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- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul25-14 02:41 PM QuantumCurt 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Jul15-14 04:50 PM HakimPhilo 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 46,810
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,618
I want to learn the mathematical language of Ashtekar's formulation / Loop Quantum Gravity in 3 months. Which...
Dec14-11 02:45 AM
14 5,334
For those of you who don't know, "Formulas and Theorems" is basically a compilation of thousands of math theorems,...
Dec10-11 05:29 AM
8 13,766
The study of particles and fields is not made easier by all of the seemingly disparate physics ideas and mathematical...
Dec14-11 02:33 AM
26 9,704
My university doesn't offer many courses on theoretical physics (I'm studying applied physics), but because I might...
Dec14-11 02:39 AM
8 5,922
I'm looking forward to buying some general undergraduate-level textbooks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. What are...
Dec1-11 04:04 PM
4 3,137
Just want to ask for recommendations for good math books on 1) groups, modules, rings - all the basic algebra...
Nov26-11 12:14 AM
5 4,024
Hi everyone. I am a bit bored, so i wanted to renew my knowledge of pre-calculus. I am currently in high school so...
Dec2-11 05:20 PM
8 7,771
Hello PF group. Long time reader, first time poster. Can someone please make some recommendations for a good...
Dec10-11 09:34 PM
Vinay Hebbar
14 6,561
Basically I'm looking for a general Biology book on par with Linus Pauling's General Chemistry. Perhaps a step above...
Nov25-11 11:31 PM
1 1,970
Hello! I recently joined this forum and so far it has been great. I had one question though. I am a freshman in...
Dec6-11 10:59 AM
The Lobster
3 2,476
My inquiry is hard to describe with out some background so bear with me. I have done coursework through...
Nov22-11 07:49 PM
IB Requiem
0 1,008
Looking for supplemental material. This is the textbook I am supposed to use. ...
Dec13-11 05:42 PM
5 2,891
I'm doing well in algebra-based physics but the calculus material is really kicking my ***. I need a book (not...
Nov23-11 01:40 AM
0 3,921
I am currently a mathematics major in my third year of study, and I recently changed my minor from economics to...
Nov23-11 04:04 PM
1 2,127
Hi Could you suggest me a good book on variational formulations? thanks
Nov28-11 08:38 PM
2 1,928
Hello PF. I have recently become fascinated with the lives and works of several mathematicians and physicists as of...
Nov26-11 07:41 PM
1 2,283
I need to self-teach myself electromagnetism, and both of these books have been recommended to me. Essentials of...
Nov27-11 08:38 PM
2 2,466
I'm looking to get one of my professors a book/gift as a thank you, as he's helped me a lot with my undergraduate...
Nov30-11 10:39 AM
5 2,124
I have a friend who, like me, is a Math major, although she started later than I did and as such, hasn't yet gotten...
Nov30-11 11:38 AM
5 2,986
I just wante to ask what are the recomended books in computer science (Hardware espacially) and for Quantum...
Dec3-11 04:03 AM
0 1,699
I'm looking for some good ODE/PDE textbooks that focus a little more on theory but that are still comprehensive in...
Dec8-11 09:52 AM
8 3,547
Hello! I just finished my undergraduate quantum mechanics education and am looking to self-study the next level...
Dec8-11 06:05 PM
George Jones
19 4,032
Hi all , How can I find lecture notes on ArXiv ? I was looking for lecture notes on Yang-mills theories treated in the...
Dec2-11 09:23 AM
1 2,133
I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good text for an undergraduate book on Nanophysics, especially one which...
Dec3-11 09:55 AM
0 1,452
Does such a book exist that would help someone apply mathematics to an array of topics. Basically a book that would...
Dec4-11 08:28 PM
0 1,159
Hello everyone at PF, Long time since I've logged on but always reading... I'm looking for a solid (as broad as...
Dec5-11 12:36 PM
0 1,686
I am looking for a textbook that will help me with fermi levels, electrons states, energy levels and that sort of...
Dec6-11 01:46 AM
0 1,509
I'm a senior in high school studying for the ap computer science exam in java. I have the run-of-the-mill "5 steps to...
Dec6-11 08:45 PM
0 1,067
I am a first-year undergrad and I've recently discovered that I am fascinated by math proofs and therefore would like...
Dec7-11 07:25 AM
5 3,159
I think some of the mathematics books economist students use tend to be largely unknown to other branches of science....
Dec13-11 07:40 AM
1 2,251
Hey all, was wondering if someone knows of a book (if it's on safari books online, even better!), website or other...
Dec7-11 07:21 PM
2 2,237
Hello everyone, I am looking for any good reading material on Finite Hankel Transforms (or the infinite Hankel...
Dec7-11 01:41 PM
0 1,680
Hi, I'm self-teaching myself/relearning physics, and I would like to ask the collective wisdom on this board for...
Dec8-11 04:53 PM
1 1,568
Hello, i am reading ahead for my special relativity class next year. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some...
Dec12-11 05:15 PM
11 3,208
So as a physics undergrad, I have been studying extensively into the popular (and useful) textbooks books by Stewart...
Dec11-11 06:25 PM
1 2,103
At my school, Physics majors are the only ones who HAVE to take PDE, math majors and engineers have the option as an...
Dec12-11 12:08 PM
1 4,492
So I'll be taking undegrad E&M 1 next semester and was looking for a good book to prepare for it before the semester...
Dec13-11 07:10 AM
2 3,599
Hello, Does anyone know of a REALLY good tensor analysis text. I am a chemical engineer who is working on a...
Dec13-11 05:07 PM
2 2,129
Does anyone know if solutions exist to this book? I have a hard time benefiting from the exercises if I can't see if...
Dec13-11 08:01 PM
0 1,757
Hello all, Next semester I will be taking a Network Analysis course in my EE degree. Moreover, we will be utilizing...
Dec13-11 11:38 PM
3 2,289

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