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- Common Relativity questions, quality answers
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
What is the Bell spaceship paradox, and how is it resolved? Bell describes two spaceships that start out at rest...
Mar11-14 10:20 AM
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FAQ: How fast do changes in the gravitational field propagate? General relativity predicts that disturbances in the...
Sep10-12 10:09 AM
0 9,671
Why is the speed of light the same in all frames of reference? The first thing to worry about here is that when you...
Aug4-12 07:19 PM
2 10,451
Can I send a signal faster than light by pushing a rigid rod? One common proposal for achieving faster than light...
Oct3-11 02:07 PM
0 11,138
How can light have momentum if it has zero mass? The relativistic expression for the momentum of a massive particle...
Jul7-11 10:52 AM
0 8,709
Why does c have a particular value, and can it change? Short answer: Because c has units, its value is what it...
Jul2-11 12:29 PM
0 6,559
I've read that in relativity the concept of the rest frame of a photon doesn't make sense. Why is that? A rest...
Jan26-11 08:11 AM
0 9,355
In general relativity, gravitation is a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime. The motion of all objects is...
Aug21-08 11:42 PM
0 7,750
Do photons have mass? The quick answer: NO. However, this is where it gets a bit confusing for most people. This...
Mar27-07 10:14 AM
0 19,132
Definition/Summary Time dilation is the factor by which an inertial observer measures another observer's clock as...
Jul24-14 09:06 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 1,010
Definition/Summary The metric tensor g_{\mu\nu} is a 4x4 matrix that is determined by the curvature and coordinate...
Jul24-14 09:05 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 286
Definition/Summary A Lorentz transformation is the relation between the coordinates of two inertial observers who...
Jul24-14 09:04 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 277
Definition/Summary Where two particles very close together have the same velocities, their two geodesics are...
Jul24-14 09:03 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 265
Definition/Summary The Einstein Field Equations are a set of ten differential equations which express the general...
Jul24-14 09:01 AM
Greg Bernhardt
0 257
Definition/Summary e = mc² is the formula relating mass to the total energy which could theoretically be produced...
Jul24-14 09:00 AM
Greg Bernhardt
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