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Science & Math Textbooks

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Y 02:41 PM QuantumCurt 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul15-14 04:50 PM HakimPhilo 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 45,930
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,416
Hi! I want to improve my knowledge about how electronics is applied in the lab, so I'm looking for a book. Common...
Sep26-11 04:29 PM
0 1,910
I'm sure this question comes up a lot around here (I can see as much from the other threads on this page), but the...
Jul19-09 10:57 PM
3 1,910
I just started an introductory course dealing with geometrical optics for now and maybe some physical optics later...
Mar9-10 06:25 PM
2 1,909
Hi there! It is the first I post here! Amazing Blog! Well, I am studying Aerospace Engineering. Third Year....
Feb8-12 01:38 PM
0 1,909
I'm looking for an introductory book for knot theory. I have background in topology and algebraic topology. I would...
Apr15-11 09:03 AM
1 1,908
Hello, I'm about to start university as an electrical engineer student, and I'd like to have a better grasp of the...
May26-11 08:51 PM
3 1,908
I was looking for a self-study book that is accessible by an high-school student (11th grade) for general relativity....
Dec1-13 10:26 AM
7 1,907
Are spinors needed in modern theoretical physics as opposed to tensors? I have come across Penrose's book "Spinors and...
Nov14-11 07:52 AM
4 1,905
Hey guys, I studied with this book now for some weeks. The last few days I solved a lot of exercises to prepare for...
Jun29-14 06:12 PM
3 1,905
Can anyone recommend any good very beginner kinesiology textbooks? Thanks
Feb22-10 08:20 PM
0 1,904
As per the title, I need a cryptography book that does not shy away from math. To me it seems like many crypto books...
Jan16-12 02:45 PM
5 1,903
Hallo Do u know any Websites where I can download collisional phyics thesis or E-bookin ? Thanks
Oct11-03 05:03 AM
2 1,901
I'm going to be taking a course on physics in the fall that requires the use of calculus1 & 2 called university...
Jun1-11 11:58 PM
1 1,901
Hey People!! Can anyone recommend me a physics assessment book in the market that has challenging questions?? Coz most...
Jun6-12 07:15 AM
0 1,901
I'm currently in a mechanics course (second year) that uses the David Morin book (Introduction to Classical Mechanics)...
Nov8-12 03:01 PM
2 1,900
Hi, I'm looking for a book that's relative to College Physics, specifically kinematics, dynamics, newton's laws etc. ...
Feb6-07 11:04 PM
1 1,899
My current algebra class is using Fraleigh's "First Course in Abstract Algebra", and it doesn't feel very challenging...
Aug27-08 06:07 PM
1 1,899
Nov14-09 05:53 PM
3 1,899
ok, so I'm about to start a computer science degree course. One of the entry requirements for mathematics is a C or...
Aug28-11 09:35 PM
2 1,899
Ok I've done an introductary course in analysis using the first 2/3 of Parzynski and Zipse - Introduction to...
Jan31-07 08:14 AM
2 1,897
Hi, I need a textbook on electrodynamics. I have already finished Griffiths electrodynamics, a wonderful book but...
Jun19-09 04:26 PM
5 1,897
Hi, I am searching for some solved example to understand rates of convergence - Rate of convergence...
Jan12-12 04:12 AM
0 1,897
I am looking for a good undergrad level textbook on complex systems, emergence, neural networks. I am considering...
Aug19-10 10:16 AM
1 1,896
Anyone have experience with this book? I heard its pretty good.
Aug2-06 12:04 PM
0 1,895
I'm taking a Linear Algebra / Vector Calculus course this semester as part of a maths major for my Comp Sci undergrad....
Feb29-12 08:42 PM
4 1,895
what is the main " major or fundamental " differences between artin's book first and second edition ?
Nov13-12 04:13 AM
Maths Lover
0 1,892
I've heard that Irodov's Problems in General Physics is a good resource for Physics problems. My question is would...
Mar3-10 10:55 AM
8 1,891
Hi everyone, :wink: I have a copy of this book: Introductory Circuit Analysis by Boylested I don't think it is...
Apr16-11 07:55 AM
1 1,891
Could anyone suggest a book/lecture notes on the early universe, especially the thermodynamics of it i.e. Big-Bang...
Jun20-08 09:55 AM
2 1,888
I'm looking for a entry-level book discussing the application of functional analysis to differential equations- mostly...
Oct9-08 09:14 PM
Andy Resnick
2 1,888
Please Suggest what will be the order as Elementry to Intermediate to Advanced. Is this Correct Choice...
Jan1-13 11:46 PM
11 1,888
I am currently taking AP Chemistry in high school but I need help. The textbook we are using is the 8th edition of...
Jan23-12 09:11 PM
1 1,887
Here's a list of most of the textbooks I've read; Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences - Mary Boas...
Aug3-12 12:07 AM
7 1,886
I read the book the grand design by Stephen Hawking. The book at the beginning say it attempts to answer three...
Oct9-10 11:44 PM
11 1,884
Could someone recommend me a good Introductory Fluid Mechanics book? It's only an introductory course so it doesn't...
Oct20-13 01:08 PM
7 1,884
I was wanting to learn about the development of mathematics and the mathematicians who helped with it. I was wondering...
Jul23-10 12:13 AM
2 1,882
could anyone recommend me a book which summarises a lot of the precalculus material which I can use as a reference. I...
Jul10-12 10:30 AM
3 1,882
I was wondering what you guys think of my textbook. My textbook is called: A First Course in Differential...
Apr17-07 07:12 PM
6 1,881
Mod note: post split of from this thread: Hi. I know this...
Dec10-12 09:02 AM
E'lir Kramer
4 1,881
Curious if anyone has reviewed the latest Knight book "Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with...
Jun19-12 02:22 PM
2 1,879

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