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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
T 01:04 PM whyevengothere 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug24-14 11:23 AM mathwonk 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug27-14 02:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
47 51,257
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,869
Math level is through the first year of calculus, so differential calculus. I want a book with some math in it and...
Jun4-14 02:22 PM
3 521
Hey all. I am an undergraduate math major in my third year who is planning to do a reading course in fluid mechanics...
Dec3-13 07:07 PM
3 806
Hi, I recently got some money and I wanted to pick up some textbooks that are worth the ridiculous prices that...
Dec10-13 08:49 PM
3 1,197
Good evening guys, I have to decide whether to purchase Atkins or Levine for my physical chemistry learning? Personal...
Mar10-14 10:57 AM
3 1,393 ...
Jan23-14 12:06 AM
3 1,832
Hey PF, I'm really getting into physics and I'm want to explore and learn more about physics than what i just did in...
Jan20-14 10:03 PM
3 1,053
I am an aspiring mathemarician and wanted to know algebra/trig books with rigor. I have sullivan pre cal/...
Feb9-14 08:32 AM
3 935
I finished the two semester calculus based physics sequence (using Halliday, Resnick, and Walker) at my school last...
Jun24-14 06:26 AM
3 3,026
Leonard Suskind's new book on Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum is now available. I bought a copy at the...
Feb20-14 10:50 AM
3 954
Hi all. Can anyone please recommend me a good undergraduate level Condensed Matter Physics book that has a number of...
Mar5-14 12:37 PM
3 923
Hello all, I'm going to begin a PhD program in the fall and likely will be doing research in the world of particle...
Mar8-14 02:39 PM
3 1,103
Hello. I wanted to complete my preparation in algebra 2 and precalculus so that I can tackle Spivak's "Calculus." I...
Mar11-14 09:32 PM
3 892
I am a high school student . I am a beginner in calculus . In the future i wil study theoretical physics and pure...
Mar24-14 12:05 PM
3 1,061
Hi, Can anyone please suggest me some of the best books and video tutorials for the below subjects? 1. Strength of...
Sep9-14 07:33 AM
3 1,009
Hi again, I'm looking for a book to self study thermal physics/statistical mechanics. I would like one with an...
Apr16-14 02:41 AM
3 859
Hey guys I've been thinking for the summer I'd like to get a bit of an introduction to QM. I'll be doing research so...
Apr19-14 07:37 AM
3 807
I will be needing to pick up a nuclear physics book one of these days. Krane seems to be a pretty popular...
May4-14 12:46 PM
3 664
What book can I use to learn methods of solutions for differential equations not covered in this textbook:...
May26-14 09:05 AM
3 674
Hi, I've red the first 4 chapters in Clayden Organic chemistry, and I gotta admit I find the first chapters on NMR...
Jun11-14 08:50 AM
3 886
I am a maths undergraduate and looking for a book that covers many applied maths topics, such as electromagnetism,...
Jun14-14 08:47 AM
3 1,005
In my other thread on choosing a precalculus book for review, I went off topic and into calculus books, and how there...
Jun17-14 08:22 PM
3 1,410
Could anyone recommend an up-to-date and not too advanced book or online notes on applied quantum mechanics or quantum...
Jun17-14 09:50 AM
3 1,010
Hello, I just finished A-Levels (high school) and I bought two maths books to study over summer. I got Spivak's...
Jun24-14 02:49 PM
3 1,660
I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from a Big 10 university. Right now I am looking for a Calculus text...
Jun25-14 11:44 AM
3 1,622
Hey guys, I studied with this book now for some weeks. The last few days I solved a lot of exercises to prepare for...
Jun29-14 06:12 PM
3 2,495
Is there any book that does what Landau does in Fluid Mechanics and Theory of Elasticity, only using a...
Aug19-14 08:46 AM
3 2,080
In PA, the libraries' reading program is about science. I read the book, "Life as we do not know it" and want a book...
Jul8-14 08:43 PM
3 1,977
Recently, knowing that I don't understand a lot of geometry and trigonometry stuff finally pissed me off, so I started...
Jul19-14 01:30 PM
3 1,349
Can anyone please recommend me a good textbook for the course "Complex Variables with Applications" that has lots of...
Jul16-14 04:22 PM
3 1,437
I haven't studied material science anymore after high school and I do not know what is coexistence curves to answer...
Aug16-14 10:37 PM
Useful nucleus
3 1,044
I took an Electricity & Magnetism course at the university, now I am looking for a good book on Electrodynamics to...
Jul25-14 03:16 AM
3 740
I am a physics graduate student, and feel a bit behind in my understanding of statistical mechanics. I will be taking...
Aug20-14 11:22 AM
3 516
I am a freshman (ore med). My curriculum does not have physics until junior year of college. I want to take the MCAT...
Aug22-14 12:07 PM
3 444
Hello, I am a first year graduate student in physics who is interested in getting involved in the field of lattice...
Sep2-14 11:57 AM
3 337
I've been looking for a good QM book for a while, and I'm considering purchasing Morrison's book. I've already...
Aug29-14 08:53 AM
2 1,370
Does anyone know where I can get a complete list (that is preferably well organized) of topics from arithmetic -...
T 12:22 AM
2 139
I have been reading the first chapter of K&K which is one the mathematical preliminaries supposedly and it includes...
Jun27-14 11:33 AM
2 1,937
Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the international edition of the above textbook? I got my reading list out...
Aug29-14 04:55 PM
2 527
Nice to meet you guys! :blushing: That's my first time writing in a forum in English. Don't know how to start. I kind...
Sep2-14 08:16 PM
2 359
I'm looking for a book or two that details affine spaces and transformations, then differential geometry of surfaces...
Sep11-14 02:29 AM
2 256

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