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- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul30-14 03:50 PM coffeejunky 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
T 03:16 AM crownedbishop 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,971
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 48,325
Bloomsbury Dictionary of Euphemisms John Ayto Bloomsbury Reference ( ISBN 0-7475-5045-X ...
Apr7-03 06:10 AM
Dj Sneaky Whiskers
0 4,672
In Boas' book I can read that the definition of center of mass of a body has coordinates x_{CM}= \int x_{CM}dM= \int x...
Jul6-11 01:14 PM
3 2,461
I apologize if this has been posted before. Canonical Gravity and Applications: Cosmology, Black Holes, and...
Sep28-10 10:47 AM
8 2,662
Hello everyone, Does anybody know a good book with the sole purpose of showing the use of mathematical techniques...
May12-11 07:41 PM
5 1,862
Is there a book, series of notes, lectures, PDF, PPT or anything that contains all known complete analytical / exact...
Nov30-08 12:52 AM
0 2,125
Can someone recommend me a good book about physical optics, with solved examples?
Jan30-10 11:43 AM
0 1,545
I'm looking for book about making proof. Is this kind of book even required to understand proofs? Is there some...
Mar8-10 03:25 PM
1 935
I'm looking for a good book on sound, I never really covered it in much detail anywhere. Rather than hardcore...
Jul26-11 04:09 PM
0 1,065
Does anyone know a good book to learn about the mathematics of the resolvent? thnx, the samurai.
Apr23-12 04:39 PM
3 1,733
Hi new here, I'm getting into this field of theoretical physics, and I have a goal to read several books over the...
Jun4-06 12:12 PM
The big boson
10 1,642
hi, i'm an agriculture engineer and i want to take graduate degree in Physics -especially Astrophysics. i'm 36...
Feb20-13 05:59 PM
10 1,155
What are the best books to use for preparing for the Physics Olympiad? I have University Physics and Fundamentals of...
Dec25-09 02:54 PM
32 23,819
Hello, I am looking for a resource (preferably a textbook) to help me with nonlinear, multivariable functions and...
Jul6-09 02:22 AM
1 1,979
Hi, I haven't done physics since year 10, and will be doing physics next year at college, it is involving the...
Nov28-10 04:28 PM
6 2,628
Hello Everyone! I too am a new member in this forum. I would like to thank Karkas for starting a thread on a...
Jun1-10 03:35 PM
1 2,577
Could anyone give any insight on Tom Apostol's Calculus Vol. 1 and Spivak's Calculus related to a proof-oriented...
May22-12 08:36 PM
5 2,517
I am a student of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.My teacher has suggested me to read for learning about AC...
May10-09 08:10 AM
0 1,827
I need a book to self-study, because in Physics we don't have this discipline. The only mathematics I learned were...
Oct21-11 05:53 PM
1 1,979
I'm looking for a book that gives an explanation of why people behave differently in situations. It should describe...
Jul29-13 04:26 AM
5 870
i have a bs in pure math and i wanted to review calc so i picked up apostol's calculus but the problems are too easy...
Nov20-10 04:01 PM
0 1,048
I'm looking for book about Jordan measure and stuff like that.
Oct30-10 08:52 AM
1 1,144
This is GR9277, Problem 69. I know nothing about this thing. At '' someone said...
Aug13-13 10:04 AM
Vanadium 50
6 1,138
Hi, I take a second course of electrodynamics, one of the main subjects is e.d and relativity, the lecturer use...
Jun1-10 04:14 AM
9 1,562
Can anyone recommend me a book on Fluid Mechanics? I've been recommended Landau's book on Fluid Mechanics, but I...
Oct18-13 04:54 AM
1 949
i am an engineering graduate. i have a special interest in physics. After my school, i never touched physics. could...
Nov29-08 09:50 AM
3 2,619
I am reading QFT from Srednicki's book. In the 2nd chapter of this book and in the spin half part of this book, group...
Jun30-13 02:31 PM
1 673
I am learning Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics and looking for a book that starts with Newtonian mechanics and...
Oct8-13 10:59 PM
11 3,547
This is a general question. In struggling hard in my stat and thermal physics course, especially with homework from...
Feb20-13 05:58 AM
1 917
I'm looking to do a guided independent study course at my college next term; the college doesn't offer physics beyond...
Dec4-08 09:02 AM
2 3,498
This is for a 2nd year undergraduate course at community college. The course description says it covers: atomic and...
Jul30-12 07:41 AM
3 1,574
Hello >:D Can u suggest me any book which has well explained basic (introductory)ideas - Louis de Broglie's equation...
Nov29-10 10:54 AM
9 3,547
Hello, I have been reading Linear Algebra mostly from the web. But still can anybody suggest me any free resource...
Nov3-12 10:38 AM
2 1,561
I am looking for a good book that covers magnetic properties in materials. I've taken E&M (we used Purcell), and it...
Jun26-12 11:43 PM
2 1,719
I'm not a natural at math, but I study a lot of it. So I needed something to prepare me for the math olympiads and...
Jun23-09 09:38 AM
3 3,659
I realise this must have been posted to death already, but brushing over that: What's the best way to study for the...
Aug25-13 10:09 PM
5 2,839
Hi, Please suggest me a good introductory book on probability. Thanks!
Mar11-05 12:25 PM
1 3,479
Greetings I'll have quantum mechanics next year so I figured I would read a book or two on the subject. Thus I am...
Nov16-08 07:17 PM
28 8,035
Hello I am an engineering graduate student , graduating in computer science, I wish to learn more about quantum...
Apr20-13 09:25 PM
4 1,313
Hi, I need a book that I can use for reference to solve any Partial Differential Equation imaginable, if it has a...
Jun1-14 03:13 AM
1 330
I'm looking for a book on statistical physics. One's I've used already are Huangs Intro one and Sachs/Sens/Sexton....
Jul10-13 04:35 PM
2 884

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