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- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul30-14 03:50 PM coffeejunky 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Y 03:16 AM crownedbishop 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,993
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 48,388
I would like a good source from which I can study fiber bundles (mainly their application in Yang-Mills gauge...
Y 05:08 PM
3 109
Dear all, I started leaning band structure calculation and density of state calculation (especially for high temp....
Oct24-13 05:21 AM
0 917
thanks for your quick replies .i never found a website with similar service.coming to the point can anyone post me the...
Dec20-11 10:01 AM
1 1,778
Are they any kind fun math brain twister books that are restricted to calculus (up to sequences) and require engaging...
Jun13-05 07:24 AM
2 9,411
I'm looking for a giant tome on every theorem and formula. If it had more, that would be awesome, but I'm just looking...
Jan28-09 12:40 AM
1 3,660
Hello What is the better book on introduction of optics? if you have on online please give me the link regards
Sep29-11 02:31 PM
1 3,333
I'm a physics teacher. Do you know of any available physics problem books or sources (free or otherwise) for: *...
Jan23-12 03:09 PM
1 1,400
Hello all. Last semester I took a real analysis class using this book:...
Oct16-09 04:27 PM
6 2,022
Hi I can't seem to find any recommendations for a good atomic physics book on this site. What would you guys...
Apr10-11 07:15 AM
3 2,279
Hey all, I'm doing an investigate into lock-in amplifiers and am looking for a book, or journal, which has a...
Apr11-12 01:00 PM
M Quack
5 1,950
Is there a mathematically rigorous book that covers both classical and quantum mechanics? If so, what is the book?
Sep23-09 03:31 PM
4 2,014
Is there a book that presents classical and quantum mechanics utilizing the same mathematical framework? Just to get...
Oct11-09 06:15 AM
1 1,488
I'm looking for a comprehensive introduction to cosmology at the upper undergrad or grad level. Any suggestions? I...
Apr27-09 01:06 AM
4 1,334
I am an undergraduate student studying Computer science and engineering (2nd yr). I have studied the basics of C...
Oct17-12 10:00 PM
2 2,030
Hi guys! So I just need help in one tiny thing. Does anyone know a good book that can thoroughly explain physically...
Dec1-13 12:18 PM
1 734
Hi all, I am taking this math methods course in grad school, and in the lectures we stormed through differential...
Nov30-08 09:34 AM
3 2,979
Hi there. I want to learn some differential geometry on my own, when I find some time. My intention is to learn the...
Aug14-13 03:52 AM
40 5,128
I have to study certain topics related to electro-mechanical energy conversion machines, AC/DC machines etc (like...
Oct2-12 01:40 AM
2 2,706
Could someone please recommend me an excellent book on the subject Energy? I thank you in advance, Astrophysics
Sep13-03 02:13 PM
3 2,208
i would need some good books (with examples) in the following subjects - Feynmann diagramas (how to calculate them)...
Jun11-09 08:24 PM
Andy Resnick
2 1,809
Can anyone recommend a (popular not technical) book about the history and implications of Godel's incompleteness...
Nov9-08 03:33 AM
2 1,745
I know it is a weird title. But searching on amazon I found a couple of books on Quantum Gravity, But I don't know...
Mar11-08 11:09 PM
0 1,701
I want to get a book on inequalities to help prepare for the Putnam exam. Its common for me to spend about half an...
May16-08 01:27 PM
0 1,449
Hi hows it going, Im currently doing a linear maths course, i suppose it'd be introductory. Im using Elementary...
Aug10-08 05:17 PM
2 4,357
Hello, I would like to know about a good introductory book on mathematical logic. It should start from set theory ,...
Sep21-11 02:10 AM
1 2,412
Right, high school student here, I may want a book on multivariable/vector calculus soon and I was wondering if you...
Jun12-10 04:29 PM
2 7,249
Hello everyone, I need a book on nuclear physics. One that covers approximately same material as "Concepts of nuclear...
Feb23-10 05:53 AM
2 2,457
Can anyone recommend me a good book on PDEs? I'm looking for something more rigorous, for math majors, and being...
Jul22-09 12:12 AM
2 1,414
Can you suggest a good book which deals on current as well as important old philosophical interpretations of...
May25-11 04:19 AM
1 1,661
Hello, I would like to self learn python for my physics degree, but I don't really have an idea where to start....
Apr13-14 03:57 AM
6 1,182
Greetings- Please give me the title of a book on QM that is often suggested for a beginner.To aid in the selection, I...
Mar4-09 02:59 PM
14 3,484
Hi All! Does anyone know about some books on QM over the net? I know there is Cohen Tannoudji's book, which is...
May30-06 03:48 AM
11 1,883
Some days ago, a professor in physics recommended a book on Quantum Physics to me. It's quite a popular book ,he'd...
Jul11-09 01:22 PM
14 3,281
hello friends, i am an electronics engineering student. i will have to study quantum physics in my coming semester and...
Jun27-12 05:07 AM
0 892
I'm looking for a book on special relativity that treats some of these topics: Colission of particles on sr,...
Jun16-13 04:36 PM
0 557
Hello! I am looking for a recent book on renormalization group methods with applications in fluid dynamics (yes,...
Dec22-11 05:40 AM
0 1,676
Could anyone tell me what a good book is that describes Tensor Analysis from the basics to the advanced material? It...
Jun28-08 02:34 PM
8 2,846
HI, could someone please suggest me a good book to learn both Tensors as well as General relativity? It has to be...
Jun3-10 11:22 PM
11 1,960
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good book on the mathematical theory of continuum mechanics. I have looked...
Feb18-13 08:35 PM
3 1,140
Can you recommend a good book on the theoretical side of nuclear physics?
Jan31-11 01:40 PM
7 2,567

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