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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug13-14 07:32 AM Fredrik 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug24-14 11:23 AM mathwonk 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug27-14 02:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
47 50,704
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,663
This is an excellent book, so I'm surprised it's only been mentioned once before in the science book forum. It...
Feb4-10 05:13 AM
3 2,577
I'm on first semester, having classic mechanics cource and i need some good problem book with problems, with to be...
Feb3-10 06:35 AM
7 4,555
Hello, I'm about to start my year 11 & 12 studies. Among the compulsory subjects I'm going to take Maths, Physics,...
Feb3-10 05:45 AM
j manoj
4 5,771
I am searching for a book that analyses the philosophical aspects arising from quantum theory like EPR paradox, Bell's...
Feb2-10 08:56 AM
6 1,806
Is this book worth of reading?
Feb1-10 06:46 PM
2 2,286
Anybody have any experience with this book? It seems to be the standard in several graduate E&M courses in the EE...
Jan31-10 03:29 PM
3 3,734
Hey! Can you please recommend me some good and up to date cosmology books? Thanks!
Jan30-10 09:36 PM
3 2,888
Can someone recommend me a good book about physical optics, with solved examples?
Jan30-10 11:43 AM
0 1,557
Hello All, Am studying GR using a text by Hartle. From time to time need a better intuitive understanding of...
Jan30-10 09:43 AM
3 1,189
Has anybody read/studied this book:...
Jan29-10 07:05 AM
0 1,704
I am near the end of "Six not so easy pieces" by Richard Feynman and would like to go onto Quantum Mechanics can...
Jan28-10 06:15 PM
6 5,320
Gennaro Auletta's Quantum Mechanics, any of you folks read this book before? Is it okay for beginners? Also, can...
Jan28-10 07:41 AM
12 4,344
Could anyone recommend a good book on Lie Algebras for self-study? I need to deeply understand Dynkin diagrams and...
Jan27-10 05:00 PM
4 1,112
Dear all, does anybody know where I can find this article (bibliographical references). Are there similar articles...
Jan27-10 05:43 AM
1 3,810
Do you recommend a book in the technics of graphing functions specially the polar and spherical functions ... i...
Jan26-10 02:07 PM
0 852
I am an undergraduate student, and I just started a course called "Mathematics of Compound Interest." Most of the...
Jan26-10 12:59 PM
0 868
Science is independent of philosophy, however, Theoretical Physics is not JUST a science and sometimes philosophical...
Jan26-10 07:42 AM
2 1,637
What is the best grad-level book on the cosmological constant problem that introduces quantum field theory,...
Jan26-10 01:44 AM
5 1,602
Is it just me or is this book complete ****? I've only read the second chapter on velocity and acceleration but it's...
Jan25-10 09:07 PM
8 2,971
Hi, I'm taking a Fluid Mechanics course. The lecturer is very closely (letter to letter) following the book by...
Jan25-10 04:27 PM
3 2,133
Hey so I am doing a grad course on logic and skipping the undergrad introductory course. My friends have said that I...
Jan24-10 11:37 PM
1 1,769
This will be a pretty straight-forward question. Is Spivak's Calculus comprehensive enough for one embarking on...
Jan20-10 07:18 PM
20 20,568
Hello my dad wants to ingress University and he needs to recall all the basic Algebra stuff as he says he remembers...
Jan20-10 04:25 PM
1 1,021
can anyone tell me about abook where i can find many solved examples on nuclear engineering and nuclear reactors?? as...
Jan20-10 07:07 AM
0 1,109
Hi, I'm looking for some new books to get my teeth into that are physics/philosophy based. Currently i'm confined to...
Jan20-10 01:28 AM
6 3,763
Hey there, i'd really like a simple answer if I could =P I'm considering buying Stewarts "Calculus"; browsing...
Jan19-10 05:56 PM
1 954
Which book is more helpful?
Jan19-10 04:52 PM
16 6,375
Hello all, Purely out of interest, I considered taking a general physics course at my local university. However, I...
Jan19-10 10:41 AM
1 1,899
Please recommend me some good books which will help me to study these topics in physics masters course . Classical...
Jan15-10 02:07 PM
1 1,261
I hope it's ok to post this here. I have written an introductory book on supersymmetry, which assumes only some...
Jan14-10 10:33 AM
12 2,756
what is a good book to begin learning of tensors and tensors analysis?
Jan14-10 07:25 AM
0 1,098
Hi. I am soliciting opinions for a choice of textbook in a graduate nuclear physics class. I am woefully...
Jan13-10 09:03 PM
2 2,215
Hi, I'm wondering if there were any books for which if you were able to do the problems, then you're in good shape.....
Jan13-10 08:55 PM
5 3,587
Hello, Im struggling with a pretty horrendous lecturer for this 2nd year course, so am trying to learn a lot of it...
Jan13-10 12:57 PM
11 19,994
What is the best paper which introduces both quantum computing and the Shor factorization algorithm? Thanks
Jan12-10 12:56 PM
0 1,128
I am going to take Electrodynamics & Thermodynamics for the next semester, I am wondering if there are good problem...
Jan12-10 06:50 AM
3 2,445
Besides the obvious: Experience in a technical field...What is the process for becoming an author of a technical book?...
Jan11-10 02:43 PM
4 1,972
Hello there, I would like to just say before beginning that this is an excellent forum, and I have found it invaluable...
Jan9-10 01:46 PM
5 2,201
Have anyone of you have listened about Melvin Schwartz's book on...
Jan9-10 09:07 AM
8 4,440
I'm sure this has been posted before, but I did a quick search and couldn't spot anything. I was wondering what...
Jan8-10 11:30 PM
8 4,715

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