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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug13-14 07:32 AM Fredrik 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug18-14 03:52 PM whyevengothere 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug11-14 01:55 PM
Greg Bernhardt
41 49,954
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,451
What can I do to learn modern mathematics? Calculus and discrete mathematics were made over a hundred years ago. They...
May30-14 08:06 PM
15 796
I've tried to learn calculus many times from many books,I've come to the conclusion that there is no ideal book on...
T 04:48 PM
15 504
I want to learn the mathematical language of Ashtekar's formulation / Loop Quantum Gravity in 3 months. Which...
Dec14-11 02:45 AM
14 5,427
Christine has written a very personal take on Smolin's book ...
Dec3-08 12:42 AM
14 2,828
can someone recommend one? i have spacetime physics by wheeler and whoever else and though it's decent and self...
Aug18-07 07:37 AM
14 3,408
Greetings- Please give me the title of a book on QM that is often suggested for a beginner.To aid in the selection, I...
Mar4-09 02:59 PM
14 3,521
Hello, I'm currently a sophomore in High School, and have only just recently found a very strong interest in the...
Nov8-07 01:47 AM
14 5,971
Hi, second term is coming up, woot. I have e&m next semester and I heard that griffiths is one of the best texts...
Dec2-07 06:47 AM
14 5,697
I finished the calculus sequence several years ago and I just want a reference. Apparently there are two editions that...
Apr19-08 03:21 PM
14 11,455
I'm wanting to study on my own some more advanced levels of mathematics beginning with precalculus topics and I would...
Oct21-08 05:52 AM
14 12,607
Hello, As I would like to learn Linear Algebra, it would be awesome if you guys could introduce me to a good LinAlg...
May24-08 11:36 AM
14 8,339
I'm an undergraduate studying mathematics. I did really well in differential equations and abstract algebra, but...
Jul21-08 06:41 AM
14 2,875
I've recently bought the 1965 copy of the reif textbook by mcgraw hill, fundamentals of statistical and thermal...
Apr15-09 01:04 AM
14 8,765
Can anybody recommend a book on Quantum Mechanics which satisfies the following criteria: 1. It is written by a...
Apr13-09 11:52 AM
14 4,403
yo. today I got "quantum mechanics demystified", and I heard it has a lot of typos. Can you list them all for me...
Sep7-11 09:43 AM
14 5,631
Some days ago, a professor in physics recommended a book on Quantum Physics to me. It's quite a popular book ,he'd...
Jul11-09 01:22 PM
14 3,299
Hello everyone. I registered here because I am having difficulty with my physics book. My class required us to...
Sep22-10 12:47 AM
14 17,281
I'm going to be taking Algebra 2 this semester (even though I should be much further along by now but a teacher...
Sep5-09 11:25 PM
14 9,649
I'm not a complete newbie to Python but i'm not a pro either (far from it). I played with Python on surface, like...
Nov12-09 06:22 PM
14 2,399
Which book should I use as a introduction to analysis: Serge Lang undergraduate analysis Pugh Real Analysis I've...
Nov28-09 12:30 PM
14 3,114
I'm thinking of doing the following to actually learn linear algebra thoroughly as opposed to the 50 page treatments a...
Apr28-10 07:19 AM
14 2,393
Im looking for a quantum mechanics textbook(preferably cheap) but ive found some and I just don't want to be spending...
May14-10 09:14 PM
14 2,771
Since I'm reading SR/GR now, I thought I'd complement it with a treatment of EM also. I am looking for a treatment of...
Jul5-10 10:22 AM
14 2,689
Hi I've got an introductory Linear Algebra course that is using Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications by...
Nov28-10 12:46 PM
14 6,944
Hi everyone , can you find some books for classical physics for begginers pls ? thnx
Jan28-11 09:08 AM
14 2,280
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data I am trying to study geometry because I never studies it...
Mar9-11 11:53 AM
14 2,851
I'm a graduate student of theoretical physics. I'd like to specialize in the field of quantum information, quantum...
Mar26-11 04:37 AM
George Jones
14 4,653
I wish to learn Quantum Physics and I want you to guide me to a book in Quantum Physics. Thank you.
Jun10-11 01:40 PM
14 2,615
Hey I'm self teaching myself calculus. I have the book "Calculus Early Transcendental Functions," by Larson, Hosteler,...
Jun10-11 10:36 PM
14 5,682
Hi everyone, I'm an 11th grade high school student trying to build a home science/math library. I love physics,...
Jun23-11 04:52 PM
14 3,355
I'm a math major taking an intro to linear algebra course in the fall and the course is built around Linear Algebra...
Jul20-11 06:46 AM
14 5,190
Hello PF group. Long time reader, first time poster. Can someone please make some recommendations for a good...
Dec10-11 09:34 PM
Vinay Hebbar
14 6,817
How can it cost $300 extra to make a hardback version of a book? ...
Mar22-12 11:44 PM
14 4,682
Hello, I'm thinking of starting to study some QFT. I know EM and QM on the level of the first part of Griffiths'...
Jan17-12 11:08 PM
14 3,001
Hey folks, I just finished reading Axler's Linear Algebra Done Right, and Halmos' Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces,...
Mar5-12 09:56 AM
14 3,853
For around 90% of Spivak's exercises, I need to look in the solutions manual. I'm on chapter 5, which covers limits,...
Apr10-12 10:57 PM
14 4,545
I have never had an advanced classical mechanics class, only elementary level treatments using mostly Newtonian...
Apr18-12 03:26 PM
14 4,112
Where should I start studying topology for analysis? I'm completely new to the subject of topology, and I found there...
May4-12 11:49 AM
14 2,545
Hi. I'm studying (introduction to) QFT, and I'm really lost. If possible, I'd like a pointer to a good textbook on the...
Jun18-13 04:17 AM
14 3,622
I'm finishing up Spivak, after a break from "pure" math. I'm looking for a good follow up on multivariate analysis....
Mar8-13 10:10 PM
14 2,725

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