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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
ti83 Sticky Thread Pinned: Online TI-83?
Hello everyone. My graphing calculator recently died on me, and I need it over Easter weekend to finish up some work....
Apr16-13 06:30 PM
Greg Bernhardt
8 356,260
Here are a few websites that have online calculators: - powered by webMathematica: this site is...
Jun23-14 12:37 AM
17 12,651
Hey all. I'm a freshman in college. I'm in the Computer Science BS course, and am just about to start our 2nd...
Mar8-10 04:17 PM
17 137,493
Hey guys, I'm an actuary student and this semester my important math courses are Calculus 2 and Linear Algebra I...
Aug26-13 07:04 PM
205 353,417
Hello, I am new to the TI-Titanium and have run into a few rather simple obstacles that are keeping me from answering...
Jan12-12 11:21 AM
2 3,760
Hi, I am pretty good with my calculator, but I am beginning to notice that my ti-89 titanium has many features that...
Feb24-08 09:59 AM
5 10,596
Does anyone know of any calculator apps that can deal with units? I know I can do it on google search, but I was...
Mar7-14 11:14 PM
1 1,859
What programs should I download on my TI 89 for trig? Where do I get them? Where can I find all of the trig programs...
Oct17-11 06:48 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 6,093
Please note: I am in degrees I am remembering to include the restriction (|0<x<90) This is the only equation I've...
Feb6-14 02:36 PM
2 2,024
My Thermodynamics teacher gave me a code for various calculators to put into the calculator for Interpolation. I am...
Feb13-13 12:37 PM
5 2,596
Hi and thanks for reading. I am looking for a calculator to use purely in exam or tutorial situations where I don't...
May16-14 08:02 AM
Calc Curious
8 1,997
Dear all, I am currently completing a water engineering subject at university as part of my civil engineering...
Apr30-14 04:35 AM
Calc Curious
5 2,605
I need a new calculator for Highschool. I am looking at either the TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition, TI-89 Titanium or...
Sep12-13 04:48 PM
7 3,778
First of all I would like to share this because I randomly found it and I commonly see that people approach base...
Feb29-12 11:57 PM
1 6,383
Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. When I turn on my TI-85, the whole screen is dark blue (every pixel...
Aug26-07 12:19 PM
4 5,625
Hi! I was wondering if a graphing calculator (like the HP 50g, which really "turns me on") is really necessary for...
Jul3-09 12:26 PM
3 4,934
Hi all, I've been wondering if there is any casio calculator that's similar to Ti-89? This is because I've been...
Dec4-09 02:17 PM
2 3,882
Without starting from the beginning and pressing 'back'; from being already in editing of previous data. Model is...
May11-13 10:00 AM
2 2,590
I'm afraid of purchasing a digital camera that would peform badly, so I actually had difficult time looking for a...
Oct2-06 06:42 PM
0 516
Hello,the <Diamond> + F1 menu allows me to plot only Y= graphs. I just wanna ask if how do I graph in terms of y? is...
Jun18-09 03:45 PM
1 3,391
hello, good day.. i just wanna ask if how am i going to graph the ellipsoid x^2+y^2+z^2=1 in ti89 titanium? i switched...
Jan28-10 11:00 AM
0 1,464
Hi everyone, I'm trying to work out if my calculator (Casio FX-911ES PLUS) is allowed in my uni exams but I'm a...
Jun7-12 06:36 PM
1 4,009
Hi, I'm trying to fine-tune a function I wrote for the TI 89 Titanium. Basically, for part of my function, I need it...
Mar2-12 09:42 PM
0 2,972
Does anyone know how to enter a mixed or compound fraction in to the Ti-89 Titanium? (eg. 66)
Jun27-07 07:32 PM
9 8,204
I recently purchased an HP50G as I caught my TI-89 giving me incorrect results when solving simultaneous equations....
Mar11-10 12:33 AM
9 14,305
I was wondering if any of you knew of any programs for the TI-89 that deal with relativity. I've searched with Google...
Jan28-08 09:48 AM
1 7,292
After looking for programs for advanced physics with no luck I decided to write my own. What I have so far is a...
Feb19-08 09:16 AM
10 4,758
With the Exact/Approx set to "AUTO" in the mode menu, how can I get approximate answers without going and switching it...
Feb14-06 04:35 PM
4 18,366
How can I integrate an expression with constant variables like needed when solving m\frac{dv}{dt} = mg but assuming I...
Apr23-06 05:44 PM
4 5,449
is there any way to program a ti83 so that its cursor doesn't blink?
May22-11 09:35 PM
6 5,493
I just find an odd behavior on my hp rpn operation. Can someone try the following sequence of entry and explain to me...
Nov8-09 03:26 AM
1 1,529
How do I make the graph show histograms? When I select type scatter, the X option (L1) and the Y option (L2) are...
May24-07 03:07 AM
0 2,921
Hey, I'm having trouble graphing polar equations in my TI-89. I just bought it and still don't understand how it...
Mar30-11 04:02 PM
1 2,863
Hey, I'm having trouble with plugging sum series into my Ti-89, and was wondering how to do it with things converging...
Apr23-12 06:44 PM
1 3,430
Does anyone know how to put the colebrook equation into the TI-89? here is the equation: 1/sqrt(f) = -2log
Mar7-14 11:38 PM
1 5,489
Hi. I was wondering if anyone would share with me some insight about what calculator I should purchase? I'm a...
Feb22-09 10:26 PM
2 4,932
Okay, so I'm trying to connect my TI-89 to my computer (I run windows 7 by the way) so I can put notefolio files on...
Dec19-10 12:46 AM
4 6,943
My old trusty scientific calculator only has one line display and most of my calculations seem to really a need an...
May24-10 05:58 PM
30 10,470
Hello, I have the HP 50g and I like it. Recently an icon has been light up on top and I dont know what it means. ...
May23-08 05:04 PM
4 2,923
Hello, I have purchased the HP50g and am liking it so far. However, I find the manual and online references lacking...
Mar11-07 10:06 AM
0 5,658
Hello I am trying to solve this integral 25-9x^2-25y^2/9 dydx integrating from 0 to sqrt(9-9x^2/25) and the limits of...
Apr19-14 11:54 PM
8 2,057
Hi I'm using HP 49g+ and i'm working with matrices. I was wondering if there is a way to enter symmetrical matrix...
Feb8-12 09:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 3,030
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data My problem is getting the SOLVE() function to work...
May2-11 11:49 PM
1 869
I need to get a cheapo scientific calculator to replace my ancient one that just died. Any opinions on these two: ...
May11-13 09:54 AM
Doc Al
2 6,607

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