and J. T. Ball, 1978: A...
Oct10-09 05:45 AM
2 947
Hi all, Can u guys plz recommend me any problems book for mechanics. Level of problems should be between Irodov...
Oct9-09 04:58 PM
4 1,034
Hey I was wondering is someone could suggest a good college level physics text book. I am currently in a calculus...
Oct6-09 05:26 AM
1 1,289
I am going for IPhO 2007, that should be taken in account, what are the tough physics books for mechanics and...
Oct4-09 01:31 AM
26 5,633
I'd like to know which book is suiltable for 3rd management student for Qualitative and quantitative methods. . Please...
Oct2-09 09:41 AM
0 961
Question 1: Over the summer i briefly went through a introductory college physics class in Classical Mechanics, i...
Oct1-09 03:26 AM
4 1,648
Hi there, I'm searching for a good book for statistical physics. Professor as told us that the bibliography was...
Sep30-09 06:41 AM
3 1,017
All the books I want to read about probability and statistical estimation require some understanding of measure...
Sep29-09 08:17 PM
3 3,570
which explains geometrical optics & wave optics in detail.
Sep25-09 10:05 AM
5 2,039
Is there a mathematically rigorous book that covers both classical and quantum mechanics? If so, what is the book?
Sep23-09 03:31 PM
4 2,056
Has anyone read the Feynman Lectures of Physics*? I've heard about them and they seem pretty nice. I'm thinking of...
Sep23-09 11:14 AM
4 3,859
Has anybody had the change to read, "Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Mechanics A Coloring Book for Young Physicists." by...
Sep21-09 02:37 PM
4 2,275

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