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Science & Math Textbooks

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul25-14 02:41 PM QuantumCurt 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul15-14 04:50 PM HakimPhilo 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,817
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 47,670
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus INTRODUCTION I've never really been very good at math and when I found out...
Apr2-03 08:15 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 6,195
Force Heretic 1: Remnant By Sean Williams and Shane...
Apr2-03 08:34 PM
0 2,741
Linux for Windows Addicts INTRODUCTION Everyone has a stance in the OS debates, but I've really never taken a...
Apr3-03 12:04 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 3,382
Lie Algebras in Particle Physics (Frontiers in Physics), by H. Georgi. Perseus Publishing; 2nd edition (October 1999) ...
Apr3-03 01:34 AM
0 6,330
In the Republic, Plato lays out a perfect society. He says that the philosophers should be rulers. Also, he has...
Apr4-03 02:17 PM
0 3,895
Analysis by Its History E. Hairer & G. Wanner Published by Springer, as part of their Undergraduate Texts in...
Apr5-03 05:38 PM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 3,704
Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Wittgenstein and the Philosophical Investigations. Marie McGinn Publisher: ...
Apr5-03 07:37 PM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 3,705
1089 and all that. A Journey into Mathematics. David Acheson Oxford University Press ( ISBN...
Apr7-03 05:41 AM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 3,606
Bloomsbury Dictionary of Euphemisms John Ayto Bloomsbury Reference ( ISBN 0-7475-5045-X ...
Apr7-03 06:10 AM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 4,665
Not forcing a topic just to be the first to post a review of an astronomy book or anything, I just thought perhaps...
Apr9-03 11:12 PM
0 2,945
A Mathematician's Apology G.H. Hardy Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-42706-1 INTRODUCTION: ...
Apr11-03 11:12 AM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 3,684
Hi, Can someone recommend me a beginners to intermediate book on physics, the book or books should cover the...
Apr17-03 04:48 PM
4 4,053
Anybody has a suggestion for a good book introducing string theory?
Apr21-03 01:38 PM
3 5,257
Philosophy of Mathematics An Introduction to the World of Proofs and Pictures Author: James Robert Brown ...
Apr25-03 11:14 PM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 3,756
Physics for Scientists and Engineers Author: Paul A. Tipler Publisher: Freeman Worth ISBN: 1-57259-673-2 ...
Apr26-03 06:46 PM
6 13,579
I need a book about special theory of relativity. Could you please advice me any.
Apr28-03 02:49 PM
3 4,428
After excitedly buying this from Ottakers I wias dissapionted by the distinct lack of physics. It was more a history...
May9-03 03:52 AM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
1 3,874
The book review here is for Hyperspace, authored by Michio Kaku. As the name suggests, the book is focused on the...
May12-03 10:47 AM
0 3,492
I highly recommend this book, and it's sequel (More Anguished English), to anyone who likes a good laugh. The...
May12-03 02:44 PM
2 3,743
I have bought and begun reading THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE. I am interested in reading physics books which are considered...
May24-03 04:09 PM
0 2,990
Seeing as no-one has posted any good geology books, I'll recommend some of my favourites... The Fossil Trail, Ian...
May26-03 03:39 PM
0 2,313
Again, I'm not sure if this belongs here, but it fits as well as Flatland. Spaceland is a SF story by Rudy Rucker....
Jun9-03 12:11 PM
0 1,830
I just brought a second hand new book for four quid :) I have had only a very basic formal education in physics (erm...
Jun12-03 01:42 PM
0 2,122
Any more cartoon real physics books out there for visual people? I'm a math nut that has to learn with pictures no...
Jun14-03 07:42 PM
0 4,031
i am trying to find some good books for getting a true understanding of mathematics, maybe specifically calculus or...
Jun20-03 10:02 AM
1 3,722
Hi all, I'm new to these forums, have been trolling them for the past week and thought I'd post. Was in the...
Jun24-03 02:14 PM
2 3,845
Well, I saw that this section of the forum was empty and since I have read through plenty of school texts... ...
Jul2-03 03:47 AM
0 6,732
is this book worth buying?
Jul23-03 10:28 PM
0 2,604
A reference and textbook like book aimed towards new to serious amateur Astronomers, The Idiots Guide to Astronomy is...
Jul23-03 10:54 PM
0 4,663
When learning or just reading about Science, Mathematics or other subjects do you ever read Dummies or Idiots? Or...
Jul31-03 01:53 PM
8 4,612
The book "The Measure of All Things" by Ken Adler traces the French attempt to define the meter by the earth's size. ...
Aug1-03 03:34 PM
0 2,363
Anyone read this book? Its pretty good. Tell me what you think of it.
Sep10-03 10:35 PM
Junior Ivan
0 5,191
three roads to quantum gravity by lee smolin or a new kind of science by stephen wolfram?
Sep13-03 11:00 AM
3 2,663
Has anyone read any of his books? The subject matter is quite far-fetched, but it does make you wonder about things,...
Sep13-03 11:06 AM
0 1,612
Could someone please recommend me an excellent book on the subject Energy? I thank you in advance, Astrophysics
Sep13-03 02:13 PM
3 2,203
The "Universe In A Nutshell" (okay, for all you picky people out there, I know I shouldn't have underlined and quoted...
Sep19-03 09:47 PM
7 3,136
I warned all of you that I would return with another review of school texts... Note: I only have the 2nd volume...
Sep21-03 08:30 PM
1 6,626
is there any technical enginnering books available online...
Oct6-03 06:53 AM
1 2,295
how many books have you read this year? (i'm talking about non-science mainly) what books did you read? were...
Oct8-03 04:03 PM
51 5,712
How Things Work is an excellent introduction into the wonderful world of engineering. I love that book because it not...
Oct8-03 04:10 PM
1 2,267

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