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Science & Math Textbooks

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
T 02:41 PM QuantumCurt 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul15-14 04:50 PM HakimPhilo 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 45,547
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,324
The question is if I can start with Spivak's calculus without reading a book like calculus made easy or the calculus...
Jul1-13 11:22 PM
7 1,134
If one were to want to take a broad look at modern physics in a somewhat concise manner just before starting in on...
Jun4-13 04:47 PM
7 3,164
I am looking for an introductory book on Mechanics. (I have never studied Physics before) Calculus (Single and...
Dec8-13 12:42 AM
7 4,330
I'm looking for a book that could help me get a better grasp on calculus and its related concepts. I've been through...
Dec24-12 01:09 PM
7 4,106
I am retaking college pre-calc Trig and still struggling (C on the first exam). I have yet to ever receive from an...
Jul29-12 10:56 PM
7 2,441
Here's a list of most of the textbooks I've read; Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences - Mary Boas...
Aug3-12 12:07 AM
7 1,885
Hey guys. Does anyone know of a good undergraduate level textbook on number theory? I have a pretty solid...
Aug10-12 01:11 PM
7 1,986
Please, recommend me a book (or books) on basic math/pre-algebra that really explains how math works from the inside...
Aug19-12 10:22 AM
7 2,921
Does anyone know of any books that will get younger people (teens/pre-teens) interested in physics (or science in...
Aug12-12 09:01 AM
7 1,736
Hi all; I'm a physicist _High Energy Physics Major_ and i use some computer software that is based on C++ Programming...
Aug14-12 08:27 PM
Dr Transport
7 2,267
Recently, I bought a number of cheap Dover textbooks on (mathematical) topics I am going to study coming semester,...
Sep7-12 06:43 PM
I like Serena
7 2,517
Hello everyone! As the title of this thread possibly suggests to you, I'm not very skilled with mathematics. I...
Sep7-12 10:22 PM
7 3,233
what is a mathematical methods in physics book that you all would recommend? I need One that shows enough steps,...
Oct3-12 04:17 PM
7 1,750
I am mostly interested in particle physics so if anyone can suggest some good books for it
Nov20-12 07:08 AM
7 1,559
Hello. Quick introduction, I'm 12th grade and in my country we have this end exam in mathematics which I have to pass...
Dec6-12 04:35 PM
7 1,537
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some books for studying topics such as abstract manifolds, differential...
Dec25-12 11:11 AM
7 1,474
Hello, Can anyone please help me with this? I gave my SAT II Physics and got 670. But im not satisfied with this...
Jan18-13 09:24 AM
7 1,323
Hi all, Can someone recommend a good book on how to learn about superconductors, a general overview of the field?...
Jan30-13 01:41 AM
7 1,398
Hi, I am interested on learning QED on my own. I have a good background in QM. What are the best text book that...
Apr2-13 06:04 PM
George Jones
7 1,599
Hey, I recently just finished my calc 2 course ( All my exams actually :) ), and I'm thinking about learning real...
Apr19-13 04:56 PM
A. Bahat
7 1,519
Hey i was posting to ask what type of books i can get to make me more knowledgable on the subject of astrophysics, it...
Apr30-13 06:42 PM
7 1,289
As the title says, I'm looking for an approachable upper division mechanics book. I'm starting my upper division come...
May30-13 08:36 PM
7 1,166
Hi, I'm interested in doing some self-study this summer and learning some group theory. This has come up a lot as I'm...
Jun3-13 11:33 AM
Dr Transport
7 1,237
Hi everyone, I was wondering if you guys could suggest me some good books in cosmology with finely explained WKB...
Jul30-13 04:27 AM
7 740
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on Gelfand's Trigonometry book. ...
Aug4-13 12:50 PM
7 1,376
Hi everyone. I got my BS in physics 5 years ago, and I've gotten the urge to brush up on my math and physics, as I...
Aug27-13 12:23 AM
7 1,324
Hello everyone! My first post in this seemingly wonderful forum! Anyways, I an currently an undergrad and throughout...
Sep13-13 01:41 PM
7 1,391
Could someone recommend me a good Introductory Fluid Mechanics book? It's only an introductory course so it doesn't...
Oct20-13 01:08 PM
7 1,880
My nephew has a birthday coming up - I want to get him one of those "200 electronics project" kits, but typically they...
Oct28-13 06:34 AM
7 1,232
Is there a gentle textbook of complex analysis? Something equivalent to Larson's Calculus (or Stewart's). I have...
Nov21-13 08:56 PM
7 1,053
I was looking for a self-study book that is accessible by an high-school student (11th grade) for general relativity....
Dec1-13 10:26 AM
7 1,904
I'm a physics major and it looks like my next classes will be a 300-level mechanics class and 300-level E&M class next...
Nov28-13 12:58 PM
7 1,217
Hello all! I am looking to dive into the world of calculus before my peers in highschool, I am looking for some really...
Dec16-13 01:40 PM
7 1,544
I'm looking to begin an independent study of Calculus, having read Lang's Basic Mathematics. I would like to know if I...
Dec23-13 04:40 PM
7 1,127
Hi I need a good book for circuit analysis (preferably, it should be available on my cell phone via, for instance,...
Mar20-14 03:54 AM
7 1,284
Hi all. First year physics student here. I'm doing very very well in my course at my Uni (A++ after first midterm) I...
Mar17-14 05:34 AM
7 840
I've finished physics but I'd like to have a certain kind of book. I have this book about math (click the link.) ...
Feb21-14 04:49 AM
7 827
What would be a good mechanics book after K&K that includes Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics? Also, would...
Apr13-14 10:55 AM
7 1,177
Hello all, Soon I'm planning to restudy calculus to learn it to a better extend. Therefore, I'll start a course in...
Jun7-14 08:04 AM
7 1,060
I am very curious with what differential geometry is. Can you send me links, books, and etc? I want to learn it. ...
May27-14 04:54 PM
7 654

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