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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Apr15-14 04:47 PM thegreenlaser 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Mar27-14 01:13 AM jbunniii 

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Science & Math Textbook Listings

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Feb7-14 12:54 PM
Greg Bernhardt
39 32,576
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 6,893
Hi, does anydoby know a textbook - modern and well written - where I could find the Kubo-Greenwood formula? ...
Feb19-11 04:09 AM
0 2,386
I'm taking Real Analysis I this semester and looking to purchase a more rigorous text in the next few months. I know...
Feb18-11 01:22 AM
8 3,276
Well, I took a junior level classical mechanics course. We used Marion (the 4th edition). I guess Iím retarded or...
Feb17-11 08:00 PM
8 4,937
Apparently my college doesn't offer the same intro physics courses in both semesters, and they suggest that physics...
Feb17-11 07:06 AM
4 2,257
Hello Physics Forum! I'm happy to join you. I would like to replace my distracting TV watching with something to...
Feb17-11 03:51 AM
2 1,454
Hey, I am starting this course very shortly, and I always found that the books the professor recommended, I couldn't...
Feb16-11 11:27 AM
1 1,199
Hello everyone, I will buy Fitzpatrick's Advanced Calculus 2nd edition, but am not sure paperback or hardcover. The...
Feb14-11 10:51 PM
1 2,398
Srednicki's excellent QFT book is less than half price on at only 32$ and a few cents. I happened on this...
Feb14-11 03:08 AM
9 6,227
Could any one suggest me good books on power electronics,power systems and calculus?I belong to Electrical and...
Feb13-11 12:40 PM
1 2,027
Hi, As a prerequisite for Bsc in Physics+Math I have to take a summer course in physics since I do not have...
Feb13-11 11:18 AM
5 2,653
I have recently bought Volume 2 of this series (the classical theory of fields) because it was recommending for an...
Feb12-11 10:52 AM
1 2,981
I am attempting to get back into the academic world of physics. I have my associates degree and cannot continue taking...
Feb10-11 09:54 PM
2 1,866
I was wondering about the differences between the two text books "Fundamentals of Physics" and "University Physics:?...
Feb10-11 09:47 PM
1 2,932
I stumbled onto this forum looking for advice, and since it seems like the wonderful people here have provided...
Feb10-11 09:11 PM
6 2,222
Another thread by me within minutes of posting another.... I have 'Meeting the Universe Halfway', 'Quantum Reality:...
Feb8-11 08:31 PM
1 1,812
Anyone has any recommendation for a textbook/s that doesn't shun away from proofs of theorems? I read Murdock's...
Feb5-11 10:09 PM
6 1,552
Hello ,I would like to get a physics book that will cover as many topics as possible. I would prefer a book with a...
Feb5-11 12:50 PM
6 2,518
I am a 16 year old with a very basic knowledge in quantum mechanics. Can anyone suggest me a good book which describes...
Feb4-11 09:58 AM
4 2,423
Hi, I just found cheap Naive Set Theory by Halmos. I am wondering if it is worth buying. I have read somewhere...
Feb3-11 08:43 PM
6 2,271
I was wondering if anyone could suggest any good books about physics. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you...
Feb2-11 11:29 PM
13 2,477
I am getting ready to go back to school for physics this coming fall, but in the mean time I am doing a lot of study...
Feb2-11 10:33 PM
10 3,065
I'm a High School Student and I love studying Physics, but my main problem is, I sometimes get careless and sometimes...
Feb2-11 09:16 AM
3 2,260
Has anyone read this book? I'm right in the middle of it right now. From what I can tell its non-calc based math but I...
Feb1-11 02:44 PM
0 1,148
Hi, I'm trying to work out the problems on peskin's book. Does anyone know that where I can find the solutions to...
Jan31-11 10:48 PM
4 7,487
Can you recommend a good book on the theoretical side of nuclear physics?
Jan31-11 01:40 PM
7 2,451
I want to read this book(in English) but I was told that this book is very hard to read. I was wondering if there's...
Jan30-11 11:18 PM
3 1,783
Hi everyone , can you find some books for classical physics for begginers pls ? thnx
Jan28-11 09:08 AM
14 2,147
Is it spih-vach?
Jan27-11 09:03 PM
7 1,699
I am currently taking AP Physics B, and my teacher doesn't really teach the class. I really want to learn in depth...
Jan27-11 08:36 PM
2 2,546
What are good Optics books which are comparable to Hecht's Optics in terms of content and organization but not too...
Jan26-11 07:34 AM
2 3,500
Hello everybody!!! I'm new to this forum. Actually, this is my first post in here. I'm currently a sophomore...
Jan25-11 08:46 PM
13 5,380
I am using this book called as Linear and Non Linear optimization by Nash, Griva 978-0-898716-61-0 And it is by far...
Jan25-11 02:42 PM
0 1,655
Hello! I am a high school student and I am preparing for physics olympiad and I need some help regarding resources....
Jan24-11 11:02 PM
Bhandari Amit
6 9,319
Hello. I'm at the begining of a project related to the Josephson effect and need the book "Physics and Applications...
Jan24-11 10:34 AM
5 2,245
I wanted Brian Green's audio book, "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality" but the price...
Jan23-11 12:33 PM
0 1,922
I'm a third year physics student and just wanted to know for the future, what books should I get in order to learn...
Jan23-11 11:30 AM
2 1,180
Hi everyone, I'm a Physics student and I'm planning to go to grad school in theoretical physics (I'm still in my...
Jan22-11 12:24 PM
1 1,329
i am 10th grade student ( O Level ) I need a Book,which clear my concepts and about Physics. . I want to study...
Jan20-11 11:38 AM
21 4,620
I'm a 33 year old computer programmer. I have been reading ABOUT physics for some time, and enjoyed it in high...
Jan19-11 03:29 PM
4 2,067
I am going to take an intro modern physics course which includes these topics in syllabus: -intro to relativity &...
Jan19-11 04:55 AM
7 2,122

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