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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Apr15-14 04:47 PM thegreenlaser 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Mar27-14 01:13 AM jbunniii 

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Science & Math Textbook Listings

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Feb7-14 12:54 PM
Greg Bernhardt
39 32,571
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 6,892
First of all, for what audience is the book intended for? I mean for highschool students or undergrads? 2nd. I...
Sep27-11 09:20 AM
7 2,134
Hi, I'm a high school student and I'm just wondering which book would be better for an AP Calculus (AB and BC) course....
Mar6-11 12:19 PM
7 19,663
Hi, This is second week of our class, despite understanding what is being taught or being assigned to read, i'm...
Oct15-11 10:09 AM
7 8,070
I am currently (considered) a junior in high school having just finished my sophomore year. I will be taking AP Calc...
Jun17-10 01:48 AM
7 1,669
Hi, I wish to enter AP calculus first thing in my final High school year, and so I am Essentially skipping some...
Jun27-10 12:52 AM
John H
7 3,543
I'm wondering what this book is like in relation to QM, QFT, and String Theory Demystified which have mixed reviews: ...
Jul14-10 08:01 AM
7 2,168
I used Gilbert Strang's text: Introduction to Linear Algebra, to introduce myself to the subject. The book drops off...
Jul22-10 04:11 AM
7 3,162
Hi well I'm a high school graduate. I need some books about Real Analysis, Topology, Complex numbers and number...
Oct5-10 05:46 PM
7 2,389
I am interested in studying astronomy. What books would you recommend for a beginner in this subject? I have a fairly...
Oct22-10 09:18 PM
7 1,457
Hi. i'm actually under the department of the applied optics so I had very few change to face the concept,...
Oct28-10 12:59 PM
7 3,002
Hy! Might someone recommend a good physics reference handbook. It seem there's plenty of mathemathical ones around,...
Dec29-10 08:02 AM
Andy Resnick
7 2,154
I realize that is probably an oxymoron :smile: I know that proofs take getting used to and lots of practice. ...
Nov13-10 08:22 PM
7 1,714
My honors physics course is working with Purcell's textbook, but i've found some sections of the book are quite wordy...
Nov28-10 04:34 PM
7 1,960
I'm taking E&M next semester, and the book we use is quite good at explaining concepts, but it only has 9-12 questions...
Mar30-11 05:23 AM
7 3,791
What's the best way to get rid of these books? I bought them from the college, and I'm not sure how much they'll buy...
Nov28-10 01:12 PM
7 1,195
I am going to take an intro modern physics course which includes these topics in syllabus: -intro to relativity &...
Jan19-11 04:55 AM
7 2,121
Is it spih-vach?
Jan27-11 09:03 PM
7 1,699
Can you recommend a good book on the theoretical side of nuclear physics?
Jan31-11 01:40 PM
7 2,451
Hi guys. I finished working through D'Inverno's "Introducing Einstein's Relativity" and Schutz's "A First Course in...
Feb25-11 02:21 PM
7 3,090
Hello, I'm sure this topic has been discussed in the past, but I couldn't search the forum with the word "GRE"....
Mar4-11 10:58 PM
7 7,615
I had to drop out of school for personal reasons,I am only trying to remember math,for fun. So I have this pre...
Apr20-11 11:21 PM
7 2,526
Hi all; firstly, I thank all of you who respond to my question in advance. I'm a mathematics student with an...
May10-11 07:55 PM
7 2,206
Hi, Im trying to find out some calculus books that explain asymptotes (not only 10 lines, someone that explains...
May16-11 08:37 PM
7 2,373
Hi, I'm looking for some good books on engine building or modification. Any suggestions or preferences would be...
May31-11 01:51 PM
7 3,653
First of all, what's the difference between real analysis and advanced calculus? From what I've gathered, real...
Jun8-11 09:12 PM
7 3,136
Good evening, I have a background on one-variable Calculus and I am currently self-studying Calculus from...
Aug6-11 05:10 PM
7 2,851
So I'm looking for a decent book which I can use as a reference for now (and hopefully at some point read all the way...
Aug23-11 09:40 PM
7 4,846
I'm not sure if this should go here, anyway I'm contemplating over what Calculus text book should I buy. Textbooks...
Dec24-11 01:37 PM
7 2,673
Since I'm a freshman, and my high school doesn't allow freshman to take any physics class, I was wondering if anyone...
Jun12-12 10:37 AM
7 3,078
OK, I'm kind of upset right now and I was hoping someone would have an answer for my question. Right now I don't...
Jan11-12 11:36 PM
7 3,364
How advanced is this text? The only exposition I've had to quantum mechanics is through "The Quantum Universe" by...
Jan9-12 08:56 PM
7 2,450
What would be your go-to textbook for Classical Mechanics at the undergraduate level? It must also cover the...
Feb2-12 08:33 PM
7 4,906
Hi, I am currently taking real analysis(undergraduate course), and am using the book "Introduction to Real...
Feb19-12 03:15 PM
7 3,404
hello there, i need a place or a book where i can learn the mathematics of QM. I am having trouble with linear...
Mar6-12 01:40 PM
7 2,523
Hello everyone! I'm looking for an advanced quantum mechanics textbook. I've taken several undergrad quantum...
Apr7-12 04:45 PM
7 3,134
i wonder what you guys feel makes a math book "good". for the most part the topics for different subfields are already...
Apr25-12 09:15 PM
7 2,521
Last time I made the mistake of making a solutions manual thread. This is probably what I should've asked instead: ...
May22-12 01:53 PM
7 2,468
I'm interested in teaching myself the following subjects: - Calculus I, II, and III - Linear Algebra -...
Jun13-12 06:51 PM
7 4,153
I'm looking to do a calculus review, but I'd like to use a slightly more advanced book than I did earlier this year....
Jun30-12 08:29 AM
7 1,626
I'm tutoring some high school kids right now, but I don't actually own any high-school level math books. We've just...
Jul2-12 06:18 AM
7 2,121

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