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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Apr15-14 04:47 PM thegreenlaser 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Mar27-14 01:13 AM jbunniii 

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Science & Math Textbook Listings

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Feb7-14 12:54 PM
Greg Bernhardt
39 32,576
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 6,893
I checked out two books from my library a few weeks ago and I'm done reading them: Amir D. Aczel's "God's Equation"...
Dec5-04 08:34 AM
9 7,001
First of let me explain who I am: I am a ninth grader in a math honors class, and we have to pick a topic to research,...
Mar31-05 08:17 AM
9 3,247
Would anyone be able to recommend an excellent linear algebra textbook that you could essentially teach yourself from?...
May24-08 07:20 AM
9 8,002
I've recently purchased "Cosmos" by the late Carl Sagan. Has anyone over here read it, if so tell me how is it?
May12-05 08:47 AM
9 2,393
What's the best exposition of Partial Differential Equations methods at the beginning-graduate level? I've found...
Jun8-07 09:58 AM
9 10,103
anyone know of a good quantum physics textbook?
Jan16-06 11:57 PM
9 4,081
I have had this book for a while and never really looked into it. It claims to be an easy/nonmathematical approach to...
Feb2-06 01:54 AM
9 6,030
i have a lousy physics prof, who cannot teach at all, where can i find stuff to help me out on the internet, or anyone...
Feb27-06 09:55 AM
9 1,090
I am searching for a book that describes with depth the history of physics from Galileo, Newton, etc. to Einstein,...
May6-06 12:34 PM
9 1,887
Does anyone know how many chapters Courant & John's "Introduction to Calculus and Analysis, Volume II" has? Because...
Apr3-06 10:39 AM
9 2,380
Hi, I'm in Chemistry AP and the teacher highly recommends to study in parallel with a book of our choice. Is there a ...
Dec7-06 01:14 PM
9 12,314
The one we're using is insanely horrible. I just don't like how they approach the concepts and examples. It's called...
Jan29-07 07:24 AM
Dr Transport
9 6,834
Go to It's not yet complete, but a remarkable well documented and...
Jul30-07 11:54 PM
9 8,226
I have several books on linear algebra but they all bore me to death. What I find annoying is that they all focus on...
Feb24-07 11:31 AM
9 7,625
Hello guys, Could someone reccomend me a complex analysis textbook? My class is currently using Stewart but i heard...
Mar5-07 08:27 PM
9 2,287
Hi, I notice that there are many self-study students here on PF so I thought it'd be a good idea to make a quick...
May26-08 07:03 PM
9 16,376
What is Quantum Mechanics by Transnational College of LEX I found this in my local library. The reason I took it out...
Mar17-09 07:47 AM
9 2,385
I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, and I think it is, but does anyone know a good calculus book that...
Jun2-08 11:27 PM
9 11,346
Ok, so I was wondering when i am done taking Calc III would I be ready for Kleppners Intro to mechanics? I hear it is...
Aug10-07 01:49 PM
9 2,565
... the book is tiny ... (sure it has lots of advanced material) but wow ... $150 new on Amazon, for something you...
Aug19-07 01:59 PM
9 4,236
I am by training a math major. I have not taken any physics courses. If I want to self study mechanics, could I start...
Aug27-07 03:06 PM
9 2,613
Hello, I am a student interested in learning AP Physics C material on my own because the class is not offered at my...
Nov26-09 10:12 AM
9 6,914
Does there exist a solid concrete detailed textbook on Ring Theory? I'm looking for something like Rotman's book of...
Dec16-07 09:39 PM
9 3,404
Hello, The current coursepack that was recommended by our professor just isn't cutting it. It explains the...
Dec9-07 01:03 PM
9 6,843
I searched around and I found some books on how to write proofs. There are so many of them that got good review and I...
Sep16-08 05:59 AM
9 4,599
If this is not the appropriate forum, I apologize. I just assume it is the forum where the people reading this will...
May14-08 03:53 PM
9 3,469
I am looking for a calculus book that gives the reader deep understanding of how calculus works, not just rote...
Sep5-08 04:47 PM
9 5,622
What Goldstein is to Classical Mechanics, who/m is to Quantum Mechanics?
Dec16-08 03:31 AM
9 2,515
The first time I took Electromagnetics via Jackson I did terribly on account of not knowing the math needed to read...
Dec12-08 11:05 AM
Ben Niehoff
9 1,710
Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on an exceptional Calc of Variations text or other resource? The few I've...
Feb23-09 07:50 PM
9 6,208
What is the "standard" textbook for graduate studies in thermal physics?
Apr13-09 08:56 AM
9 1,967
Hi. I don't know much about physics, and I wanted to get into some mathematical physics. I want to learn, from a...
Dec22-09 09:05 PM
9 2,843
Just recently I finished an introductory course on special relativity. The book we used was "A travelers guide to...
Apr14-09 12:19 PM
9 2,328
All- I am currently an undergrad about to embark on Physics I (Calculus Based). I took AP Physics in High School,...
Jun11-09 08:34 PM
9 6,025
<< berkeman merged two threads >>
Aug2-09 06:49 PM
9 1,323
I have Calculus with Analytic Geometry Seventh Edition, by Larson is that sufficient for self-study Calculus II and...
Sep16-09 10:26 PM
9 5,649
I had no mathematics and physics background during my undergraduate studies. Due to some reason, I have to study...
Nov17-09 12:44 AM
9 1,875
I'm looking for an in-depth and detailed book on relativity. My university has Gravitation on its shelves, what is...
Dec30-09 03:55 PM
9 1,513
I'm sure this has been asked numerous times so I apologize ahead of time. I have no physics background but have been...
Dec12-09 04:08 AM
9 2,187
I think I need a good book(s) on SR. Please let me know which you think are good. Thanks.
Jan1-10 02:43 PM
Heidi M
9 3,700

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