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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Y 01:04 PM whyevengothere 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug24-14 11:23 AM mathwonk 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,887
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug27-14 02:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
47 51,290
Can someone please recommend any topological QFT text .I searched amazon and found nothing
Mar29-11 11:48 AM
5 1,580
What is the best chemistry book out there with lots of practice problems and that allows a beginner to comprehend...
Mar29-11 09:56 PM
4 26,115
Hi guys, I am a 1st year student in civil engineering, I must admit that I like my field program, the thing is that...
Mar30-11 01:31 AM
1 3,533
I'm taking E&M next semester, and the book we use is quite good at explaining concepts, but it only has 9-12 questions...
Mar30-11 05:23 AM
7 4,015
Can anyone tell me what is the best self-study book in quantum mechanics...I use now Quantum Mechanics Demystified...
Mar30-11 08:23 AM
1 1,738
I'm looking into purchasing a textbook or two for self-study of planetary science. I don't have any background in the...
Mar31-11 07:36 AM
0 2,057
Greeting everyone. I am now trying to speed up my model which is base on ising model. It looks like Ising model...
Mar31-11 11:13 AM
0 1,606
I wanted to do some physics over the break, electricity and magnatism to be exact. I have already taken the course so...
Mar31-11 11:29 AM
11 20,226
As the title says, I was wondering what would be a good book in Complex Analysis at the Undergraduate Level? I have...
Apr1-11 08:00 AM
12 5,555
Hey everybody, I'm an undergraduate taking an intro grad qm course and I was wondering what books people recommend....
Apr2-11 04:48 PM
4 1,340
I thought I will post it in the books section,but I think I need the experts guidance,so what is/are the best...
Apr4-11 01:58 AM
21 3,935
Has anyone read Warren Siegel textbook on quantum field theory ? What's your opinion about this book?
Apr6-11 05:35 AM
5 2,055
So I was planning on taking LA for fun next semester but it conflicts with my circuit analysis class. I decided to...
Apr7-11 09:27 PM
16 5,563
Hey. So I've decided to teach myself calculus. I bought 'Calculus Made Easy' by Sylvanus Thompson, and finished it...
Apr7-11 11:46 PM
3 1,323
Our last course on Mathematical Physics covers topology, topological spaces, metric spaces; differential forms;...
Apr8-11 12:09 AM
5 2,768
Well, I just finished a linear algebra course using David C Lay's book. Thinking to go deeper on the subject. I...
Apr10-11 03:04 AM
11 5,329
Hi I can't seem to find any recommendations for a good atomic physics book on this site. What would you guys...
Apr10-11 07:15 AM
3 2,371
Could anyone recommend some math books that introduce the delta function as a measure? Most of the books I have read...
Apr10-11 02:22 PM
0 1,115
Hi, I'm looking for a good book on particle physics phenomenology/nuclear physics. I'm having books like that of...
Apr13-11 03:04 PM
5 2,375
hi, first let me inform you that i'm not very good maths but love to learn it. i've basic understanding of maths. u...
Apr14-11 09:48 AM
22 5,723
I'm ordering Elements of Real Analysis (David A. Sprecher) from Amazon and find the fact that I'm paying more for...
Apr14-11 07:57 PM
8 1,590
(NOTE: I don't see a buying/selling forum/thread on PF, nor does seem to be any rules prohibiting a WTB thread, so I'm...
Apr14-11 10:47 PM
3 3,221
I just finished a course on linear algebra. The class was quite slow, and not much material was covered (essentially...
Apr15-11 05:21 AM
A. Neumaier
6 1,699
Background Next year I am going to be a final year student - Msci Physics. I am fairly mathematically competent...
Apr15-11 05:31 AM
A. Neumaier
1 1,659
I'm looking for an introductory book for knot theory. I have background in topology and algebraic topology. I would...
Apr15-11 09:03 AM
1 1,978
I am very confused as to what type of books are appropriate for my level of mathematics. I am trying to learn Abstract...
Apr16-11 12:17 AM
3 1,598
Is the Schaum's Electromagnetics book straightly for undergrad or for more advanced study?
Apr16-11 02:51 AM
0 1,796
Hi everyone, :wink: I have a copy of this book: Introductory Circuit Analysis by Boylested I don't think it is...
Apr16-11 07:55 AM
1 1,946
Hi, I study Physics, and where I study we only have 1 semester of linear algebra & geometry. I don't know the...
Apr18-11 05:00 AM
5 1,799
I recently made a topic about self studies in Physics. However, the topic mostly focused on physics books. Here, I...
Apr18-11 11:15 AM
6 7,003
I have been plagued with bad quality printing in textbooks, so many different publishers with a quality of printing...
Apr19-11 02:27 AM
1 1,103
Hello, :wink: I have seen some books which do not explain give any conceptual background to electronics concepts....
Apr20-11 11:12 AM
9 3,682
I would like it if you can recommend me textbooks in Engineering that are geared to people from the pure sciences. ...
Apr20-11 02:29 PM
3 2,011
According to my biology textbook, calico cats get their fur color mosiac from the random deactivation of one of their...
Apr20-11 05:44 PM
1 1,457
I had to drop out of school for personal reasons,I am only trying to remember math,for fun. So I have this pre...
Apr20-11 11:21 PM
7 2,744
Hello everyone I've recently begun studying "Introduction to Classical Mechanics" by David Morin, and the problems...
Apr21-11 01:19 PM
1 1,487
Hey, I found a copy of this book at my school library and I've been looking through it; I've been brought under the...
Apr23-11 10:23 AM
4 4,855
Hi, I have basic understanding of calculus and geometry.Can you please suggest some book on cosmology and space time...
Apr24-11 10:57 AM
6 3,019
Hi guys, I just wanted to hear some thoughts and recommendations. I am looking to learn/study up on differential...
Apr25-11 01:47 PM
19 2,654
Hello everybody, I'am a new membre. I'am working on an introduction to cosmology, but I haven't yet the necessary...
Apr26-11 08:57 AM
2 1,863

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