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- Request, recommend, and review science and math textbooks
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug13-14 07:32 AM Fredrik 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
Aug24-14 11:23 AM mathwonk 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug27-14 02:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
47 50,530
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 11,602
I'm looking for a pedagogic introduction to d-wave superconductivity on the level of field theory. Ideally, this...
Nov11-11 06:02 PM
3 2,895
Hi everyone. I'm taking my first course in real analysis soon. I have a bit of linear algebra and advanced calculus...
Nov21-11 03:00 AM
19 7,593
Hello, as a new student of OFT and theoretical particle physics, I thought there might be good to create a thread...
Nov4-11 01:00 PM
2 3,434
I hope it's ok to post this here. I have written an introductory book on supersymmetry, which assumes only some...
Nov3-11 08:52 AM
1 3,251
I am a bit curios about what quants really do and am therefore planning to buy a book about quantitative analysis...
Nov10-11 09:41 AM
5 3,062
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good linear algebra text that gives thorough coverage of vector spaces...
Oct27-11 06:14 AM
11 4,140
Hi, I am doing self study with some special attention to number theory with application to computer science. I...
Nov21-11 01:24 PM
10 4,178
Hi, I am wondering how different the Feynman Lectures editions are. I have the option of getting the 1964,1965, 1970,...
Nov13-11 10:03 AM
9 5,975
I'm looking for a good book for my son, who wants to be a mathematician like me. He is totally into mathematics! ...
Nov22-11 07:31 PM
6 6,172
i'm about to enter calculus, and I'm worried I have a weak background in K-12 math. What are some good books I...
Nov6-11 05:59 AM
4 3,021
Subject i'm having a lot of trouble in for some reason, and the john taylor classical mechanics book does not seem to...
Oct26-11 12:28 PM
0 2,158
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data My intro to Proofs class uses How to Prove It, 2nd...
Nov1-11 05:29 AM
4 2,597
Took A-level physics when I was younger but flunked because I was lazy. Now I'm a bit older I'm interested in learning...
Oct26-11 03:44 PM
4 2,151
I want to connect practical lab electronics to the basic differential equations and E&M principles. I don't need to...
Oct26-11 04:46 PM
0 1,521
Hello! I am in my first year in college studying physics. Is there any good book about special & general relativity...
Nov10-11 01:06 AM
5 2,975
I'm in AP Physics now, and I was in AP Calculus last year, and I was wondering whether I'd be able to understand this...
Nov1-11 09:48 PM
8 6,464
I'm sure everyone doing some level of calculus or physics here is familiar with the Thomas Calculus Textbooks Series....
Oct27-11 05:24 PM
2 7,056
Am I being lulled by a basic text? I am re-studying basic physics and calculus for a run at a physics degree. I...
Nov3-11 05:24 AM
5 5,043
I'm looking for a book that might teach me how to read diffraction patterns and infer structure. I'm also interested...
Nov16-11 06:27 PM
5 2,680
I must say thusfar I read through chapter one of May's book and chapter 0 of Hatcher's, May is much more clear than...
Nov3-11 03:58 PM
3 2,823
I'm currently enrolled in precalculus and I'm finding that almost everything we've learned so far is just Algebra 2...
Nov9-11 09:33 PM
5 4,681
Lets say you knew topology and hadn't read Munkres, but still you were curious as to how he approaches the material,...
Nov6-11 10:25 PM
0 1,659
The highest degree I have is a high school diploma that I got last year and the most advanced math I've taken is...
Nov7-11 12:57 AM
1 3,169
Is there a good book or article on why the numbers of PhDs per capita in physics have been plummeting over the years?...
Nov12-11 10:03 PM
6 3,083
I'm planning my schedule for next semester and checking out what books I'll need. Before I can take Real Analysis, I...
Nov14-11 10:00 AM
10 3,675
hi which book describes kronig-penney model and its consequence properly, i.e i want a good description on the...
Nov15-11 07:56 AM
3 2,384
can anybody suggest a good book on photon-phonon interactions in solid state theory. thanks..
Nov11-11 05:23 AM
1 3,073
Has anybody read this book? I am interested in learning a little bit more about QM, and at first glance this book...
Nov12-11 05:48 AM
0 5,129
Are spinors needed in modern theoretical physics as opposed to tensors? I have come across Penrose's book "Spinors and...
Nov14-11 07:52 AM
4 1,952
I want a MV Calc book that has a good covering of vector field operations, mostly for studying Maxwell's equations and...
Nov13-11 05:48 AM
2 2,041
Looking for a solid introductory textbook for semiconductors. Preferably has proofs of all equations, and rigor would...
Nov13-11 05:38 PM
0 1,733
Hello, After reading both How to Prove It: A Structured Approach - By Daniel J Velleman, and one of the Lost...
Nov15-11 06:12 PM
3 2,471
What is a good intro to atomic physics book that gives a good physical picture of whats going on.
Nov16-11 04:16 PM
9 4,604
Basically I'm looking for a general Biology book on par with Linus Pauling's General Chemistry. Perhaps a step above...
Nov25-11 11:31 PM
1 2,023
I am currently an eleventh grade student attending high school and I must say, I have the worst Physics teacher at my...
Nov17-11 05:20 PM
4 2,435
I am about to start my thesis and I have, let's say, just an introductory course of General Relativity as background...
Nov19-11 07:18 PM
George Jones
10 3,486
I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find the solutions to the Extended Version of the book: Physics for...
Nov20-11 03:16 PM
0 1,897
My inquiry is hard to describe with out some background so bear with me. I have done coursework through...
Nov22-11 07:49 PM
IB Requiem
0 1,020
I'm doing well in algebra-based physics but the calculus material is really kicking my ***. I need a book (not...
Nov23-11 01:40 AM
0 3,991
I am currently a mathematics major in my third year of study, and I recently changed my minor from economics to...
Nov23-11 04:04 PM
1 2,176

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