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Hey guys, I'm an actuary student and this semester my important math courses are Calculus 2 and Linear Algebra I...
Aug26-13 07:04 PM
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ti83 Sticky Thread Pinned: Online TI-83?
Hello everyone. My graphing calculator recently died on me, and I need it over Easter weekend to finish up some work....
Apr16-13 06:30 PM
Greg Bernhardt
8 353,689
Here are a few websites that have online calculators: - powered by webMathematica: this site is...
Dec30-12 04:50 AM
16 9,157
Hey all. I'm a freshman in college. I'm in the Computer Science BS course, and am just about to start our 2nd...
Mar8-10 04:17 PM
17 131,335
Hello I am trying to solve this integral 25-9x^2-25y^2/9 dydx integrating from 0 to sqrt(9-9x^2/25) and the limits of...
Apr19-14 11:54 PM
8 154
So my numerical analysis class requires me perform iterations involving huge expressions into my strictly...
Apr18-14 08:46 PM
4 330
I have just gotten my new Ti-nspire CAS calculator and seem to be stumped. I have created my two equations from my...
Apr6-14 03:28 PM
0 247
Hello I have a TI-84 Plus calculator and during my math class we were doing log functions on the calculator and I was...
Apr5-14 08:44 AM
6 234
Does anyone know how to put the colebrook equation into the TI-89? here is the equation: 1/sqrt(f) = -2log
Mar7-14 11:38 PM
1 3,666
sorry for my noobieness, but I'm having problem with my mod( function on my Ti89 Titanium On other calcs: 54 mod 10...
Mar7-14 11:27 PM
13 13,343
I would like to make a program for which you give two vectors, A and B, and it returns (A^2 + B^2)^0.5. How can I do...
Mar7-14 11:22 PM
3 3,610
Ok, new to the forum and taking my first real science credit physics course (I have taken one prior but it doesnt...
Mar7-14 11:20 PM
3 2,711
Does anyone know of any calculator apps that can deal with units? I know I can do it on google search, but I was...
Mar7-14 11:14 PM
1 332
I'm trying to write a program to find midpoint and distance. And here's what I have. Prompt dist If dist=1 then...
Mar7-14 11:10 PM
2 1,869
Hi there, Iíve come across a problem I canít seem to solve. What I want to do is make a text box that with...
Mar7-14 10:30 PM
0 194
How can i transfer a text document (word, pdf or text file) from PC to TI nspire CAS. I am lost and need help. I have...
Feb24-14 05:58 AM
6 41,979
Hi guys, I am a freshman engineering student and recently bought a ti nspire for my calculus based physics class....
Feb15-14 06:35 PM
0 391
Please note: I am in degrees I am remembering to include the restriction (|0<x<90) This is the only equation I've...
Feb6-14 02:36 PM
2 484
The topic says it all. I am trying to figure out how to delete unwanted equations out of my TI-89 "numeric solver"...
Feb4-14 09:58 AM
0 327
Hello, I have a question about if it is possible to get interval notation on the TI Nspire CX CAS. If so how do...
Jan12-14 09:01 PM
0 711
Is is possible to get the Spearman coefficient on a TI 84? Not the Pearson, the Spearman.
Dec17-13 01:37 AM
0 780
I have a Ti-89 titanium and its not allowing me to enter text into an equation without writing over the equation. Is...
Dec16-13 12:20 PM
1 518
Hello, I need help using my TI 84 to figure out this 4 part question. My professor went over it way to quickly in...
Dec12-13 11:48 PM
0 590
I don't have any big programs. I just write programs to get me through my math classes. But I want to have the output...
Dec4-13 05:31 PM
2 826
I was working with a much longer equation and receiving a result I didn't expect, and finally narrowed it down to the...
Nov29-13 01:21 PM
10 962
Hello physics community, I am about to start my university studies and I am wondering which calculator to buy, a:...
Nov29-13 12:35 PM
5 932
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this in, but I need some help with my graphing...
Nov28-13 11:57 AM
3 853
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Pick Best Calculator for Engineers. 2. Relevant...
Oct22-13 04:56 PM
1 1,433
I am using a TI-89 Titanium ROM Version 3.10 I can use solve() readily for N equations and N unknowns, however: ...
Oct9-13 08:01 AM
0 994
Hello, I'm struggling to figure out the syntax/method (on a TI-89) for finding the area of a curve bounded by the x...
Sep20-13 05:24 PM
0 904
I've got a TI-89 Titanium I've taking a class in Mechanical Design and my professor informs me that we need to be...
Sep19-13 10:27 PM
0 1,019
Every time I try to graph a slope field an error message pops up saying 'wrong number of initial conditions'. What...
Sep15-13 06:03 PM
0 890
I need a new calculator for Highschool. I am looking at either the TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition, TI-89 Titanium or...
Sep12-13 04:48 PM
7 1,236
Hi, I need a calculator that have mod(remainder) function and that allows me to enter custom function, for example:...
Sep11-13 08:47 PM
2 982
use this one "∏" anyone knows how to use it?
Sep7-13 08:15 AM
2 1,008
Hi Physics Forum, I've just started taking Diff EQ and have been using my calculator for most integrations. I've...
Aug24-13 03:44 PM
3 1,032
So I was looking on and found ti-89s for sale. I saw this add:...
Aug8-13 01:26 AM
3 2,189
I am curious, are there any calculators that calculate integer partitions with the stipulation that the calculator...
Aug5-13 08:29 PM
0 990
1. Is it possible for the TI-89 to solve Exact Equations? Ex: (2x-1)dx + (3y+7)dy = 0 I've tried various forms...
Aug4-13 04:53 PM
5 1,145
I'm looking for a program that can solve problems like this but ones that are more complex....
Jul31-13 01:37 PM
2 1,298
Check out Engineering Calculator for iPhone, iPad and iPod. A professional tool for native engineering calculations...
Jul9-13 09:18 AM
6 458
I have fairly simple non linear graphs that I need equations for. Sometime back I used a program that gave me a power...
Jun26-13 12:30 AM
4 1,505
Hi, I am currently developing a calculator for physicists which can be very simply opened in a web browser, without...
Jun24-13 03:36 PM
4 1,221
Is it possible to evaluate the limit of a complex function on a ti 89?
Jun20-13 08:37 PM
2 1,922

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