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Automotive Engineering

- Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
references _ Paved Track Stock Car Technology by Steve Smith Tune to Win by Carroll Smith Software - Suspension...
Y 05:22 PM
727 305,747
Hi, all. I'll be experimenting with water mist injection (amongst other things) on a small single cylinder engine....
Y 05:51 PM
4 169
I'm looking into buying an E34 530i with a smaller 3 liter V8 compared the the 540 4.4 liter V8. A lot of people...
Y 05:35 AM
17 290
I know that some AWD vehicles used the gear ratio of a planetary or other transfer gear combined with a gear type...
Aug17-14 08:40 PM
4 139
Would it be beneficial at all (as regards lean burn and rate of flame propagation) to have two spark plugs, one...
Aug17-14 07:02 PM
7 181
I always found this an interesting question How can you measure the braking distance of a car with a good reliability...
Aug14-14 01:38 PM
13 274
Hello, I am working on a custom car project, and will be using a Subaru WRX 2.0 liter turbo charged engine. I did...
Aug14-14 05:51 AM
6 274
I've noticed that a FEW of the electrical vehicles have no front grill. I am quite surprised that they do not have...
Aug11-14 06:51 AM
1 133
Hi, I'm a mechanic and I need to settle a point with a fellow mechanic. I was describing how a 3/8"s extension...
Aug10-14 09:06 AM
jack action
5 889
I am in the design phase of a lightweight electric city vehicle with a capacity of 15kWh. I am at a stage where I am...
Aug7-14 12:44 PM
jim hardy
8 287
Hi all, I want to know reason behind the variation of torque with respect to the rpm of the engine. I understood...
Aug6-14 09:51 PM
7 1,784
I am undergoing internship in an motorcycle company (OEM) and would like to know if there are any ebooks about...
Aug6-14 11:33 AM
6 710
What's reasoning for hub-centric vs lug-centric wheels ? (I found those terms on a Chevy performance forum... ) ...
Aug3-14 09:15 PM
jack action
20 454
I've noticed that engines have gotten very complicated, thus more complicated in the past few years in to squeeze more...
Aug3-14 10:47 AM
1 183
Why does a small V-8 have a slower idle rpm than a large diesel inline 6? For example, a Chevy 305 (5.0L) can idle at...
Jul31-14 12:46 AM
6 270
I'm looking to design a range of diesel engines for use in road cars (for when i win the euro millions ;) , consisting...
Jul30-14 11:33 PM
18 1,938
I m considering to design a solid axle ATV for rear wheel drive without I want to know about what...
Jul23-14 04:10 PM
1 814
When changing rear end gear ratios, or tire sizes on a vehicle, you can buy different speedometer gears with tooth...
Jul22-14 09:15 PM
1 501
can i locate region in an automotive, which is safe from vibrations, by modal analysis? can i conclude that blue...
Jul22-14 02:06 PM
1 1,004
Hello guys I want to know how the wheel diameter of car affects the car's performance parameters(physical...
Jul18-14 10:53 AM
Ranger Mike
7 1,441
today i did a oil change on my outboard engine. i found out the oil is green, its normal? If yes, why the oil will be...
Jul16-14 06:50 PM
4 1,477
Quick facts: Age (19) / Mech. Eng. Sophomore / Automotive & Physics Lover In an attempt to design and construct a...
Jul13-14 09:49 PM
19 3,222
Dear experts, I am an electrOnics engg and weak in mech parts . please refer to the attached images of this hand...
Jul12-14 01:31 AM
Simon Bridge
5 1,391
I'm a mechanic and I'm debating the exact mechanism of the so called "pumping losses" or "pumping work" of...
Jul11-14 07:53 AM
Damo ET
7 1,945
In regards to the Lotus Elan from 1962, my book H-point says that Colin Chapman used the prop shaft tunnel as...
Jul11-14 05:06 AM
1 1,246
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the accumulated drag curve shown in the figure below for the CFD...
Jul9-14 07:10 PM
16 2,683
Greetings ....I'm about to embark on a new racing project.....I am a land speed racer ( top speed on a salt lake...
Jul7-14 01:02 PM
4 2,357
I have always thought of connecting rods as straight and the crankshaft axis being line bored in the same plane as the...
Jul7-14 12:45 PM
9 3,760
this is thing I'm thinking about for few years. why standard passenger car diesel engines are so limited in engine...
Jul7-14 11:50 AM
4 2,074
Hello everyone, this is my first contribution in this forum, I'm aware that this question had been asked many...
Jul6-14 10:17 AM
105 10,519
For a car modification project, it would be nice to have a function to express the pressure in a volume, as a function...
Jul6-14 03:01 AM
Adam Arbab
7 2,145
whats the pressure of piston in suction stroke....and if we increase it could we get more benifit
Jul5-14 01:45 PM
2 1,853
I was looking into what cylinders need pairing to make a set 0f 180 headers for an LS V8 engine. When looking the...
Jul5-14 08:46 AM
1 1,676
Hi Physics Forums! I've been browsing these forums for a while now and not actually joining in.. Now I'd like to...
Jul5-14 06:01 AM
9 2,269
I have been driving a long time and I have never had a tire failure like this. I was driving on the freeway at 65 MPH...
Jun30-14 08:11 PM
16 2,820
could any guide me in Coolant Flow Calculation for finding heat rejection of engine through various system.
Jun27-14 01:27 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,732
Hi, I'm a third year electrical engineering student, but I am currently doing a mechanical engineering project. I...
Jun27-14 01:26 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,721
Can we use different size wheels in an ATV from stability point of view as they have different masses
Jun26-14 11:23 PM
7 1,735
'Slow-active suspensions realize small switching frequencies to control low-frequency body movements,such as roll...
Jun24-14 04:51 AM
3 1,730
hi. I need to locate a safe region in an automotive, where vibration level is very low. i have done modal analysis...
Jun23-14 08:27 AM
4 1,853
Hello, I am looking to modify/convert a Quad Bike and make it remotely operated and was wondering if anyone had any...
Jun18-14 12:09 PM
3 1,749

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